Sunday, September 23, 2018


Wow, it's been a year since my last post. We had family over last weekend just like last year at this time. I forgot to take pictures, life has been so busy the past few years, my job is very busy, we are going through a major remodel at the main office, I hired help finally and we are still crazy busy.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with two forms of skin cancer, did I post about this? I don't remember but I had surgery for both and I think so far so good.  Unfortunately since then my feet have succumbed to severe neuropathy and morton's neuroma in my left foot.

EDIT: I left out the one event that has changed my life. 2 months ago I fell down the stairs going to the basement. I was carrying laundry when I went to take the 2nd step and I found nothing but air so I went straight down and landed on both knees and into the laundry basket with my feet wedged behind me caught on the riser above where I landed. This hyperextended both feet, the left one severely so it took a while to heal from the cuts but to this day I'm dealing with swelling, that never seems to end.

This makes walking a  bit of a chore and very painful, at work I try to get through the day but by the end of the day I'm wiped but still don't sleep much at night. So we take each day one at a time. I'm not posting this for sympathy, more for tracking so a few years from now I'll remember what was going on.

I'm down to 195lbs, that's a pretty big change from when we bought the Fifth Wheel and I was over 250 or 260 at the time. I may post a before and after pic, we'll see.

The RV is doing ok, the rear AC unit still doesn't work, we're going to have it repaired when it's needed. So far the front AC handles the hottest days with no problem so, we'll wait. All other systems this year have been fine, I know what a shocker right? The front LED lights don't work again, but they were replaced each of the previous years anyway, so now we don't use them.

We have had a very busy year at work so we haven't been at the rig every weekend like in years past but next year we will be. Ronda has decided to work at the campground store every Saturday next season so we will definately be up there every weekend, I may not be because of work, we'll see.

I'll post pictures when we have Halloween at the campground on October 6th, until then I hope everybody has been having a great camping season!