Sunday, October 1, 2023

Great Weekend!

 We spent Friday through today at Paul Wolf and enjoyed the weather very much. Full harvest moon and a family across from us having the time of their lives, a couple with little twin girls who were all over the place and a toddler running around. 

Dad was flying a drone over them while they watched a movie and had a fire going, making memories the best way possible. 

Two different couples asked us if the rig was new, that was very nice, hopefully I can keep it looking this good.

I sent an email to the dealer explaining I think the slide is out of sync and that perhaps gluing more rubber onto the seal instead of replacing the bad one isn't how to do this properly. 

Lower left slide with a strip of rubber glued onto the slide seal, THIS is not a proper repair.

Upper right slide, another strip of rubber glued on top of the slide seal. 

Dropped off for the slide and fixing the drivers side seat belt mount. Crossing fingers for the right outcome. 


Anonymous said...

Seems like you purchased a rig with a lot of problems again. Next time buy new so you have the warranty to handle all of the problems.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Most people who buy an RV have issues initially, used or new. Check out any RV forum and you'll see that's true. As for new warranty, you get one year, or in the Midwest 6 months because the rig is in storage for almost have a year. We have a 4 year warranty that convers everything so the issues will be resolved and the good thing about the season ending is they now have 5 months before I need the rig again. 😉