Monday, June 1, 2009

Taking Chance - When one falls, another brings him home

I purchased this movie this weekend and watched it with several pauses for wiping away tears. I cannot remember a movie that affected me more than this one has. The acting is top notch, the fact it was made honestly was a shock (great job HBO!). The portrayal of our Marines was reflective of how I know them to be. The portrayal of the people that extended a warm greeting to Kevin Bacon's char actor are exactly how Americans behave, it was refreshing to see considering what Hollywood typically shows.

We live in a world of Micheal Moore documentaries where the truth is in how you edit it, not what really happens. We live in a country where the "open minded and tolerant" are actually only open minded and tolerant if you agree with them. Should you disagree then their anger knows no bounds and if the Miss America pageant is any indication of how a woman gets treated for having an opinion we need to start letting Hollywood know exactly how we feel by not watching their shows/movies.

This movie reminds us all about commitment, bravery, loss, country, community, family and patriotism (a dirty word for some) and should be a must watch in every American school.

Thank you HBO for making this movie.