Thursday, May 21, 2020

It's Been A Year Since I posted Last

Update after a whole year of not posting. It's the year of Covid-19 and Ronda is working from home most days and going to the office for mail and paperwork each week. I work every other week at home and found out I am not a work from home kind of person even though I thought I would love it. Many projects are on hold due to social distancing orders and all that gobbledygook.

The campground opened on time but was very restrictive and wasn't allowed to have recreational campers. Starting this Saturday they can accept recreational campers but the store has to stay off-limits, they can come to the window though and get supplies that way.

My diabetes has progressed and my feet are worse. They're swollen pretty much 24x7 making it impossible to enjoy the motorcycle so I am going to pay it forward and let the Blackhawk campground sell it during their fall auction for the person in need they'll be doing the auction for. My best friend gave me this motorcycle and I wanted to keep it forever but it will just sit and that isn't good for it, he is ok with me donating it for somebody in need which is great.

The RV is doing well, everything works and winterizing was easy, so was de-winterizing. The front cap however is filthy and I need to have somebody come out and clean it and then buff and wax it. The rest of the rig is clean including the roof but the front simply refused to wash off. Hopefully with restrictions being loosened I can get somebody out to get the front looking like new, this is one seasons worth of gunk, incredible.

We removed the bushes from the side of the garage and this summer I need to fix the lawn that recedes more each year due to root growth and too much shade.


Unfortunately I have to hire people to do most of the outside work, they cut down the bushes and now we are going to have the house re-painted this summer and some trim work repaired.


I'll post another after picture once the house has been painted and we have our lawn back. The grass around the rest of the house looks fantastic. We are still hoping to sell the house soon, we'll see how this year goes.

I added studio monitors to my computer in my home office, the main monitor in the middle is now a 43" LG 4K monitor, the monitor on the right is an HP Omen 2K 32" monitor and the monitor on the left is my old Dell 27" WUXGA monitor. Having such sound quality near field is incredible, I never knew so much dynamic powerful sound could come from such small monitor speakers!

I hope all of you are healthy and stay that way! Have a great holiday weekend! I'll post more when projects are completed.