Sunday, November 27, 2011

Carmina Burana ~ O Fortuna

There are some pieces of music that just hit you. Carmina Burana ~ O Fortuna is one of them.

When you have 1,600 watts, Klipsch RF-82 Reference speakers and 2 monster subwoofers you’d think I would include something with bass, so for that I use Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture which will bring the house down. But it does so clearly and while putting a very big grin on your face. You’d swear you were at the concert, when they pound the drum you feel it.



Playing house music on this system will actually cause the neighbors china to rattle. I only use house music to test the subwoofers about once or twice a year though, it’s all I can handle.

This system will be hard to get rid of when we’re ready to full time because I’m not going to build up the system in the coach. I’m plenty happy with the basics in there. I had nothing better to post today and when I ran across the video I figured why not post it? Smile with tongue out

Have a great Sunday everybody.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

It’s 1982

It’s High School graduation time, Ford released the 1982 Mustang GT H.O. (for high output) and magazines proclaimed “The Boss is back!!”. This GT had 160 horsepower which is laughable today but back then it was a sign that the era of decal performance was over. By decal performance what I mean is stickers applied to the Trans AM, Camaro and Mustang to give the impression of performance with nothing to back it up under the hood.

Fast forward to 2011 and Ford releases the most powerful naturally aspirated Mustang ever at 412 horsepower, no supercharger, no turbo, just one of the best engines ever produced in the United States. 5.0 liters of pure muscle. Is Ford happy with that? No, Government Motors (that would be GM) allows the Chevy division to build a king of the hill Camaro called the ZL1 making 550hp, Ford replies I’ll see your 550hp and raise you 100hp to 650hp!

This is insane, the Z06 Corvette has a top speed of 198mph, this new monster Mustang GT500 has a top speed of 200+ mph. Seriously, if somebody told me back in the day that you could buy a 650hp Mustang at the dealer I’d call you a liar, no way.

Many people think, where can you put all that power to use? That’s not the point, gearheads know what I’m talking about. Just knowing you have it is enough and besides, there are legal ways to use all that power and half the fun is figuring out how to get all that power to the ground. 0 – 60 for the GT500 hasn’t really changed even though power keeps going up, why? Well, tires really don’t have a way of gripping the road any better so most buyers of these monster buy aftermarket street legal drag radials to make it possible to launch the car properly.

By the time most cars are at 60mph these monsters are at 100mph, simply amazing. Not only that but a 160hp Mustang in 1982 got 16mpg, if it was lucky, a new Mustang GT is rated at 17mpg but I had one, I averaged over 23mpg with 550hp on tap. These new brutes are cleaner, get better mpg and are built infinitely better than they were in the past.

You can walk right into a Ford dealer and walk out with a car capable of blowing away full blown race cars from just 10 years ago… Amazing. A new 2012 Boss Mustang is the best Mustang ever produced, this isn’t me saying that, although I agree, the critics that always bad mouth Mustang’s are saying it. You see, they hate live axle cars, but they love this one!

The must have it side of me has been waiting for these cars my whole life, people who know me will be shocked when they learn I have no interest in buying one… my how far I have come.

Friday, November 18, 2011


I have been a history buff since I was a kid. Having immigrated here from Norway with my parents in 1964 I am also into Norwegian history. I’m very proud of my countries history, as violent as it was for many centuries. I am also proud of American history and wanted to know more about why my parents immigrated here with my brother and I. Our sister was born here so is first generation American. I read so many stories of American history/heroism and it brings tears to my eyes to read or watch documentaries of them. Even pushing 50 if I had to, I would fight for this country even if it meant my death. I don’t know what an overweight near 50 bad back bad knees and bad elbows guy could do but I’d do what I could. I love the USA, ask my wife I bleed Red White & Blue.

But, I didn’t know enough about the country I was born in so I read what I could while in school and in the library. The Internet sure would have come in handy back then!

WWII was devastating for so many countries but it never touched American shores after Pearl harbor. American’s didn’t have to deal with any Japanese or Nazis up close, thank God. The Nazis invaded Norway on April 8th, 1940, the operation was called “Operation Weserubung” using Blitzkrieg tactics. The Viking’s used complete surprise when they attacked, so did the Nazis, lack of preparedness for a large scale invasion gave the Nazis room for success.

A parachute battalion (a first for warfare) was used to take out the Oslo and Stavanger airfields. 800 aircraft overwhelmed them and resistance was overcome quickly. Neutrality means one thing, weakness, the enemy could care less, if they want a fight and you don’t, they’ll bring it to you and make you sorry for not being prepared, a lesson lost on too many today.

Nazis troops brazenly marched into Oslo behind a brass band, imagine what that must have been like to see. Makes me sick to even think about. Thankfully there was enough resistance to allow the royal family to escape. After the initial shock of the surprise attack they were also able to slow the Nazis advance but superior numbers caused them to retreat.

June 10th the Norwegian 6th division surrendered after the British moved their troops to the French front, without allied support any further defense against the Nazis invasion was impossible. For the rest of the war the Nazis kept 300,000 troops in Norway to keep Swedish iron ore safe and to use its resources.

Norway had traitors who helped the Nazis, the most famous of which was Vidkun Quisling who seized power in a Nazi backed coup and the collaborationist Government proceeded to participate in Germany’s “Final Solution”.  Disgusting.

After the war there was a purge of these people, Quisling was executed by firing squad 10/24/45, which in my mind, that was too good for him. Many fought the Nazis, one of the most famous resistance fighters was “Max Manus” who with other members of what became the “Oslogjengen” which translates to the Oslo Gang, drove the Nazis crazy with acts of sabotage preventing munitions, planes and troops from leaving Norway for the front.

They also saved the lives of thousands of Norwegian sons from serving in the Nazis “National Labour Duty” which was actually a Nazi scheme to send between 75,000 to 300,000 Norwegian men/boys to the German/Russian front. Factory workers would sabotage the munitions they made, tanks and everything else they could so failures of equipment and munitions was high coming from Norway. I’m sure it pissed the Nazis off but good when V2’s failed. Thumbs up What did the Nazis think, people would happily make them? Unfortunately many died when they were caught but they did what they thought was the right thing to do to keep the Nazis from winning the war.

After the war Norway had to rebuild its economy and this took time, when my brother was born my parents decided to move to the US. My mother had lived in the US during the 1950’s and went to school here and wanted to return permanently. A month after I was born we moved here, my father forced himself to learn English and both became productive American’s and taught us to be American’s and to love our adopted country.

What makes the United States great is people from every country on Earth has come here and with them the rich history of their heritage as well. No other country has it and when ever there is a fight people are shocked at how hard and consistent the US armed forces will fight. In WWI the Marines were called Devil Dog’s for their fierceness but along with that fierceness is the willingness to help other countries through tough times, help them fight for their freedom and help them rebuild after a tragedy.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend! God Bless The USA.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

State Farm – No Longer Awesome

We have had State Farm for what seems like forever, my wife has had them since the '70’s and soon after we got married we consolidated everything into a State Farm package so everything was covered. Since we had no claims everything was great! We bought the RV and had 2 claims, both were handled in my view perfectly by State Farm.

Enter the house, last June we had a bad wind and hail storm, the roof was damaged as was the siding. The claim process was a nightmare, denied the first time even though the examiner saw damage, so we said fine, if State Farm says there isn’t enough damage then what can we do? I am not the kind of person who files a claim without having very good reason and they say everything is fine. They had done right by us for the RV, why would they be any different for the house?

I have found that how one division acts has nothing to do with another division, they’re like separate companies completely. I was ignorant of this fact. Disappointed smile

We had our door knocked on by every single storm damage construction company out there saying they would handle everything and we turned each and every one of them down. Enter March 2011, an even worse hail and wind storm and now there is more damage, you can actually see the roof tiles were cracked from the impact and we have dings all over the siding.

State Farm came out and said yes you clearly have enough damage to warrant roof and siding replacement. They sent us a check for several thousand dollars less than the damage and said we would need to revisit the claim if the repairs were more than the check. We decided to wait until Spring of 2012…. our mistake… last night we get a form letter from some underwriter at State Farm stating “This insurance coverage is no longer acceptable to State Farm Fire and Casualty Company because of your overall claim activity”. Number of claims on file? ONE!  Disappointed smile

He then states the overall claim activity was the hail damage which hasn’t even been cashed or repaired yet. I do some research and find out that for State Farm this has become typical practice and there are class action lawsuits against them for it, who woulda thunk it?

I wrote my State Farm agent and told him there is no longer any reason to have State Farm unless this could be rectified since we would lose the discount from having everything insured with them, at least $220.00 a year discount, gone. Lets say he gets State Farm to keep our house insured with them, no way in hell I’m staying with them for longer than it takes to switch. How is one claim in all the years we have done business with them too many claims? The check is for $12,000, the damage is over $18,500 so now we can’t even get everything fixed without going back to get the difference.

I’m calling USAA since they give Veterans a discount plus they also insure everything and if they pass muster we’re going to drop State Farm like they clearly want to be dropped and hopefully USAA works out. I started doing some research about this and have found there are websites dedicated to exposing State Farm for their tactics in the home insurance field.

We’ll see how this new drama unfolds after our Agent contacts the underwriter to see what can be done.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Picture Of The Day & Diabetes Update

This was Tuesday morning. I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a fog bank in the distance that goes from left to right over the tracks. Click the picture and you’ll see it. I wanted to pull over and take a picture of the valley with the fog bank hovering, it was a very cool sight but there was no place to pull over.


On the diabetes side of things my numbers have gone way up again. It’s almost like I’m not taking any drugs at all, or something has happened in my body to make them ineffective, again. For the past month or so I’m back in the mid to high 200’s. For the 4 months prior I was in the mid 100’s so it’s back to the doctor next week for more fun tests.

I’m still paying for the last round of what’s wrong with Erik tests, it’s getting old and too damned expensive. Ya have to do it though so I’ll report back when the results are in, I know my Triglycerides will be high because I stopped taking Lipitor, but it will be interesting to see what other numbers are like as well.

Have a great Wednesday everybody.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Rig Has Company

It’s another Endeavor, you think they’ll get along?


Sunset, the HTC Thunderbolt doesn’t capture all of the color but it’s still nice.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Pressure To Buy To Stay On Top

Long post alert! Smile with tongue out The new Kindle Fire is out, new CPU’s are on the very near horizon, new technology people expect you to know about and have experience with is coming out and I’m not buying any of it.


Typical questions I get - How does a Mac connect to my TV, how does the Apple TV work (both versions), how do I wirelessly watch content from my laptop on my TV? How do I wirelessly sync my iPad (both versions), iPhone, iPod Touch to iTunes? How do I set up my wireless printer, my wireless network, my wireless TV etc etc etc…

The questions I get are getting harder and harder to answer as more and more products come out. It’s not that it’s hard for me to use these products but you have to have them or have access to them to answer many of the questions you get.

In the past, I bought many of them, because I wanted them and because it made me a better tech. Now, I don’t buy anything and the questions are coming in faster than ever. I try and be as on top of things as possible so I got both kinds of technical magazines for the PC and the Mac, or should I say I used to. I stopped them because now I have stacks of magazines dating back to the 1980’s and when I make the decision to recycle them they will all be gone. I haven’t reached that point yet however but I know I will. I hope.

Now, I read exclusively online because the content is now, not a month old or more like it is in the magazines. I couldn’t understand why I was still subscribing to them when the content was stale when they got to me. It wasn’t that often something would surprise me but it has happened a few times. Is it worth it to be surprised once in awhile to build up more and more of these things? I don’t think so.

My Mac Pro is a dual Quad Core monster with 16gigs of memory and all the goodies… well, it was a monster in September 2008. This is about the time I would replace it and Apple is considering doing away with it, why wouldn’t they, it wasn’t  and isn’t worth the money they charge for it (this is a whole other post). Anyway, I’m going to keep it, as well as the last PC that I built myself in 2007, a 2.4 GHz Core 2 DUO machine with only 2 gigs of memory and a 1 gig video card. It still works perfectly, is more than adequate speed wise but it’s 5 years old and should be replaced. It’s not really worth anything or I’d sell it but since it works so well, why replace it when I don’t run anything on it that requires fast rendering speed? Funny how logic works…

My HP HDX18, great laptop, fantastic even, my MacBook Pro, bought in April of 2009, runs both Windows and OS X so explain to me why I have 2 laptops? So I sold the HP, not because the MacBook is better, trust me, it isn’t but it does run both OS’s and I need to have access to both so bye bye HP. The MacBook Pro does have one thing I love, a very crisp bright LED backlit 1920x1200 display, none of this HD resolution 1980x1080 crap, that’s for TV,s I hate that laptops & desktop displays use it now as well. Steaming mad But that too is for another post. Smile with tongue out

So, how to stay on top of all this new technology without going into a BIGGER mountain of debt? I’m hoping reading (A LOT) will suffice and I know this is a bit of a long drawn out post to say so but I needed to get into it a bit, technology is getting to a point where you can’t keep up without going flat out broke or work for a company with a lab that loves to test new gear.

I have come to realize I can’t know everything and that’s ok, heck I never did get close to knowing everything so what was I thinking. I have also come to realize I don’t NEED all that new technology.

God I wish I had learned that sooner…. Disappointed smile

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day!

To all those who served and are serving now, our heart felt thanks for keeping us safe.


Veterans day

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 236th Birthday Marine Corps!

I forgot to post this earlier today! Happy 236th birthday the the Devil Dogs!
"Panic sweeps my men when they are facing the American Marines." Source -
A captured North Korean Major...






Picture Of The Day

When I got out of my car this morning I shot this quick photo of the sunrise. I love sunrise and sunset, you get such beautiful pictures.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hitch Itch! I Know, You’re Kidding Right?

Not really hitch itch…yet, but maybe it was a mistake to put the count down meter on the page. Five months until our next trip?!?! I spoke to she who is mostly sane about such things (KAN-DO Kathy’ism!) saying maybe we should go during the winter! Yeah we could do it! Ok, so the rig is winterized, we could use everything except the toilet, shower, bathroom and kitchen sinks, so? Basically her response was… Disappointed smile

She who laughs at my childish ways doesn’t see how this could be fun! We didn’t get a chance to go as often as we/I wanted this year. I have found a few campgrounds that have their shower and bathroom facilities open year round within 120 miles of our home. I may look into this further, what better way to make sure the systems get their exercise this winter? Smile with tongue out She who is the wife is going to laugh when she reads this!

Response To Anonymous & His OWS Friends

Anonymous (you know who you are), at first I thought you were just some kid having fun with a blog you found. Now, I believe you are one of the OWS protesters which is fine, the American system at work and you should participate, gotta love freedom! Here is where we part ways.

I believe in this system, the United States isn’t perfect, as long as we have imperfect people it never will be. However it is the best country on this planet bar none.

The key public difference between the Tea Party and OWS is the Tea Party had zero instance of violence, contrary to what Nancy Pelosi said as she was crying about how violent she was afraid the Tea Party rallies would become which never happened much to her apparent dismay. The differences philosophically are too great to get into, so I won’t, besides, you clearly wouldn’t understand.

OWS protests have violence, rape and other crime and where is Nancy’s tears? She loudly proclaims her support for the protests though which makes perfect sense. The hypocrisy is apparent to everybody but the media apparently as they refuse to call her out on it. The crimes in OWS camps detract from any valid message any of the OWS sites may claim to have.

I am an immigrant, did I come from a hostile country? No, Norway is considered one of the best places on Earth to live today but I came here in the 60’s when the economy there wasn't so healthy. Norway was dealing with the residual affects of a hostile take over from the Nazis in WWII when we came here. Do you know any history? Do you know why the Nazis took over? Rhetorical question, I know you don't know but then I doubt many people do, history isn’t that important in schools anymore.

My father could hardly speak English when he came here but he worked his ass off to learn and did not want special treatment for his lack of English comprehension. He expected his kids to work their butts off and not expect anything from anybody that they didn’t earn. I didn't get an allowance, my chores were what he expected be done, no questions asked.

I believe in immigration, it’s what made this country great! Yet, I have been called an “anti-immigrant” by people (some of whom are friends) who say anybody who crosses US borders are immigrant’s, this is incorrect. Those of us who came here legally know exactly what it takes and how hard it is to go through the process. What I am is anti “ILLEGAL” immigration and the sheer amount of illegals from many countries not just Mexico flooding into this country is a concern for all, including you if you understood the law. I don’t know why we have immigration laws if our own Government, local and Federal refuses to enforce the law, it confounds me how the law is openly defied.

The OWS protesters have the right to protest but they/you seem to lack the understanding that the form of Government they are wishing for is exactly the opposite of forced fairness. Russia was not into everybody gets a trophy, everybody gets  a diploma, everybody gets a job, no scoring in a soccer match, if you didn’t do as you were told you had a wonderful Gulag to look forward to. Imagine the Russian Olympic teams arrival by the Politburo when they returned after their loss to the US, do you think they got trophies or a pat on the back?

You guys hold up signs saying Communism is the answer with no knowledge of what Communism has done to millions upon millions of people. None of it “fair”. I don’t know what history is taught in schools these days but judging by what I see spouted off by todays youth, nothing is likely the answer.

It’s real easy to demand a job or free higher education, free housing, free health care, free food, free clothing, free RV’s or what have you but what you don’t get is you work for it and it’s never FREE. Somebody is always paying the bill even if you didn’t have to. Do you think the stimulus bill was “Obama money” as people thought in New York as they stood in line for their “free Obama check” back in early 2009? Where do you think this money comes from? His checking account for Pete’s sakes? TAXPAYERS pay for everything in the Government, the Government doesn’t have any money, they have Tax Payer money, get that through your thick skull will you?

When the Government lowers a tax they always say “how are we going to pay for this tax?” The simple answer is they don’t! It wasn’t their money to begin with!! Lower spending you Government dufus’s!

I digress, as usual. The majority of rich folks got that way by working for it, some started at the bottom of a company in the mail room and worked their way up from there. Are there some rich folks who have more than their “fair share” as Obama put it? NO, their money is their money and that means all of it, who is it for you, me or Obama to say who has enough money? Yes there are rich folk who get away with not paying enough, guess what, there are middle class folk and every other type of folk out there who don’t pay their fair share either.

I can guarantee you this, Obama doesn’t feel he has too much money, I don’t hear him offering to reduce his pay. He feels the Government should make sure everything is fair but nowhere in the Constitution does it state everything will be fair, nor should it. The Declaration of Independence, another document you never read, states “Life, Liberty and the PERSUIT OF happiness” not the “RIGHT TO happiness”. You have no right to it, do you comprehend the difference? Do any of you OWS protesters? You have the right to pursue it, you aren’t owed it. This means you may actually have to do something that may seem a lot like work!

People like you, who can’t even write a sentence after going to school for over a decade, expect the same type of job, the same high level of pay that others have worked for and you expect others to foot the bill for how you get it. I see the crime(s) going on at the OWS locations and the video of them trying very hard to get law enforcement to do something violent so they can file law suits. I find it disgusting that the media refuses to report it yet they tried very hard to show the Tea Party rallies in the worst kind of light they could. I’m sick of agenda’s affecting the news reports we get today, left and right. It’s disgusting.

I’ll tell you what OWS Anonymous, I’m going to invoke the form of Government right here that you dream of. Your posts will be allowed for only the time it takes for me to delete them. Since Blogger emails me instantly when a new post comes in I can delete them pretty quickly.

This is all I have to say about the OWS protesters and you, you’ll get no more ink from me.

I have other people who post as Anonymous so I’m not turning that off. There is an option right above “Anonymous” called “Name/URL”. All you need to put is a name, no URL is needed, this way we know who you are.


Sorry about the long drawn out response to the Anonymous self proclaimed OWS protester, it will be my last one I promise.

Monday, November 7, 2011

RV Is Back And It’s A Happy Camper!

We picked up the RV yesterday from Scott’s RV & Truck Repair and everything looked to be completed. I started the engine, it sounded fine, oil looked fine, and when I went to start the generator something unexpected happened, it started the second I pushed “start” (after  normal 10 second priming). That has NEVER happened! All I had them do was change the genny oil, that was it but it’s as if they found something and adjusted it and didn’t charge me for it. The owner says they didn’t do anything else, either way, it seems happy.

Collier RV quoted me $175.00 to change the genny oil, Scott’s RV Repair charged me $33.00, Collier wanted $150.00 to change the engine oil, Scott’s RV charged me $85.00, both are expensive considering I could go to Ford and it would be $45.00 for the engine if I could get this beast into their driveway and service center (I tried, I can’t) so $85.00 is a bargain and I’m sure the higher cost is due to the extra cost in greasing the chassis points (it’s what I’m telling myself), I just spoke to the owner and he confirmed there are grease points. I remember in the ‘70’s and early ‘80’s when we used to grease the fittings in our cars you would feel an immediate difference in how the car felt on the road. This could have been in my head but it did feel like it rode better.

They also replaced the water pump (for the water system, not the engine) at their cost and winterized the water system. I found all of the drains in the sewer compartment open again like they were last year, I just spoke to the owner, his preference is to leave them open. I closed them, that’s my preference, I don’t want bugs to climb up into the water system, I know it’s going to be winter but I get images in my head of something crawling into the system from these openings. Disappointed smile

I pretty much have a standing appointment with the body shop to repaint the door handle (been repainted 3 times since we bought it) since each shop it goes to ends up scratching the door handle pretty bad. I don’t know if it’s wedding rings or they just mash the keys against it, I dunno but once again I’ll have to get the handle repainted because of scratches. We manage to use the rig the whole season without scratching it, one trip in the shop, scratched. I like the handle to look good, what can I say? (no scratch in this pic) Smile with tongue out

To be frank, I can be frank right? Smile with tongue out  As long as the repairs are done properly, the $35.00 to repaint the door handle is worth it. The generator runs better than ever and our water system is now 100% functional so it’s a good day me thinks.

Scott liked the fact that I exercise the systems 1 to 2 times per month in the winter time. It uses up gas but long term the RV should have less mechanical issues. My brother did nothing last year and even though we had to manually get the genny running, recharge his batteries and do a lot of other work, everything worked so he believes he can just leave it and it will be fine. We’ll see this Spring won’t we!

That’s all for now! Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Repair Center Update

I got a call from the repair center owner this morning to give me an update and to find out if there was anything else I wanted done. I got a quote for changing the genny & engine oil and okayed getting that done and they also have to repair the house battery tray since some how it rusted into a locked position over the summer.

So the items being worked on are the following, top off batteries since I couldn’t get to them. Change engine and genny oil, check power steering and brake fluids to see if they need to be changed, top off if needed. Replace water pump and winterize water system and inspect all tires. I got a quote for new tires since I found out the dealer we bought from left the original inside rear tires installed and they are in horrible shape, the outside rear tires are checking and need replacing as well.

Cost for the 4 rear tires installed and balanced = $1,400.00 on top of the work I’m getting done so that will have to wait until Spring time. I know it needs new shocks as well as possibly the leaf springs checked out but those will have to wait for funds to become available. It doesn’t ride like it needs new shocks or leaf springs, but I know they can only help since I know the previous owner didn’t do squat so the originals are still there.

I’ll update again when I get the rig back this weekend.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RV Dropped Off At Repair Center

It was almost exactly a year ago that I dropped the rig off for winterizing and got it back with no antifreeze in the pipes and a burnt out water pump for my trouble. I called them when I discovered the pump and again in the Spring when a pipe burst from water being in it and they told me that they would take care of it. I repaired the burst line and blogged about it back in March of this year.

Now they have a chance to make it right, I dropped it off and explained it to a repair guy who responded “that’s very strange, we don’t make mistakes like that”. I explained to him the owner has already approved the repair and I agree, it’s not only strange but frustrating that every place I have work on my rig screws something up. So I explained what I wanted done and handed him the keys and I watched him take it to the gated lot which was nice, no worries about security there. I’ve never seen the RV driven before so it was cool to see it going down the road.

I called them this morning to double check the work being done to the rig, the lady responded with they are replacing the water pump and it was winterized by me… Disappointed smile  I stopped her and explained I couldn’t winterize it with a bad water pump. Disappointed smile I drained all the lines as best I could, I did not drain the water heater but I did put it in bypass so some of the work has been done by me to insure it was done but they are to winterize it, PROPERLY this time and to please remember to turn off the pump. I also asked that all fluids be checked and the battery tray lock is rusted and to please repair it and fill the batteries. I then explained what I meant by all fluids.

I said this in a very friendly tone and she was also very friendly so I think they know what they need to do and I’m just hoping and praying everything gets done properly so I can write a glowing post about it. We’ll see what happens in a few days.

Stay tuned!