Monday, February 28, 2011

I’m So Glad I filled Her Up! Nudder Gov’t Rant

Gas has jumped 10 cents since yesterday, they are projecting near $4.00 by end of March per the news in Chicago so had I waited until then it would have cost me $132.00 instead of the $113.00 I did pay for 33 gallons of regular unleaded. If it goes to $5.00 that’s $165 for less than half a tank!!

A few countries in the Middle East go nuts and gas prices soar and who profits from this spike? The US Government, people blame big oil as Hillary Clinton said “windfall profits” yet big oil averages 6 to 7% profit while the Government makes 18% in profit (taxes), who makes the windfall profits? Anybody in Government said they will lower the tax so people can afford to get to work? Silence…. I’m no fan of the oil companies but lets keep it real, if big oil is so corrupt the Government is doing its very best to make them look like pikers in comparison.

Big oil makes a windfall profit because of volume but if my company only made 6% in profit we would be hesitant to put as much into R&D as the “big bad oil companies” do. Guess what, if they allowed more drilling here how many jobs would be created, how many jobs would be SAVED?? Instead we let other countries do the dirty work because we don’t want to dirty our soil, tell me, is paying somebody else to dirty theirs any better?

Anyway, not trying to piss people off and I know the break down isn’t as simple as that but I’m sick of hearing people in Government screaming about the oil companies and then these same people get in bed with lobbyists behind closed doors, make a bunch of deals, then open the door and start screaming again. Hypocrites.

Canada sells us more oil than any other country, when the media talks about oil production have you ever heard them say we’ll ask Canada to up production? Nope, always the Middle East! Countries like Norway know how to extract oil, that country is doing a fantastic job of leveraging their oil reserves and what do we do? We refuse to drill more here and when countries like Norway offer to help us with our drilling platforms, we refuse!!

We insist on going “GREEN TECH” yet what do they propose? Electric cars, great idea right? Plugged into what grid, the one we have that is so close to collapse? It’s laughable! Where do Hybrid batteries go when they die? Recycling right? Wrong, a good portion end up in dumps right next to the computers that were supposed to be recycled!  How about Hydrogen? Only emissions are water so perfect right? Wrong, in order to produce Hydrogen you remove CARBON and guess where that goes, right into the atmosphere.

I agree that some day we need to get off of oil, but forcing us to endure ridiculous prices that people on fixed incomes or low incomes can’t ever hope to afford helps who? We have enough oil here to rid ourselves of this dependence on the Middle Eastern countries and Iraq has a huge debt to us so let them pay that off in oil, if people say “see the war was about oil”, great let them but get that oil flowing and start letting the US produce it’s own oil, natural gas and coal without threatening them with taxes that will drive them out of business. I mean for &^%$ sakes really, tax them out of existence?? Who the hell says that and has no plan to replace it??

Government has done a great job of ONE thing, putting business OUT OF BUSINESS including killing a good portion of the business my company was doing. I am so utterly sick of Government encroachment into our lives I can’t tell you. Every time someone in Government opens their mouth and tells us what they’re going to do to help “US” I cringe and pray it doesn’t get passed.

End of rant… I hope I didn’t step on too many nerves, just saying it the way I see it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Decisions Decisions…

Let’s say things go well this year, we keep this coach and want to spruce it up a bit. What color carpet to replace the 12 year old carpet we have now? Stay with the original color or go with something darker, lighter? 



Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bird Tests Loki’s Patients

Loki goes to doggy day care and they have this bird named Harley that loves to bug her. Here is a small snippet they video taped last October, considering Loki snapped at Ronda when we first got her, she has really learned to be calm and to take things in stride.

Now, leave the building and Loki alone with this bird and I highly doubt there would be a bird anymore but as long as people are around she does very well.

2011 Vacation Planning – Dad’s House & Graceland

We’re planning on a road trip vacation this year stopping first at my Dad’s house in Arkansas and then on to Memphis and Graceland. Can we afford this trip? Nope! Not yet but if we sell off a few things and continue on this path of no spending then we should be able to pull this off. I figure 2 tanks of gas will round out to about $550.00 each way so $1,100.00 in gas (4 tanks total), throw in an extra $150.00 in for good measure because we’ll be using the wife’s Escape to run around and the RV will either get 8mpg or less, if less the extra $ will be needed.

We could almost go on a cruise for the gas money alone! Total miles just for the RV on this trip will be 1,531 for the trip plus another 45 miles to get the RV from storage. We aren’t sure how many days we’ll be able to take off for this trip or even when we’re going yet but when we do, this will be where we go. We haven’t had a real vacation in years so I hope this works out! It would be perfect if we could make it 2 weeks but that’s doubtful at this point.

It will give us a chance to stretch the RV’s legs and see how she’ll do on a real road trip though and will also let us know how she might hold up going full time if the need should arise.

                              Map of the route, when we hit the road

Route Map -Round Trip

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

56 Followers And 4,424 Page Views From 29 Countries!!

Since 11/09/10, WOW! My page counter from Blogger argues with 4,261 views but I’ll agreed with the flag counter since it seems to be smarter. Nerd smile

I want to thank everybody who has started following our crazy path where the topic varies, I have ADHD, OCD and what ever else you want to call it so if your computer starts sHaKiNg it’s just my right leg bouncing up and down while I type, pay no attention to it. Smile with tongue out

My wife calls it, oh look there’s a chicken syndrome. Speaking of…

HiTcH iTcH… YoU KnOw wE GoT iT!!!!

It seems the closer we get to our first trip, the slower that damned count down widget counts down!! 38 days to go and maybe it’s because I go out to the rig every two weeks to check on things and it gets me anxious to get the first trip under our belt, I dunno but come on already! This is like working in a factory and watching the clock slowly go around and round and round and round and... oh yeah…

Nuts, I forgot to disconnect the chassis and engine batteries the last time I was at the rig.. see what ADHD does to you?!? My wife is cracking up at work right about now! Laughing out loud  I forget what else I was going to say… Disappointed smile  oh yeah, my blood sugar was 118 this morning!! WOOHOO!!! I feel like warmed over poopie but the doctor will be happy! The side effects of this new drug and my radical change in diet and food portions should get easier to handle over the next few weeks. I haven’t been at 118 I’ll bet in at least 7 years, I was 285 last week and have not seen a number higher than 178 since. This is a great step forward. Rolling on the floor laughing 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bathroom Remodel, Old Project Gets New Life

I began a bathroom remodel October of 2009 where I gutted our upstairs guest bathroom. My Mom was in and out of the hospital so much I had to put it on hold and my back wasn’t exactly doing well so when my Mom died I closed the door on this room and haven’t touched it since. I received a tool this weekend that will help me finish removing the old subfloor (There are THOUSANDS OF STAPLES!!!) so I can begin laying down hardi-backer and then new a ceramic tile floor, something I have never done before, this should turn out interesting! Check out the pictures below, I’ll post pictures from this week if I have the energy to begin. The pictures are from Flickr and are re-sized so look a little jagged. Here is a link to our Flickr album so you can see the pictures better.

Here you can see I had to break apart the old tile wall that had swelled because the builder didn’t use green board or a water vapor barrier. My back loved this job sooo much.


The original fan was kaput so I cleaned out the box and installed a new fan, the new one didn’t want to fit so I convinced it. Disappointed smile


I forget the color, to me it looks almost gun metal gray, the wife loves it, me, not so much but we’ll see how it looks when the job is completed. My wife has excellent color taste so I’m sure she’ll end up being right (she usually is anyway, damn her!!) Smile with tongue out


This is what happens when you remove a HUGE wall mirror, you have all sorts of spots to fix and they love to bubble no matter what you use to fix them! See that little corner next to the tub? That’s what started the project, it started to get the sub floor soft, so time to rip it all out!


What happens when you cut out the old ceramic tile and the schematic shows the pipe 4 inches into the wall when in reality it’s about half an inch!?!? You fill the wall with water and the walls below the pipe with water as well! Wife watches husband fly down the stairs like a gazelle without killing himself all the way down 3 flights of stairs to the basement. Spend the rest of the day repairing the pipe and drying everything up, oh that day was so much fun! Disappointed smile


Here is the subfloor I need to finish tearing out and here is the light fixture the wife and I chose for the bathroom. I need to re-do where the wall meets the ceiling, I didn’t cut it in very well. We also bought a new sink cabinet, sink and I need to get all of that installed after I’m done with the floor.


Blogger Messed Up Again

Oh the bliss of using Blogger, I can’t really complain, it is free after all but really, no followers? I hope this fixes itself, I don’t think there is anything I can do to fix it myself.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Leaks…

It’s been raining all day so I took a trip to the RV and checked it out. No leaks anywhere that I could find. Excellent!

Generator started right up as did the engine. I took it for a 15 mile drive to warm everything up and it drove perfectly. A great way to end the weekend! Rolling on the floor laughing

Saturday, February 19, 2011

RV Show Impressions

The wife and I hit the 43rd Chicago RV Show today. If you’re into travel trailers & Fifth Wheels then this was the show for you. If you were in the market for a Class A then you weren’t going to have much to look at. This show was much smaller than years past, considering how much better the RV industry is doing I would think more companies would have shown up to show off their gear.

Tiffin was there with a Phaeton, an Allegro Bus, a Breeze and an Allegro gasser. The Phaeton was very very nice but the Allegro Bus, holy Toledo!! The build quality is VERY impressive, and if I was i n the market to full time and had the money, the Allegro Bus would be on the short list. I wanted to sit in the drivers seat but too many kids were climbing in and out of the rigs and the seats to get a chance. It looked very comfortable, probably best I didn’t sit, I’d probably fall in love for sure.

It would have been nice to see other Class A’s from other companies to compare to in the same price range but it was either those high end models or the Mirada and Encounter Coachmen’s and while I do like the interior of the Encounter the build quality isn’t what I expect but then the price point is much lower than it was in 1999 when ours was new so what can you expect?

I don’t think we’ll go to another show this year, at least not in the Chicago area. Maybe in a few years when more new models come out and hopefully the economy picks up some more.

Friday, February 18, 2011

43rd Annual Chicago RV & Camping Show

We’ll be there! If you’re in the area and going let me know so we can say hi! Have a great weekend everybody!

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Comments Response…

Thanks for the responses regarding my previous post “Hello, my name is Erik and I have a problem….” 

I started today with blood sugar at 130, it’s been so long since I was under 200 right after waking up I honestly can’t remember the last time!

Teri, I am now following your new blog, you have some great information there and I’m going to follow along every day. I like how you log your weight, good luck! As of 2/11/11 I was at 264lbs. I am going to start logging my exercise and our coat rack, the expensive treadmill is getting dusted off and put back into service.

Donna, I dropped cereal, most bread, milk and cheese a year and a half ago. Bread and cheese got snuck back in (fast food!) but the past week I have been avoiding them and will continue, I haven’t had a real soda in I’m guessing 8 years but I did drink diet soda which is just as bad for you but I’ve had maybe 10 diet sodas in a year. When we take the RV out, since I’m up first most mornings I’m going to put that to good use and go for walks, as long as my back is working that morning. My bike is going to be fully functional within the next two weeks, I know I’m going to have to order parts and I’ll know which ones by tomorrow.

Diana, yeah I am good at being aware, it’s the doing I pretty much stunk at. I agree with you’re point about hibernation, I definitely feel much more determined to get going now, perhaps the bad A1C result helped spur that on but I think the fact we hit 60f yesterday is helping as well!

Merikay, giving up the booze will have an immediate effect I’m sure, I agree, having one or two on Holidays is fine and I’m going to try hard to stick to that. I’ll keep posting with where I’m at, good or bad!

Rae, I was on Insulin and Byetta up until about a year and 4 months ago when I took myself off. While on them my A1C went UP to 14.9 and the Byetta made me feel way off, the fact there are law suits against Byetta scared me a bit as well but my A1C was the final reason, I could get a 14.9 simply by using no drugs what so ever and save a bundle!

I went to the doctor who sent me to an Endocrinologist who tried to put me on 6 to 8 different potent drugs and I called my doctor right after the appointment and told him there was no way in hell I was going to take that many drugs, no way. He put me back on Amaryl, Actos+Met and Lipitor and my A1C went down to an 8.4 but since it went back to 9.9 and you know the story from there. I am now on Onglyza, Actos+Met, Lipitor and a once a day injection of Victoza and my numbers are steadily coming back down. I’m on the Lipitor simply because I’m diabetic, Triglycerides in Diabetic’s typically go through the roof and in the past mine has but now it’s at 120 and looks good.

Thanks for the replies everybody, it really helps getting feedback like this. Smile

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello, my name is Erik and I have a problem….

The blood test results don’t show it unless you look at the A1C result but clearly I have been doing good enough to keep what would be good results for a normal person in every regard except for blood sugar. Heck, how many people do you know who weigh 264 and have perfect blood pressure, perfect cholesterol and perfect triglycerides?  Any doctor would be proud of the blood test results I have, except I’m diabetic and that damned A1C is there to keep things honest so even if the doctor doesn’t see it, I know it and I’m a lot harder on myself than any doctor could be, but I don’t listen to myself very well.

So, why is my A1C back up to a 9.9, oh heck, lets make it a round number and call it a 10 shall we? I can’t stay away from candy, ask my wife, if she brings home a box of candy bars or cookies containing chocolate they will magically disappear in no time. On Halloween she’ll guard the candy and anything left gets hauled to work. Too many nights a week I’ll do shots of jaeger or have 2 or 3 mixed drinks and what do these things have in common? SUGAR/CARBS and while the jaeger does have 51 herbs that are good for you the rest of it isn’t, pure and simple really.

I have also been eating fast food again, McDonald’s and Wendy’s to be specific with a few Taco Bell’s tossed in a few times a month for good measure. At work I had fallen back to eating the wrong lunches and we have enough candy and junk to feed an Army and while I stay away some days, other days I have 2 or 3 candy bars in a day and that folks is my problem. I dropped weight from 280 to 242 and after my Mom died I fell back to old habits. My weight climbed back up to 264 and my A1C climbed along with it so what to do?

When my doctor sent me to get tested for PAD and possible heart issues I took a step back and thought about it, do I want to live to be 80 and healthy or live to be 80 by pure luck but missing a few limbs, possibly blind and miserable? I’ll take 80 and healthy for 200 Alex….     I don’t know how well I’ll do but this is the first time I have openly confessed I have a candy problem and I am going to try my hardest 3 months at a time to get to the next A1C test and get good numbers.

Fross your gingers… I mean cross your fingers, see what happens when you cross them too early? I have been slowly seeing better numbers, on 2/15/11 my blood sugar was 285 after walking to work (a few days prior, it was 485!), not good. Yesterday it was 179 and this morning it was 164 so it is working, but can I get to 100 or consistently be under 120? Man, I don’t know and to do so will take will power I hope I have but haven’t tapped into yet. Time will tell, one day at a time.

I’m also going to take my $800.00 bike down from the garage ceiling where it has been hanging for nearly 12 years, the wheels may be warped and tires rotted but I’m going to buy a fat persons bike seat, fix the rims and tires and start bike riding again, Loki is going to go with me. I used to love to do that with my last dog, time to hit it and git it…

I’ll be walking from my office to our network CoLo today, 2.5 miles in each direction, that should knock the numbers down a bit!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Always Ready For Some Good News & Gov’nt Rant…

I went to the Cardiologist today, the office, nix that, the Hospital was jam packed. I had to fill out paper work that was overly redundant which took about an hour but when I finally got in he checked the pulse in my left leg and within 2 seconds said I had one of the strongest leg pulses he has felt in a while, I love good news!

He then ran through the ABI tests I had taken last week, 133% above the norm in the right and 125% above normal in the left leg. He reported there was no sign of PAD but there was clear indication that I played a contact sport for a long time and there was damage to the capillaries on the inner sides of both ankles and that explains the copper color (iron residue) my veins have in that area. The ligaments in both right and left legs under the calf including the muscle that runs through them (damned if I can remember the names) are damaged which explains the discomfort I have when walking long distances. This will affect the hiking I want to do this year but I will do it!

I explained to him how long I played hockey and that both inside ankles and both calf’s were hit by slap shots, checks and hockey sticks for better than 20 years. Plus football, soccer and baseball so yeah my legs are a bit banged up and the knees are junk, blah blah. It’s amazing what these guys can tell just by feeling you up. Smile with tongue out

Long story short, I won’t ever be running again, no big shocker there but he did explain things so much clearer to me than previous doctors had and did several tests including the EKG which still showed an abnormal T Wave but only in the third instance and he said the blip was so small and in the third instance is typically the result of the computer algorithm not reading the third instance properly, he said he wished they would consult with an actual cardiologist when they write them. He ended with saying I don’t need a cardiologist for probably a long time to come and to get more exercise. Whew.

My last 2 doctor visits are March 1st with my primary doctor and March 9th for the eye doctor to check for damage from diabetes to the cornea. After that I should be done for 3 months until the next A1C.

Now for the negative, thanks to the new Health Care bill that nobody in Government read and many bragged about that fact but still signed it into law anyway…. deep breath… I received a notice in the mail today that coverage costs are going up, the number of drugs being covered are going down due to the new legislation. I try to keep my blog politically transparent but I HAVE READ this new law and the fact that it could be passed into law AND SO MANY OTHERS are passed into law everyday WITHOUT being read, to me shows the utter state of incompetence that our Government has gotten too, be it the left or the right part of it.

Does our Healthcare system need to have some things fixed, hell yes but the very geniuses who don’t read the law refuse to allow competition (this would take a whole new post to explain) and then complain they need this law because there isn’t enough competition, the stupidity amazes me. Does it need to be replaced and administered by the same Government that does things so poorly a toilet seat costs $250.00 and it takes a committee to replace a light bulb? NO, but we get the Government we deserve folks and my family insurance has gone up 30% already. On top of that Illinois officials now have 66% higher income taxes to spend at their whim, isn’t that just dandy? I digress…

Guess what, if the new Healthcare bill gets repealed, all the new costs and higher rates the insurance companies are taking in now stay as they are, there is no legislation being put together to give us our money back or to lower the rates and that too says something about the incompetence of our Government. Disappointed smile  Anybody remember the promises made when they instituted Social Security, look how well that has turned out, now they want to run our Healthcare, no thank you.

End of political rant, I bet my BP right now is up there… Annoyed

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heavy Snow Proves Too Much

I went up to the rig today to remove the snow in front of it so I could drive it and check everything out. I took my car so no snow blower for me, I thought what the heck, just some snow in front of the rig I can handle it no problem! Disappointed smile Wrong!

I get up there and the winds have gone from 4mph when I left the house to 35mph+. The snow is so heavy from the 41f temps the best I could do was clear a path directly in front so I could open the hood and turn the batteries back on for the engine and house. My arms turned into Jelly so decided to just fire up the generator and test the systems out.

I even put out the slide and everything worked great. No mice were found so I let the genny run for about 30 minutes, I watched some TV and then shut everything down and buttoned her up. I contacted the body shop to try and schedule getting the passenger mirror repaired, it was real loose when I checked it out, much looser than when we put it in storage.

If all goes well the rig will be ready for the March 31st trip! If not, we’ll work it out!

49 Days, 5 Hours, 21 Minutes and 2 Seconds! Smile with tongue out

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Found An Example…

The new Coachman Encounter has one of the ugliest exteriors I have ever seen but has the best interior layout my wife and I have seen that conforms to our taste layout wise. This one has the desk but we like the other interior layout they have as well.

I mean no disrespect to anybody who has this model but that grill, not sure what they were thinking, VERY flimsy and ugly. If we were in the market I don’t think my wife could talk me into this no matter how much she liked the inside. Alien



See the desk? I have to work remotely when we are out and this would really fit the bill nicely! Maybe we could gut our rig and somehow fit it like this someday? Who knows but I like thinking about it.


Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm…..

My wife believes I look at RV’s too much, she’s probably right as I do love to look at them and see what possibilities there are for the future. I feel the more I look the more ideas I’ll get for our current rig since we will be keeping it for awhile. (ok, so that’s what I say anyway!)

I see the more expensive the rig the more of them have the TV in the dining area where it’s harder to see and they almost always have two couches which makes no sense to me.

Take this picture for example, this is the interior of a 2011 Newmar Dutch Star. Look where the TV is, I don’t know about you but this just seems to be in the way of the wife's domain, only a man would design something like this. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Newmar but this is a fault of many of the luxury brands out today, not just Newmar. So, when the wife and I will finally be able to afford a newer rig this type of setup will be out of the question.


I like the ones that have a desk built in, call me old fashioned but put the TV up front, heck make it be attached to the ceiling so I can lower it now we’re talking! Our TV is mounted in the dashboard and when we drive the weight causes the dash to noticeably shimmy up and down as we drive. I catch myself holding the top left of the TV to keep it still even though the coach was designed this way. Still, I’d like to toss that pile of crap old TV for a proper HD LCD. So I’m going to remove the TV this Spring and see what our options are. This summer we will make this pain in the ass RV our own and if I could win a stereo sound quality competition I can surely figure out how to get this set up properly and so it looks factory. Another reason why I look at a lot of RV’s online. Nyah-Nyah

Oh yeah! 50 Days, 10 hours, 11 minutes and 10 seconds!! Rolling on the floor laughing


Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

RV Wasn’t Too Buried After All

I didn’t get a chance to post a picture so here it is. Only about knee deep at the shortest level and deeper in front of the rig. Too deep in front to turn the batteries back on but easy enough to dig it out this weekend if I have time. Smile with tongue out


My brothers rig is a buried a bit deeper but he isn’t touching it until March. Disappointed smile

Steinar's RV

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RV Update

I drove up to the RV tonight to check on it and to see if I have caught any more mice. The RV looks fine, not much snow around it but I have to dig out the mound of snow in front of it so I can get access to the battery disconnects and turn everything back on.

I went inside and no indication of mice anymore, the traps all had the same peanut butter, nothing was nibbled or anything. So next time I go up there I’m going to try and clean up as much of their droppings as possible.

53 days, 1 hour 30 minutes and 20 seconds until our first camping trip!

This & That

I found out last week that my A1C went up to 9.9 and there was a likelihood that my legs had lost about 50% of their blood pressure. Not the best news one gets from their doctor but there was very good news as well. My BP was 118 over 74, Triglycerides are 120, Cholesterol is 170, the rest of my blood work is excellent except for my A1C. It kind of befuddles my doctor that I’m 254lbs, diabetic and I don’t have high blood pressure so it’s good to have something in control. I just need to get my blood sugar in control so the doctor has added Victoza on top of the Actos + (pioglitazone hydrochloride and metformin hydrochloride), Onglyza & Lipitor, even though I’m normal in this Diabetics have to be even lower than normal people so the makers of Lipitor make oooodles of money. I also take children's aspirin and 1000 mg of cinnamon.

The Victoza has seen high cancer rates in test mice and is considered something you use when other things have been tried and failed. I could of course improve my diet and I’m working on that. I was at the Hospital most of the day today getting an ABI test and it was a strange test. They have these little cuffs for taking BP from your big toes, they also get an idea if the person being tested has Diabetic Neuropathy.

Diabetic Neuropathies are a family of nerve disorders caused by diabetes. People with diabetes can, over time, develop nerve damage throughout the body. Some people with nerve damage have no symptoms. Others may have symptoms such as pain, tingling, or numbness—loss of feeling—in the hands, arms, feet, and legs. Nerve problems can occur in every organ system, including the digestive tract, heart, and sex organs. Disappointed smile 

I don’t believe I have any Neuropathy so when she activated the cuffs it actually tickled and you could hear the blood flow stop. It was weird listening to my heart beat from different areas of my body, the sound is different in your feet than say in your arms. Thankfully the BP in my feet was higher than in my arms although the technician said this doesn’t mean I don’t have a problem, which I won’t know for a few days when the results will be sent to my doctor.  

To top off last week the cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (initial diagnosis was possible diabetes, we have confirmation now she doesn’t have diabetes) and the dog has 2 different kinds of worms. The cat is going to get a radiation injection that should “cure” her condition at the cost of $1,200.00 so she goes in for this injection and special care on Feb 28th.

We’ll get her back after 3 days I think and then she has to be kept under lock and key for 2 or 3 weeks during which time she will surely drive me insane in the membrane begging to be released from her bedroom. Well, it will be her bedroom for about 3 weeks and she will meow 24x7 for you guessed it, 3 weeks and trust me, she can meow non-stop endlessly. Disappointed smile

The dog keeps finding new ways to get infused with varieties of worms and we get her cleaned out and she goes and gets infected… again… Hey, maybe I can move into the RV during this period, nah, the storage facility will surely frown upon that.

The cat will hopefully be cured because the injection, if it doesn’t work, can cause the opposite problem so we’re praying for the best. I pretend to hate the cat and she does an excellent job of pretending to hate me.

I’m going to add much more walking into my routine, I walk about 3 miles a day now but I need to do much more. When we go camping I’m going to go for early morning walks and another walk before bedtime. Well, that’s it for now, perhaps a little TMI but it is what it is! Have a great night!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Digging Out The RV

This weekend I’m going to head to the storage place and see how buried the RV is. I’ll take some pictures, I’m going to bring my snow blower so I can clear out the entire spot and back it all the way into it’s spot. Have a great weekend everybody!

                   Here is a picture of the cleared out driveway.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

7 Driveways Cleared Plus 2 Cul-De-Sac’s!!

My car is buried! We have the front of our cars mostly cleared out in these pictures. Mother Nature 0, Erik’s kick butt snow blower 1! In a little over 2 hours we cleared out 7 driveways and 2 cul-de-sacs. Even when the snow was a foot or more higher than the snow blower it kept on going.

I had an absolute BLAST!! I'm tired beyond belief right now but in a good way.


 P1030368  P1030366

 P1030377 P1030370   

 P1030369  P1030379

 P1030380  P1030382

I wonder what the RV looks like right now buried in storage?? Disappointed smile