Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Holy Grail Of Antique Tube Radio’s – 1935 Zenith Stratosphere 1000Z

For a starting bid of $65,000 you might be able to win the best example of tube radio’s ever created by mankind. This was built during the depression, talk about taking a risk!

HERE is a link to the eBay ad, believe it or not, if the winning bid ends up as $65,000, they got a bargain! I saw one 4 years ago sell in dilapidated condition for $70,000 needing a full restoration!

For more information on this stunning console visit the Stratosphere Website.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fantastic Customer Service & The G5 Lives!

I got a response from the seller of the Apple G5 that got damaged during shipping. Because of the extent of the damage to the case and my pictures showing how poorly it was packed they refunded me the full cost and told me not to worry about shipping it back, it’s not worth it and I agreed with them, it’s too beat up and probably doesn’t work.

Now that’s customer service! So, what to do with a 55lb hunk of battered aluminum Apple computer? Why, try to fix it of course! What’s the worse thing that can happen? So, I put it on my work bench and start taking it apart, of course Apple uses a rivet to hold the CPU cover on which has to be drilled off. Disappointed smile I was able to reattach the rear fan housing, fix the CPU cage and clean everything out.

I installed a known working video card and memory and the hard drive from the other G5. I hit the power button and BAM! It fired right up into OS X Leopard. The LCS must not have leaked fluid out because it hasn’t been running hot, how lucky can I get? All LCS connections looked good so the stains must be from something else.

The case being bent in front doesn’t allow the cd-rom drive to open so now I have to decide on if it’s worth it to buy a case and move everything over or not. I could just bend this thing so everything works but it wouldn’t sell for much, if anything. I’ll run the machine for a week doing burn in and if it holds up I think I found a case for $39.00 that will work. So all I’ll be out is the cost for the case, memory and video card. The rest will be profit unless it doesn’t work after I transfer everything. Surprised smile It should work, but you never know with older hardware.

I just ran XBench on the machine and it passed so we’ll see how it goes after a week!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 To Do List

Ahhh the new year has passed and now we have to plan for this year. So here is my quick list:

1. Clean out and re-organize the basement. I’d post pictures of how it looks now but that would prove too embarrassing. I’ll post pictures after this has been completed.

2. Finish the spare bathroom, I got the tool needed to finish prepping the floor. There are hundreds of staples sticking out that this tool will hopefully take care of. I think I will remove the bathtub and have somebody come in and place it back properly and this way we can check for leaks, I don’t want to finish the bathroom only to have to rip it apart again.

3. Clean out and re-organize the garage. It’s not that bad right now but there is so much stuff not worth keeping anymore in there. So this Spring I’ll be giving it the once over.

4. Clear out the storage unit so we can save $45.00 a month!

5. Clean out the spare bedroom, this room has turned into the catch all, just like the basement and it needs a cleaning top to bottom.

6. Re-paint the dining room, foyer and living room walls and ceilings and if possible replace the aging Berber carpet.  

7. In the Spring, clean out new weeds that will instantly crop up in the rock beds. Finish cutting up the tree trunk from the tree that was blown down. Asses the next tree over that looks like it’s going to die next.

8. Get the town to finally fix the sink hole around the storm sewer before somebody gets killed.

9. In the Spring, de-weed the lawn and prep it for the up coming season. Hopefully we have better luck this year than last.

10. Get quotes on the roof and siding.

Sunday, January 1, 2012



Welcome in the last year for civilization! Just kidding! Smile with tongue out


We just kicked back with a buddy of mine and watched the movie 2012, Battlefield LA and the latest Star Trek movie. Ate good food, had a coffee with Baileys and that was the extent of our drinking. Overall a quiet evening.

For those that woke up feeling like somebody ran them over.


I hope everybody has a great new year and safe travels this year!