Thursday, February 28, 2013

Planning First Trip

We visited the rig this past weekend and found 5 dead mice caught by those expensive enclosed traps. Being at the edge of a forest seems to keep the mice interested in our rig, we are at 13 mice for the winter and with more traps put down more mice will be caught I’m sure, ick.

This weekend I’ll be going up there alone to throw away the latest kills and lay more traps yet again. I’m also going to attempt driving her, depending on if the snow melts enough at minimum I’ll be cleaning the rig inside a bit, vacuum and run the genny for an hour or so under load.

We have started plans for our yearly first trip to Geneseo for the week before they actually open on 3/30/13. This year we’ll be staying for an entire week, are we gluttons for punishment or what? I’m hoping the weather holds out so I can bring the rig home and detail her real good.

We’ll see what March brings! Smile

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How Great Thou Art

Once in a while you come across something special.

Vance Perry recorded this on 12/29/2007 for his Uncle Jack who had just died. Turn up the volume and enjoy the harmony this man creates, it’s so well done and inspiring, brought tears to me eyes.

Friday, February 22, 2013

We Bought……………………………Cars

Well, the wife and I decided we wanted to lower our car payments. Her Ford Escape was getting way up there in miles and I didn’t want to pay what I was paying for my current 2010 Taurus SEL. It was an awesome car, the best I have ever owned but it was too much per month, we needed to try and reduce the payment.

I went to Ford last weekend and test drove half of their lot I think. The car I was 3 years into owning had 25,000 miles on it, very low for 3 years old so I got more than I owed for it. The car, a 2010 Taurus SEL loaded with most options a Limited would have except Navigation.

Here is the 2010 Taurus SEL when I bought it back in Jan 2010, when I traded it in, it still looked brand new. They took it in trade and parked it straight into the used lot, it looked that good plus they have all records for the car. Not many cars go from trade in to the used lot without having to go through the service center first. My 2006 Mustang GT made it onto their show room floor and sold in less than a week it was that new looking.



I was able to buy a 2013 Taurus Limited with every single option including all wheel drive for $100.00 less a month than my current payment. How you ask? Well the details don’t need to be posted but lets just say my last deal I wasn’t wearing my thinking cap and I was way upside down on the previous car. Thankfully for this trade, I wasn’t upside down.

The car has the following options, adaptive cruise control (awesome!), blind spot monitoring warning system, curve control, , perimeter alarm, my key, tire pressure monitors,  heated mirrors, USB media hub, active park assist, remote start with the ability to set interior temp, steering wheel heat, seat heat or ac, remote quiet start during remote start, backup camera, 10 way power driver and passenger seats with power lumbar, leather interior, power adjustable brake and gas peddles, all wheel drive, Sony satellite surround sound 400 watt stereo system, MyFordTouch/Sync/Navigation system, ambient lighting system, 20 inch billet wheels, dual exhaust system, 6spd transmission, tuxedo metallic paint, sound proof glass, heated and cooled driver and passenger seats, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel, 6 years 75,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and no cost maintenance for 4 years 40,000 miles, covers brakes, everything. Plus a host of others I can’t remember right now. You drive 70mph and hear nothing, it’s dead quiet inside, simply awesome car and likely the last one I’ll own for the next 10 years.

The worst thing about this car, the name, Taurus, what a shame they kept a name from a car known for the rental fleet for their now top tier car. I can forgive this however since the car is that good.



We also traded in Ronda’s Escape which was really getting up there miles wise for a 2013 Ford Focus. They have really come a long way with this car, she got the same screen as my Navigation minus the Navigation. She didn’t want it, so it has MyFordTouch/Sync Sony satellite stereo system, active park assist, backup camera, ambient lighting, ruby red paint, 18 inch wheels, power moonroof, remote start, leather interior with heated driver and passenger seats, 6spd automatic transmission. Basically the same interior as the new 2013 Escape. She also has 6 years 75,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and no cost maintenance for 4 years 40,000 miles, covers brakes, everything. The result, $30.00 less payment. Please don’t ask how, I don’t want to delve into that here.

In the end she loves her new car, it’s sporty and quick, I love my car as well and we are saving money. Hopefully we are able to keep these long term!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

41f Today

What a nice day it was today, the wind didn’t try to knock me down and the city was pretty quiet. Such a nice change for a day… Smile

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Driving

Every year I watch how people react to the first few snow falls and every year people seem to forget how to drive in it. This morning while I was waiting in the train station parking lot to head over to the station I was looking straight ahead and saw a car going too fast, the driver was looking down and then BAM! He was probably texting, who knows but he wasn’t looking ahead and he hit a new SUV. I sat there yelling for the SUV driver to watch out as if anybody could hear me in my car, it happened in fast slow motion, if you know what I mean.

The kid gets out of his Camry and starts flailing his arms and dancing, I should have taken video it was so strange. I thought he was going to get hit by somebody driving around them!

The man who got hit was very patient, waited for the dance to end and then got out and checked out the damage. Hopefully the kid has insurance, lesson learned by the kid I hope.