Monday, September 18, 2017

Getting Ready For Halloween and Winter

We are going to start decorating the site in 2 weeks for Campground Halloween on Oct 7th. In the meantime I found out the RV dealer won't be able to pull our rig out to winterize and store it. So the rig will be staying in the campground this winter and I will be winterizing it myself for the first time.

A few updates on the rig, this is the first year we have not had to have any repairs performed since we bought it new July of 2013. We still need the main AC unit replaced but we haven't needed it so it can wait.

I believe a chipmunk is in the rear cap, no amount of traps or other attempts has gotten rid of or caught the little bastard so he/she may have an entire winter to do damage. So I'm going to do what I can to get it out of there. Cosmetically the rig looks great, but one stripe on the front is starting to peel in small places, something I have worried about, but can't do anything about.

Also the LED's on the front of the rig that are so bright in this picture, have been replaced 3 times and need replacing once again so I don't turn them on anymore.

Here is a picture from Labor Day, you can see how dirty the rig is on the front cap, the roof is black. All of which I'll be power washing this weekend, I power washed the patio blocks because with all the rain we've had moss had started to grow like crazy.

Picture of family over on Labor Day for a cookout on the firepit and to have a bonfire. It was a bit somber, Ronda's Mom died a few weeks before from the devastating disease Alzheimer's. We miss her very much.

Till next time, get out there and enjoy the vast beauty around us, we are only here for a short time.