Sunday, April 29, 2012

Craigslist To Find RV Repair & Upgrade Help

I have been looking for some way to maintain our RV without having to use RV dealers. As you may know from previous postings we have had pretty much the worst luck possible with RV dealers. So I figure I’d figure out how to get work done that I can’t do without using these dealers.

Ronda’s friend at work has a friend that works on RV’s and I also found a few mobile RV techs on Craigslist that I have left messages with today. We are hoping to have the carpet replaced and the Allure flooring put down in the bathroom and toilet room. Heck, if I have to drive the RV to them it will be worth it!

I’ll post again when they return my calls, it would be so nice to have new carpet installed that doesn’t cost the price of a decent used car!

Have a great Sunday everybody!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

So Far So Good

Two days straight and no sign of mice, we thought we would catch another adult but our guess right now is the mother was small and we caught her. Or, they have moved on, we caught 3 all told so Ronda is re-cleaning the silverware and the drawers and keeping things out for a few days while we keep the traps loaded and out for another week or so.

I got a few comments about getting a cat… yeah… good idea…. or maybe we could wake ours up long enough to maybe do her job? Nah, she’s 14, she has no interest in catching anything except for a few ZzZzZzZzzzzzzzzzz’s…. Smile with tongue out  She is really awake at 6:00am when she pronounces it’s time to feed her majesty so she can then sniff it and go back to sleep… cats… oy vey.


We hope to go out this next weekend for a 2 day season break in, we’ll see. Fingers crossed

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Caught Two More, Damn Thing Had Babies!!

Well, it looks like mamma mouse met daddy mouse and made babies. We caught two more last night but there are clearly more since we haven’t caught anything that looks “older” yet.

I am going out tonight to buy many more traps, it looks like we have a brood to eliminate. Confused smile

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Caught One…

Well, the cheapo .40 traps are doing their jobs, got one of the little buggers last night. Have several more waiting for any others that have taken residence. Winking smile

Monday, April 23, 2012

Modern Tire Changing – Engineers Don’t Change Tires

We purchased our first Ford Escape back in 2001, it was awesome so in 2010 we decided to purchase another one and it’s been a great car as well. That is until I had to change a tire this morning at 5:30am. Confused smile

The person(s) who designed the spare, the spare location, method of extracting said spare and then jacking up this SUV with that joke of a jack need to be fired. I can guarantee you who ever they are, they never had to use their own design. It’s a 2008 Escape with 46,000 miles on it now. The little bolt you stick the jack handle into the bumper to turn to lower the spare tire, is now rusted into place. So I spent a considerable amount of time breaking this little rusted bolt loose and lowering the tire. The whole time thinking why gosh Mr. Ford engineer, you have the entire inside of the hatch to put it, like it was when we got our first Escape safely tucked away but NO…… you redesign the thing so it’s now harder to do the job! Why re-design something that was fine to begin with??

A 15 minute job took almost an hour to do, honestly on the side of the road or in gravel, this would really suck the big one. Thankfully I changed the tire so Ronda could get to Ford, then work.

She gets to Ford and finds out this is a “special” sized tire, they don’t have it and of course it’s going to be at least $260.00 since the nail punctured two spots on the sidewall. Considering this is our first flat in 13 years, I guess we can’t complain but it would have been nice to have seen this yesterday so I could change it during the day instead of missing the train. I’m picking up a proper jack from NAPA on the way home, heck if I going through this again!

We have Good Sam which could have come out but we both missed work last week so couldn’t wait the amount of time it would have taken for them to show up. If we had bought the car new we could have just called Ford and they would have come right away and picked up the car and fixed it, but we bought used so no Ford road side. Lets see, 1 flat in 13 years, I’m ok with it.

Took the later train and still got to work by 8:45am, not too shabby! Need a nap though!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simple Salads For Dinner

We ordered 2 taco salads from Nancy’s Pizza tonight and they showed up as large as 14” pizzas! This picture doesn’t convey the sheer size of these salads. Surprised smile Needless to say we have a lot left over! I do have say they were delicious though. Not sure why they are so huge, nothing on the menu states family sized.


I hope everybody had a great weekend!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

We Have A Varmint

Flu update, Ronda recovers fast! She feels much better but sounds horrible, I’m feeling much better as well but we’re both a bit weak. This was a nasty bug for sure but we’re getting there.

A mouse has decided to move into our humble abode, didn’t sign a lease, no money, nuthin, just plopped it’s little ass into the kitchen somewhere and made it’s home. Not on my watch! I put out these new fangled mouse traps with big orange flaps and the mouse quickly ate the peanut butter from all of them like it was feast time.

I’m guessing the company that made them must have done RV work in the past, clearly the mouse must be near rat sized to get snared in these new fangled traps?? I put out 6 traps, the mouse cleaned all of them, I mean CLEANED them! I opened a kitchen drawer this morning and find mouse poop everywhere, so out comes everything to be cleaned.

I’m working today so have to do this in spurts but after 4pm this afternoon it’s gloves off! Going to Home Depot, buying the old fashioned mouse traps and that mouse will be history by morning! Then, we have to rip apart the entire kitchen and clean everything, drawers, cabinets, the works.

Tomorrow this house will be mouse free… oh yes it will. Winking smile

Friday, April 20, 2012

RV Weekend Trip Cancelled

We didn’t post about it because it was just going to be Saturday and Sunday to de-winterize the rig and make sure everything is ok. Monday woke up not feeling to well, went to work and tried to shake it off, on Tuesday was worse, went to work anyway and on Wednesday woke up at 102f and that’s all she wrote, stuck in bed from Wednesday until today.

Fever finally down to 99, still feel like some small person with a mean disposition has huge vice grips (I have a big melon) around my head and is joyfully putting the squeeze on. So we decided while fresh air would probably do us some good Ronda is now down with this bug. Ronda, she is bug resistant, she just plain doesn’t get sick so you know this thing is a nasty one.

I have been sick each month of this year. Disappointed smile  My doctor sent me to an Oncologist/Hematologist to try and find out why my immune system is so weak. My lymphocyte counts were low and have been getting lower over time. The specialist couldn’t come up with an answer. I have been taking supplements to try and get a boost but clearly it’s not working. I’m trying to get an appointment with my Doc later today to ask her for something stronger to help and to get something to contain this migraine that’s on its 4th straight day.

We’ll get the rig out there sooner or later though! Oh, a bit of possible good news! Ronda may have found somebody who can handle to flooring in the rig, either carpet or laminate, I’m calling him tomorrow to hear what he says, crossing fingers and toes… 

Monday, April 16, 2012

You’re Too Political

I received several email’s from a few people about my Towns Destroyed Don’t Qualify For Help From FEMA – Government RANT”.  None of them were positive and the general consensus was I am being too political on my “RV” blog. I don’t know why they couldn’t just comment? Confused smile A few of them were from the same person, little tip, emails have headers and tell me where the emails originated from so just send one, I’ll get the point. Thumbs up


I spent probably way too much time thinking about it and decided my response is sorry, I’m not here to make people happy, we don’t have to agree. I’m not here to say what people want to hear. I’m here to post my opinion about our RV or whatever comes to my ADD OCD riddled mind. While the blog is about our journey with the RV I won’t always discuss RV’s. As most of you have figured out, I am not an Obama fan, this doesn’t make me a shill for the Republican party or Fox News or anybody else. It’s my opinion(s) and that’s it, I don’t regurgitate talking points and I don’t parrot what others say and I’ll be damned if I can be threatened into changing my ways. Again, tip, emails sent to people have enough information to tell me and the authorities where the email originates from so please keep that in mind. I know 99.9% of the people who frequent this blog, or at least used to until now aren’t the ones who emailed me so this is just for the ones who did.

I’m from the Chicago area and I have what I believe are damn good reasons to not be an Obama fan since he represented Illinois. I don’t like his ties with Bill Ayres or Reverend Wright and I don’t like that he believes we can’t make it without him (his words, not mine), I don’t like that he said the free market has failed. I don’t like that he said under his administration energy prices would sky rocket and that he would tax Coal companies into oblivion, again, his words. I don’t like that his energy secretary wants parity with European gas prices and I feel it is this administrations policy to force their supposedly “green” policy down our throats even though most of the companies his administration is investing in have failed or are going to fail. I don’t like that in 2008 I could fill my tank for $1.83 and in 2012 I paid as much as $4.75, this isn’t Europe, heck we have states bigger than many countries! Plus, there are no reasons for us to be this dependent on the UAE, there just aren’t, so why are we??

No, not all of this is under his control, I know this but I’m using his yard stick that he used 5 years ago when he blamed Bush when gas prices went up, yet nothing is his fault. He in every single speech has blamed others for failures, it would be nice if he used the same yard stick for himself that he has so regularly used for the “previous administration”. If I blamed people for my failings at work like this President does, I wouldn’t have a job.

I never, ever will ask anybody to agree with me, in fact we learn from each other when we don’t agree but it requires both sides of the conversation to have an open mind. As much as I dislike Obama as a President I respect the office and I don’t hate him as a man. I believe in “his” mind he is doing what he thinks is right. I believe he is seriously mistaken, socialism is not the answer, but again, that’s me, believe what you will and if you feel because of my beliefs we can’t be friends, ok.

I will try to keep the “rants” a little shorter but as long as I feel something needs to be vented I’m going to do it, why should Ronda be stuck when I have an outlet? This blog was around when Bush was in office, if you saw my posts back then you’d know I rant about both sides. Winking smile I ranted about Republicans calling Social Security an entitlement, I think they’re smoking bad ganja and are clueless so maybe my next political rant will be about them. How is something I started funding when I was 15 to be used for my retirement an entitlement? I have read some opinions on it and disagree, as long as I am required to pay into Social Security it’s not an entitlement and I expect what I am due when I put in for it. If the meatheads running the show would stop robbing the fund and not repaying it we would all be better off. Food stamps, that’s an entitlement program, Social Security, no, so they should stop threatening it.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep these political rants to a minimum (I know, too late!) and try to post more about our RV but when you need to vent, sometimes you just gotta let loose. If you feel you must write me an email blasting me for having an opinion different than yours, try to remember this is my blog, not yours, we don’t have to agree and not a single solitary soul is forcing you to read any of this.

Post a comment, try to use a name, any name is fine so it will post for everybody to see and be civil and so will I. Winking smile

Have a great week and safe travels!

Loki says hi! She couldn't care less who is President! Smile with tongue out Trust me I asked her!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

RV Carpet

I called a few places today, it seems getting a company in my area to replace the carpet will be more expensive than re-carpeting my house. I’m at a loss as to why this is so, looks like I’m going to try and figure out a way to do it myself, the big problem is doing the carpet under the slide area.

If this area isn’t done properly the slide could begin ripping the carpet up and doing damage to it and the carpet. Something to ponder for sure.

Have a great week everybody.

Towns Destroyed Don’t Qualify For Help From FEMA – Government RANT

Last night the house shook from the storms, it rained so hard the gutters couldn’t keep up. I was out at 2am on the front porch watching the torrential rain coming down, you couldn’t see more than 10 feet because of how hard it was raining and I watched the storm and was thankful there weren’t any tornados.

Unfortunately tornadoes took life last night, 5 dead in Oklahoma, over 100 tornadoes reported, wow. I hope everybody is ok in the affected areas and I hope this time FEMA doesn’t deny help to areas that need it like they have been doing recently in Illinois.

Apparently “the impact of the February storms failed to meet the criteria for granting aid”. Disappointed smile I’m left with my jaw on the floor, I’m sorry, the utter destruction of your neighborhoods doesn’t meet the criteria of FEMA, it sickens me that the very Government that wants to intrude into every aspect of our lives will tell towns completely destroyed by Tornadoes we will not be there to help you because it doesn’t meet our criteria, disgusting and pathetic but par for the course.

Try and figure this out, this area didn’t meet the criteria for help, utter devastation doesn’t qualify?!






Where is the public outcry? FEMA was late to Katrina and the outcry continues today, several towns in several states are denied help and I have heard nothing but some local news complaints. Why is this ok?

Lane County Oregon, January flooding, again, utter devastation but sorry Charlie no help because your utter devastation doesn’t meet our criteria. “Some Government agencies can get up to 75% of their expenses” but FEMA actually counts the amount of houses destroyed and if it’s one less than their magical number then they deny the help to the people affected. So the local Government agencies can get help, but not the people??

Only a Government agency can have a magic number that has to be met before it helps a single person be it local or Federal, neither gives a crap unless enough have died or enough have lost everything. Only a Government agency can be that cold and uncaring and we are going to let this same Government decide who qualifies for “their” Healthcare in 2 years, this same Government is going to dictate/mandate who will be forced to pay for it. Over 40% of American’s don’t pay taxes but through the “Earned Income Credit” they are guaranteed a decent sized Tax refund! We actually reward people for making little to no money! You just can’t make this stuff up!

Only the same people in Government who voted for the Healthcare reform before reading the bill and then told us to our faces its what's best for us but THEY get to pick from over 250 PRIVATE plans, only people who don’t have to use what they are shoving down our throats could sign something into law without reading it! Yet a decent amount of the population are willing to agree without reading it themselves so how can I expect them to know any better? Have YOU read the healthcare reform law? I have, it scares the hell out of me and these same people are in charge of the money that FEMA has access to, they have decided that utter destruction is NOT enough to help because it was not “enough” utter destruction. Again, only Government can be this insane. I could start another rant on Insurance companies but there is a distinct difference, we are in charge of how much and what's covered by our insurance company, we have zero control over what FEMA does.

Don’t get me wrong, there is problems with Healthcare but the main problems are Government!! One of the things they claimed was missing was competition, guess who blocked competition? Government! Plans couldn’t be the same across state lines, politicians would fight for differences that they felt would get them local votes and then these same politicians out of the other side of their mouth would complain about the very things they voted for!! Utterly frustrating! Everybody blames the insurance companies but they are restricted by the very regulations Government mandates they follow! Government claims there is no competition, well remove the blocks that disallow competition and guess what, it will happen!

Healthcare needs fixing but to expect the very Government that convoluted the regulations and rules to the very point where they couldn’t compete is ludicrous! How can any person who has dealt with any Government agency honestly believe Government is the answer to Healthcare??? Did you know that in the last three years alone there are over 18,000 new Government regulations!!! Somebody tell me who has time to write that many regulations and how on Earth are that many new ones needed?!?!? Disappointed smile

I’m off on a tangent now I know and I’m going to continue since I’m on a roll. I am sick to death that we now live in a time where we “EXPECT” the Government to be into everything because we are losing the ability to care for ourselves. The entitlement society is killing European countries like a sickness and we are doing everything we can to follow in their path, Greece should be enough to warn us but we won’t pay attention. One look at OWS should be enough to tell that we now want everything handed to us on a platter. Free this, free that all paid for by the Government, somebody should point out to the children in OWS that Government has NO MONEY! The only money Government has is what it TAXES from their parents and the rest of us so every time they want another entitlement we PAY FOR IT!!!

Explain to me how are the OWS protestors, equipped with their iPad’s, iPhones, MacBook Pro’s and other expensive electronics the down trodden? These spoiled brats went to college, not all of course but a good portion of them have and they now expect that to be free! We tell the last few generation of kids that they are so special and unique and spoil them beyond belief and are shocked that there are narcissists in huge numbers running around wanting everything for free for them? First day out of school they should be making 100k, driving a Mercedes and living in a 4,000sq ft house. What has happened to working your way up? Hey, working your way up is so old fashioned! Today we are all special and deserve everything right now!

Ok, lets say we make education completely free (from their perspective) from 1st grade to College graduation, how many schools are losing programs because they claim to not have enough money? The more money we throw at education the less they seem to have. Spending in Chicago is through the roof and guess what, it all goes to school administration and unions! How much makes it to teaching kids? Disgusting. The answer, more money of course, what, did you think accountability for their budgets and insuring that kids can read and write was the agenda? Silly you! The very last thing on the agenda is making sure the kids can read, write and do basic math. I watched a union video of how they were handling the budget, nothing was mentioned about the students doing better, teachers doing better, nothing. The main discussion is keeping budget money coming for pensions and teacher and union benefits.

Many teachers would bring the students up, they were talked over by union reps. I feel sorry for teachers, I know a few and they are great people who want the best for the kids. But the kids aren’t part of the agenda, look at graduation numbers for Chicago, embarrassing considering the schools thought they were at 90%. Some schools were doing better which is great but when you can fudge the formula to show better stats I wouldn’t trust the Chicago school systems numbers if you paid me. I know I’m all over here but if you’re still reading, there is more.

The Republicans tell us that the entitlement “Social Security” should be reduced and people should work longer. Since WHEN is Social Security an entitlement since it’s funded purely from our paychecks!! Work longer? Since when does ANYBODY tell us how long we should work?!? Bite me! If I could retire at 60 and be able to afford a decent lifestyle then that’s my decision, if I decide to retire at 40 that’s my choice! I know they are talking about retiring and collecting Social Security benefits but they really believe we should work until we can no longer physically do so.

Democrats and Republicans don’t have to worry about their retirement, it’s fully tax payer funded, they don’t have to worry about their Healthcare, it’s fully private and fully funded by tax payers. Yet these same politicians want PUBLIC Healthcare for the rest of us, not a single politician will have to use the very system they are going to shove down our throats, not one! Doesn’t that alarm you just a little bit? You ok with going on the Government system and trusting it to care for you?

My wife works for an Oncology doctor, her office has to deal with the Government for Medicare payments and guess what, it’s a NIGHTMERE!! The Government pays pennies on the dollar no matter what is billed which causes prices to go up elsewhere to make up for it and guess what, this same Government is going to be in charge of your Healthcare, no thanks!!

So people, explain to me why we want to hand over control of the Healthcare system to a Government clearly not even capable of buying a toilet seat for under $300.00?? A Government that has 40% of Americans on food stamps and no program to help these people get off off the Government dole? A Government where they help only if enough people die or a specific number of houses have to be destroyed before they help but hey, at least the local Government agencies will get help, not that the citizenry deserves it!!

Now don’t get me wrong, we are supposed to have local Government and State Government that is supposed to have emergency funds for help, also our Insurance agencies are supposed to help but guess where all of these agencies (except for the insurance company, but that’s a different post) turn to for the funds? The Federal Government of course! Where does the Federal Government get money from? CHINA!! How long do you really think China will continue to buy our debt, I mean really, how much longer can China afford to buy our debt and ask yourself why do they continue to do so? To help us? Of course not! The end result is China will someday decide they will no longer do so, guess what happens then.

I apologize for turning this post into a personal political rant but the Government has decided that the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore and that’s dangerous and I need to vent. We have a President who has given a speech that stated that the American individual is incapable of caring for themselves without his help. We have a President who stated very clearly that energy under his administration would necessarily have to sky rocket and they have. Gas is 100% higher now than it was when he took office, he claims we are drilling like crazy, we are not and algae is NOT an answer. We have a President who has stated that the Free Market has failed and only he can fix everything by spending Trillions of dollars of money we don’t have and while our problems most certainly started before the current administration came on board the current administration has no wish to do anything about it as long as they have enough support to continue.

Joe Biden said we have to spend our way out of it, that doesn’t work for a family, using credit to fund everything does what exactly, well, it gets you over 15 trillion in debt is what it does and as long as we have people running the show believing that everything is fine we’ll just continue to spend our way through it, the problem will just get worse. President Bush spent too much but President Obama makes Bush look like a beginner, he has out spent every previous President ever combined and people want him to have another 4 years.

Explain to me how a President with no chance of a third term will hold back when he didn’t hold back knowing he would have to run for a 2nd term. If and when he wins the second term there will be nothing to hold him back from his agenda. He told Russia that they need to wait until he wins the election and he’ll have more flexibility, to give him space until after the election. What absolute gall! President Obama has dropped missile defense for Poland and the Czech Republic and we were silent. Putin wins a corrupt election and where is Obama’s outcry for it? He called Putin after he won the “open election” and congratulated him. Putin has Medvedev change the Constitution so Putin can run for election. Why would a US President congratulate him for winning such an election? I think if Obama could, he would amend ours so he could get a third term, I really do and who knows, maybe that is part of the agenda if he gets re-elected, we’ll see. 

Getting back to the original topic, later this week we’ll hear once again how the local communities once again did not meet the criteria for help from FEMA and these people will be stuck asking for help from the very agencies that require federal dollars to help, meaning that many people will lose everything and the outcry will be silence. There will be some local news that complains but the administration will do nothing and nobody will ask them why.

We basically have a two party system, both parties are broken. I wish I knew what could be done to rip out the corruption and the cronyism and the belief that they are above everything so they can do as they wish all the while telling us its for our own good and we like idiots keep voting the same people in because they tell us what we want to hear.

We have had a few tell us what we “should hear” and we quickly weed them out because hey, the truth is we don’t want the truth, period. We want the hope and change without any real hope and zero change. I don’t know what else to say because I have zero answers…. it would just be nice to hear that some people are actually helped by the agencies built to do so, but I won’t hold my breath.

EDIT: Anonymous #2 brought up some very valid points in the comments section. I agree with much of what he/she said however the corruption mentioned in the comment is in the Red Cross and other organizations so it isn't just FEMA that has rampant corruption. I do believe I have a lot to learn about this topic because I have been lucky enough to not have been through the loss of my home so it's easy to arm chair quarterback and I don't believe my opinion is the end all be all I learn something new everyday so my opinion may change.

One thing that will never change is my belief that Government isn't that answer and never will be. They prove every day why they are not the answer so maybe I learned something today, why expect FEMA to step in when they're just acting like a typical Government agency? Sometimes the answer is right in front of you so thanks to Anonymous # 2 for helping me think this through.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

RV Update

We picked up the RV this morning, aside from having to remove a birds nest that a bird was in the middle of building into the awning the awning is fixed. Yay!

I forgot to bring the front curtains that Ronda cleaned, dagnabit… Sick smile of all the things I’ve lost I miss my mind the most.

The RV is ready, we just need to plan a trip and load up the gear. Driving the rig on new tires is so nice, feels so smooth and quiet!

A few things to do when I have time, adjust the passenger windshield wiper because it hits the middle windshield mount pretty hard. Install the Allure flooring in the bathroom and toilet room.

We can’t wait! Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Neighborhood Rules

I read “Retired Rod’s” post titled “Nope, not an RV in sight!!” and it reminded me of our situation. I am also an Amateur Radio Operator or HAM as we like to be called. I recently sold my Icom 746Pro and 2KW amplifier (I couldn’t use the amp with my Tech license) to pay some bills but there was more to it than that. Our neighborhood has restrictions much like a Condo association, minus the association and Condo’s! No outside antennas allowed!

We live in a single family subdivision and when we bought the house we weren’t told there was a huge book of “association type rules” to abide by. For instance, no fence, no shed, no amateur radio antennas, no working on the car in the street or driveway, no RV’s allowed in the driveway and no RV’s allowed to be stored anywhere on the property etc.. etc.. etc.. did we get a copy of this rule book? No, but the town claims it exists and they “enforce the rules”.

I can see a rule against painting your house neon pink and neon green or something like that but I can’t wash my own car in my own driveway? Come on you’ve got to be kidding me! I’m guessing they save the rules enforcement for people who go over the edge because there are fences everywhere, sheds, RV’s and everybody works on their cars or washes their cars in their driveways and why shouldn’t they? I have never seen anybody bring home a dilapidated RV like the one in “Christmas Vacation” where cousin Eddie used the sewer to drain the sh*tter!                 

Or heck maybe something worse like this! Disappointed smile Doh!


Just imagine the possibilities!! Smile with tongue out


How about these parked next door?








These pictures are from people complaining about these rigs being parked in front of their house(s) in Venice California. If you haven’t heard about that situation check out this Google search.

Ok, I got carried away when I found all of these, I digress.

This last year they relaxed the rules so if you own an RV it can be parked in the driveway during the summer season but it has to be stored elsewhere in the winter. This rule doesn’t matter for us, our rig is 12ft longer than the driveway!

This picture is 12 years old but shows how short our driveway is.


The house next door to the left (west) of us is abandoned so we use that driveway when we need to work on the rig quickly or have the RV overnight like when I worked on it last fall to fix the floor.

Of course, our neighbor called the police the first time we brought it home because it was a “suspicious vehicle” Disappointed smile even though we told everybody it would be there and they saw me walking into and out of it. Some people have nothing better to do I guess and we didn’t talk to them for months after they pulled that one.

Ronda brought up a good point, our RV is 36ft long, it blocks the entire neighbors driveway when it’s there which means the view in the direction is blocked as well. This can put people off and I understand that, however, if our driveway was long enough I would not hesitate keeping the rig at home, it’s our property and if the property was big enough to handle the RV, we should be able to do so.

Our ultimate goal is to sell this house, downsize and buy a house further west that has some property where we can keep the RV until we retire. Maybe not this RV of course but which ever one we end up with when the time comes.

Until next time, have a great day everybody!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


He used to blog almost daily but ever since his last post 5 months ago he hasn’t posted. 


He was camping in October and had account issues and now nothing. Typically I mind my own business but it just seems unusual for him to stop blogging. If anybody has heard from him or if Andy reads this give us an update ok?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RV Update

I received a call from the dealer this morning, the RV is ready. They also told me the person who installed the awning is no longer working there. That’s two employees that did bad work on our rig that no longer work there. It seems we are weeding out the chaf for them Disappointed smile how many other rigs got screwed up like this?? I want to go off on somebody but seriously, what would that accomplish?

We will be picking up the rig this weekend and I will continue the search for an RV repair center to replace them. They are literally just 3 miles down the road from where we store our RV so I have let the mistakes slide up till recently because of convenience but I don’t think we can do that anymore. I’m going to explain this to our service guy and I’ll lay odds he just agrees with me and says goodbye.

I feel for them if I find the topper is still screwed up when I get there…..     mad


I don’t know when our first trip will be this year, I would love to head down to Southern Illinois but with gas prices the way they are I’m not seeing any trips of great length this year. If we do head that way Diana, I can guarantee we will let you know in advance so we can stop by and say hi. Winking smile

We will probably go to Sugar Shores in the big site for a weekend stay to break in the season some time in April. I’ll just pretend we are there now… Smile with tongue out


Monday, April 9, 2012


I created a page a few weeks back called “The Endeavor Story” that outlines some of the things we have gone through while on this journey of first time Class A RV ownership. I know I posted that we have had some serious doubts as to whether buying an RV was a stupid idea or not and I know I have blogged this question a few times while we have waited for repairs to be done or more to the point, to be done OVER. 

Ronda and I have never really doubted the purchase and your comments helped drive the point home. I have wanted to own a motorhome since I sat in one back in 1974. Since that time my family always used tents and in 1997 I stepped up to what I considered the big leagues when I purchased my first large pop-up camper, it was huge! After I gave it to my brother to use for his family I bought a big 5 room tent that took about 30 minutes to put up but once up it was like a mansion! It had a front room for cooking, 2 bedrooms and a main big center room that we could all sit in and talk when the weather turned bad.

My back couldn’t handle tent camping anymore so I gave my sister the monster tent and gave up camping for a few years. My Mom was sick and we spent a lot of time over the span of 7 years going to the local hospitals. You know you’re in hospitals too much when the cafeteria staff give you employee discounts, we were there that often. When she came down with Pancreatic cancer I would work from the hospital whenever I could. We didn’t go camping between 2004 and 2009 at all. We talked about it though and when Mom died the realization that life is very short hit me like a brick wall.

So, when we made the decision to start looking at campers we were hooked or maybe I was hooked and she was on board. Smile with tongue out  I can only be into something all the way, half assed, half baked one foot in just doesn’t work for me. So when I went looking at rigs I wanted to make sure we got the right rig for us and I dug into that project like a tick on a mule! The multitude of shady RV dealerships can be daunting, the sleazy salesman can make you want to give up. The lack of knowledge of the product they’re selling can drive you batty, I hate being a newb at something and knowing more about what I’m buying than the salesperson does! Disappointed smile

At this time I don’t believe there is an RV dealership out there that cares about a customer who buys an 11 year old RV, not one. These rigs are older and yield much less profit and the odds of the customer coming in again to buy a new rig is very low so they get you out the door and that’s it. I think on average the customers that come in don’t know what to look for even after a repair is completed so they assume it’s done and are on their way and the dealer never hears from them again because more RV’s go back into storage instead of being used.

This would explain the shock of the owner of the RV dealership when he expected me to take delivery with a stupid grin on my face and accept the lousy clean up job they did. He never expected me to hold him to his word, you’d think he would be upset with his staff for doing lousy work, apparently the customer is never right even when they can show how badly the work was done.

Getting back to was the purchase a mistake? Ronda and I are 100% on the same page by saying no! We are happy we bought the RV and the fun we have had has far out weighed the bad. Even last year on our first trip when the water line burst we had a blast that weekend and I learned some new things.

The RV is teaching me patients, to a level I didn’t think was possible and certainly wasn’t capable of when I was younger. Strike that, the RV isn’t teaching me patients, RV dealerships are, and so is my wife. The RV would be perfect if the repairs had been done right the first time but nearly every single repair that has been done save the ones done by me has taken 2 times to get completed. If that doesn’t teach you something, nothing will. 15 years ago I would have lost it on these service guys but a temper doesn’t get things done.

Also, Ronda has taught me patients, I call her when things go bad so she helps me throw water on the boiler to calm down. Almost always this works, Winking smile women make men better people, ever notice that? I think this experience is teaching her some things as well, like patients with me!

Speaking of Ronda, she is doing very well since the surgery and can’t wait for our first trip of the year. We aren’t sure when that will be now that the slide topper has to be repaired or replaced. We’re waiting for an update from the dealership, this is one repair that has to be completed before we can take the rig out. I am going to patiently wait for their call and pray that it’s done right and we can finally pick it up and use it.

Have a great week everybody! Thumbs up

Sunday, April 8, 2012