Sunday, March 9, 2008

Becoming a "Ham" even without CW not easy, why you ask?

Because Ham's don't seem to like to help those that aren't knowledgeable about the hobby. If you have your license, great everybody is helpful. Don't have it, "get your license, then come back"... "Buy a shortwave, get to know the bands"... "You can't transmit anyway so wait" No wonder the number of Ham Radio operators isn't a large one. What is the best receiver, a $200.00 hand held or a (for example) FT-897D that can do it all... why you asking me? I have NO IDEA. I asked but was told to get my license, well folks, I want my radio now, not months from now, I want to get to know the equipment now, I'm actually pretty good at getting to know electronic things and while I'm getting to know the radio I can study for my Tech and be a few steps ahead...... but ...... no..... no help for me.... get ... the .... license.... first..... I can hear the echo now.....

I have posted on few forums for help picking out new equipment, I also ordered my license books and how to become a Ham Operator. Seems other people have posted complaints about the lack of mentors for the hobby and how people seem more wrapped up in lack of CW requirements and people getting a license than they do in helping people get into the hobby. They seem worried that people will flood the airwaves with unlicensed un-knowledgeable talk. Perhaps some people do this but to assume it, not cool.

So where was I, oh yes, I posted on a few forums wondering what would be a good radio to begin this hobby. The response, get a license first, then you'll understand what you want. Strange, you would think people would step up and say, you interested in 2 meter or strictly HF? My response would be not sure, I would like to talk to people local on the repeaters but am more interested in listening right now. Buying a SW radio doesn't help in this regard much, not the ones I have found anyway. BUT, nope, no help at all from anybody, so I'm on my own and when I do get licensed I'll know who to avoid on the airwaves, if they are that un-helpful online I can't imagine they are much better on the air.

So, I'm going to order a Yeasu FT-897D, the makings of a sloper, buy the CHA-250BX so I don't need an automatic tuner, buy a meter and a good power supply and hopefully find some help installing it and using it properly so it doesn't become a paper weight.