Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hunting Hawk

While going for a walk today at the campground a hawk dropped out of the sky and scooped up a chipmunk. It happened maybe about 10ft away. I just happened to be looking in the right direction when the hawk landed and took off again. We could hear the chipmunks cries as the hawk took off.

Ronda was horrified while I was in awe of of it. I watched the hawk fly off with the chipmunk in its talons and while I know the chipmunk met its end I couldn’t help but admire the hawk. It was a perfect weekend, well, except for the Bears losing…

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MSI Computer Corp… Never Again…..

I bought a very expensive video card 2 years ago, it came with a 3 year replacement or repair it warranty… it died, MSI has had it for over a month and then I get this response tonight. $56.00 doesn’t buy squat and they honestly believe that I believe that they don’t have a suitable replacement in a company that size…

Oy vey… guess which company I won’t be buying from in the future? Hmmmmm


Friday, September 5, 2014

Life & RV Update

On May 15th I was notified my employment would end at the company I was working for. Considering I was originally only supposed to be there for two weeks back in September of 2002 I am happy to have made it 12 years.

I had a job interview yesterday and received an official offer today so my 3.5 month run of unemployment is officially over!

We are at the campground for our yearly vacation which ends this Sunday, perfect timing. Smile

I start the new job on Monday. There are 5 sites I’ll be managing and it will be challenging and rewarding.

I can’t wait!!

RV Update, the RV goes in on October 15th to have the final 2 warranty items repaired and to find out where the water is coming from that is laying on the belly of the RV. It’s a cover that seals the under-carriage and one side has water in it, there are no leaks so I think this was left over from when they had the tank open to repair the seal. We’ll see, until then we are enjoying what’s left of the season!