Sunday, May 29, 2011

AC Hazard Update

I fixed the converter box and re-installed it. I don’t want to say the dealer name right now, I’m checking into what can be done about this latest discovery. I don’t believe the dealer installed a new box in our rig, I believe it was in another rig and they removed it to put into ours or they took one that was meant to be thrown away. Either way, they did install it as I found it and got zapped by it.

I’ll post again when I have an update about it. I installed a Panasonic VHS/DVD combo player that I bought for $10.00 on eBay, VHS works perfectly but the DVD player has issues so we’re going to use our Sony Blu-Ray player for now which means I have to run the HDMI cable from the top cabinet to the TV when ever we use it. How about some good news, other than the zapping I received the rig has been great on this trip. We had family over last night for a bon-fire and the kids wanted to move into the RV so we’ll probably have them over for a weekend trip coming up.

We head home tomorrow afternoon, it’s going to be 90f! Time for the AC to go on! We are having a thunderstorm today so just sitting back and watching movies and playing around on the web.

Talk to you all later!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Digital Converter Box = AC Hazard = OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are on a nice holiday trip this weekend and so far everything has gone great. That is until the TV signal stopped working, I open the cabinet where the digital converter box is at and stick my hand behind it to insure it’s plugged in and what happens? I end up on my ass wondering what the hell just happened!!!!  Steaming mad


This is the AC cord coming from the Motorola converter box the dealer installed. How do I know the dealer installed it? Because it wasn’t there when we inspected it prior to purchasing the rig and the dealer said they would install it!! Now I ask you, who in the hell installs a device with bare AC wires?!?!?!?!? I mean, I am literally on the floor on this one!!!!

It’s no big deal we have no TV for this weekend, what frosts me is somebody installed a fire hazard into our RV. Bare AC wire in a cabinet with carpet and wood and clearly they had to have seen it. I wrote the owner who I know will not apologize but likely will write how proud he is of his whole team for the work they did on our RV, he has never once apologized for breaking something, for the guy who urinated all over the bathroom, for the guy who lost a lug nut or forgot to install something or fix something. The screw up list is long indeed and all I got in response was how proud he was of his team. Just, unreal.

Monday, May 23, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt Firmware Update

I know a few people were looking at the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt and my only real complaint was battery life. Verizon and HTC issued a new firmware update that may or may not help. I installed this update on all of our company phones and will keep an eye on it for a few days and then write back how it goes. So far I haven’t noticed anything new or different. I still love this phone. Smile with tongue out

Saturday, May 21, 2011

RV Update…..Actually, Updates In General

First, thanks to all those who commented about Scott’s death, he will be missed. It’s hard to imagine why he felt he had to end his life but there is a reason for everything, hopefully it makes his parents closer.

This Wednesday I’m up for the Doppler test for my legs, that should take about 3 hours and then Thursday I get blood tests and X-Rays and if the last time was any clue, it will be another half day in the hospital waiting. Good thing is it should be one more step in making sure there is nothing wrong with the blood flow to my legs and hopefully a reason why there is so much numbness will be revealed. Neuropathy has been fully ruled out, so something is causing it, just need to find out what it is!

We got a call from the RV dealer, they are finally making headway with the parts to repair the slide topper/awning. They don’t want to install a new slide topper because it will leave holes that have to be repaired and no matter how well you’ll still see them. So, they are having the parts made to repair the mechanism, how cool is that? Collier RV in Rockford, IL ROCKS, pure and simple.

We picked up the RV today and put it in storage so it’s available to use for the Memorial day weekend and to pick out the color for the new slide topper should they have no choice but to install one. I have to admit, I LOVE getting into the rig and driving it, I could drive it cross country I like it so much. Alas I only went about 5 miles to the storage place. The damn toilet wasn’t holding water again, but you know what? Who cares! I can fix eeeeeeeeeet! I priced a new toilet, why you ask? Great question!

If we replace the toilet we can get one that sits higher and has a better flushing mechanism for under $200.00. In the meantime I put some petroleum jelly on the ball and it’s holding water again. When we were done camping the last time I added 5 gallons of water and ice and some Dawn dish washing liquid into the tank, the non-anti-bacterial kind so it wouldn’t kill the bacteria in the tank. I was worried it would create methane gas and with it not holding water I was also afraid it would stink to high heaven but there was no odor at all! Great news! I am getting a wand that has jets attached and when we take the rig to Sugar Shores this weekend (we got the huge lot again!!) I am going to power wash the tank from the tank flush and the wand. If that doesn’t get rrrr done nothing will!

While at Collier RV we saw another great RV, a 2006 Holiday Rambler Admiral with dual rear bedroom slides, a desk and recliner in the bedroom and 22.5 inch wheels. It was our dream floor plan! We can dream right! Anyway, we will hopefully be heading out to Sugar Shores this Thursday night, we’ll see how the week plays out.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another War Casualty

I started working for a start up in 2002, I bid the job and won it. The job was supposed to last about 2 weeks and I have been there ever since. The first few weeks there the partners son would come in and help out. I recovered corrupted homework for him and helped him with computers and we worked together for a short period, he was a real nice kid. He joined the Army after High School and I haven’t seen him since. He did very well and they trained him for Special Forces and he became a sniper.

He had that job for two years in both Iraq and Afghanistan, he was home this past weekend, while there he dressed in his Army dress uniform, walked out into the driveway and killed himself. I struggle with what to say to his parents, what are the right words, do they exist? I don’t think so, so we say or fumble words to convey our thoughts and we move on while the family is left to try and figure out why their son took his own life.

War is hell and I imagine being a sniper puts you up close and personal knowing who you’re going to kill and preparing each shot to do so and then pulling the trigger. They train you on how to deal with it but I think many of them struggle with the effects after. I can only guess what was going though his mind that was so bad that ending his life was the only recourse for him to feel he had to take.

I cried like a baby hearing of his death, as much for all the men and women who have died as for him. I pray the price they have paid isn’t wasted. My thoughts regarding the thousands who have died mirrors General Patton so I’ll quote him and end with that.

Rest in peace Scott.

"In my mind we came here to thank God that men like these have lived rather than to regret that they have died." - George S. Patton

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where Are All The Bee’s Going????

I read an article this morning explaining that cell phones are helping to kill off bee’s all over the planet. My first thought was no frickin way, how can a cell phone kill a bee? Check out this article for more information. Honestly I don’t know what to think, but there should be a way to change frequency for these devices considering every phone made today is multi frequency capable and how many use the old 900MHz GSM standard? Reading further they suggest it’s possibly phone generated electromagnetic fields but heck electromagnetic fields can vary wildly anyway and since when do we place cell phones directly into a bee nest?

I know 900MHz was just a sample and all phones emit a field so how did the bee’s act in normal situations where people don’t call a bee hive directly? Let’s at least take the study to the next level. To me, if this study is true it would be in our best interest 2 years after the study to do a more in depth analysis and find out what’s really going on.

I know I have 3 cell phones in my house that get plenty of use and the wasps have no problem building nests (maybe they don’t qualify) in my eaves and the bee’s seem to be everywhere and don’t fly away from me when I’m talking on the cell phone. I hope they do another study and we find out something solid soon, if bee’s pollinate 70% of the worlds food supply, maybe we should figure this out real soon.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Doctor Update & Gadgets Gadgets Gadgets….

With Blogger down I didn’t get a chance to post an update. The results came back, the lymphocytes are still around 15 so I wait another 3 weeks before I go in again. The doctor ordered a new arterial Doppler on both legs since the previous test wasn’t done after strenuous exercise so I’m doing that on 5/25. The doc also stated he doesn’t want me to do the Corporate Challenge because of my legs since we can’t get the test results prior to the event which is on 5/26. It’s only 3.5 miles but the numbness in my lower legs seems to kick in around a mile. I haven’t made up my mind yet but I want to do it so I may just go slow and easy. It took an hour last year to walk it, I had hoped to do better this year but now I just want to do it, time doesn’t matter. Rolling on the floor laughing

Gadget time…

We bought my wife a new phone this week, the Samsung Fascinate and now she has gone from somebody that Annoyed texting to somebody that Red heart it. She also loves the Android phone, welcome to the smartphone revolution hon! Smile with tongue out

While there I bought the windshield mount and universal battery charger. The windshield mount turns my Thunderbolt into a true GPS unit, it even changes the home screen to look like a GPS home screen, too cool! The battery charger is a rechargeable battery in itself, this will come in handy when there isn’t any power available because the Thunderbolt is one thirsty phone! I also picked up a 2 port USB charger to plug into a cigarette lighter socket.

                   Samsung Fascinate       Motorola P793 Universal Power Pack

                samsungfascinate  extbattery

                                             Thunderbolt Window Mount


Sunday, May 8, 2011





To all the mothers in Blogsville I wish you all a very Happy Mothers Day. I would have posted that this morning but we were in a rush to get to the in-laws. Smile with tongue out

Friday, May 6, 2011

Got A Bit Of A Scare This Week

First, we’re holding off on another dog for now, but I wanted to thank everybody for their comments and we’ll consider everything you folks said, thanks!

I’m a diabetic, so every 3 months or so I get blood taken so the doctors and I can see how control of my blood sugar or lack there of is going. This test as many of you know, but for those that don’t is called the A1C. 2 years ago, my A1C was 14.9 and I weighed nearly 290lbs. Needless to say neither of these numbers are good, also somehow I went from being a tad over 6 foot tall to 5’11, how do you lose an inch in height!?

Anyway, on Monday I got the call from the nurse who leads with “The doctor needs to see you to go over the blood work results”. My response of course can you give me any numbers over the phone? She tells me my white blood count is pretty low, ok I think, so? I look up low white blood cell count on the web and up pops possible HIV or Cancer…. Disappointed smile So I call back and ask for some specifics because now my wife is about ready to lose it. She works for an Oncology office and does not want her husband there as a patient.

The nurse tells me my Lymphocytes are 13 and the norm is between 22 to 40 and then starts explaining stuff I don’t understand but the doctor will explain it to me when I come in for a visit. I went there last night with my wife and we find out there are many things that can cause the low numbers but the concern is also that I’m showing elevated white cell counts for another part of the CBC panel. I don’t have the paper work here but they want to rule out Cancer, HIV is out of the question. Today I went and gave more blood, and EKG etc.. and they took an X-Ray of my back, you’d think this wouldn’t take almost an entire day to accomplish but it did.

One other possible cause is the Diabetic drugs I’m on, specifically the injection of Victoza. A study of this drug produced cancer in test mice but the doctor says the chance of dying of Cancer from this drug is much less than dying of Diabetes. So if I have Cancer it’s probably not from this drug, not that I think the doctor would admit it if it was. My doctor is on maternity leave so I have never met with this doctor before, I believe my doctor would be more up front with me, at least I hope she would.

Here is the good news however, my weight is at 254 and my A1C is at 7.8, only .8 away from my minimum target of 7. My weight has gone up a bit from 248 but I’m working on it. Hopefully I get great news on Monday. While at the doctors office he took my pulse around my ankles and he tells me he doesn’t like the pulse in the right leg, I explain to him we have been through this already with my regular doctor and the tests showed my left leg was 133% and my right leg was 125% better than normal blood flow but he remains unconvinced so orders new tests for PAD AGAIN. Disappointed smile  So, I tried to get that handled today as well but was unable to so will be calling them again Monday to get a weekend appointment hopefully.

At this point I’m remaining positive and conversations I had at the hospital point that way as well. Some people have low Lymphocytes but looking at my records shows I’m not typically one of them, until now that is, so maybe because of many factors they will remain low or maybe the blood work will show some other reason for it or maybe they’ll show normal or closer to it.

So cross your fingers for good news! Oh joy, tomorrow I go to the dentist! Disappointed smile

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Giving Loki A New Friend Saves Money

We pay $300.00 per month for doggy day care to keep Loki from destroying our house. Since we are gone at minimum 10 hours a day for my wife and 12 to 13 hours a day for me Loki can’t be left alone for that long, heck she can’t be left alone for 5 minutes without making the Basenji scream and scaring everybody within a few blocks. Then while doing her scream she tears up everything around her, she just can’t be left alone. She is awesome but a real pain as well.

We have been told she might calm down a bit if we got another dog to keep her company. By getting another dog we could actually end up saving money as well as provide companionship for the mutt. Smile with tongue out My worry is we will end up with two dogs that can’t handle it at home but we can return the dog if it doesn’t work out. We would hate to but if it doesn’t work what else can you do?

Initial research puts these dogs at around 45 to 50 lbs at full adult age. The only dog that doesn’t fit that is the already named Thor, he is at 80lbs and has reached full size. Also our research shows these dogs have all been tested with other dogs, people and cats and supposedly are very playful and not timid or scared like the first dog we got last year. If you adopt a scared timid dog it has likely been abused so you really need to have the time to bring the dog around and out of his/her shell. We don’t have that amount of free time. Here are the dogs as the list is today. The adoption fee is $300.00, they have all their shots, have been spayed or neutered and are ready for homes.

First up is Dakota, should we adopt him his name will become Thor. So we will have Loki and Thor, what awesome names! Smile with tongue out No name picked out for a female yet but we’re thinking about it! What do you guys think?

                             Dakota - Female            Already named Thor! – Male

                Dakota Thor

                       Squiggles – Female                Willie – Male

                   Squiggles3  Willie2

                    Tinker – Female             Brynn – Female

                   Tinker3  Brynn2

                      Smiles – Female                    Keebo – Male

               Smiles2 Keebo3

                                                    Bear – Male


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sugar Shores Campground Pictures

Here is a little pictorial run through of Sugar Shores in Durand, IL.

     The entrance to Sugar Shores           The main buildings and pool area

IMAG0070 IMAG0122

      The work shop and tool shed                              The pavilion

IMAG0123 IMAG0103

                         Miniature golf, the wife loves the Penguins. Smile with tongue out

IMAG0121 IMAG0132

Frog Pond, quiet now, give it a month!        River view with lots to the right

IMAG0108 IMAG0114

                      Nice lots                                      One of many for sale

IMAG0104 IMAG0126

       Phase II, a lot of lots for sale                Right before I put up the awnings

IMAG0138 IMAG0096

I took many more pictures but you get the gist of the place from these I think.

The trip went very well, the salesman gave his best pitch and of course we had to turn him down for now but believe me when I tell you if we could have bought a lot we would have. Prices were anywhere from $10,900.00 and up but who knows maybe in a few years we’ll be able to give it some serious thought.

While packing everything up and dumping the tanks I discovered our expensive Rhino sewer hose started leaking from one of the couplings while dumping the gray tank. Disappointed smile Um, really, $60.00 sewer hose less than a year old and suddenly it leaks?!? So I run clear water through the hose and drain it real good, go into the rig and break out the petroleum jelly and after drying the rubber gaskets, I give them a coating and wipe them down. I put them back together and let it rip and no more leaks, this stuff is as useful as duct tape!!

Speaking of which, remember when I said during our last trip the toilet bowl wouldn’t hold water? Ever since I cleaned the seal and used petroleum jelly on the seal and it has been working perfectly since. Considering everything, a successful weekend we think! We dropped the rig off at Collier and saw another rig was just parked there and their slide topper was ruined, I should have taken a picture, the damage to theirs was significant for both the front and rear slides. Considering the wind we have been having lately it’s no wonder!

The rig is now back in line waiting for the parts to come in. We’re not sure when we’ll be going back out but we’re going to shoot for some time in May. That’s all for now! Have a great week everybody! Smile with tongue out