Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cancer sucks...

My Mom has pancreatic cancer, the one kind of cancer that sucks the life out of you and as we are finding out tests the best of us when it hits us. My Mom is a tough lady though and is making the best of it and teaching us how you handle something like this.

I haven't posted in awhile, the healthcare bill has my family on both sides not equally devided, most are against it but the ones for it are much louder than those against and therefore are heard the most. Kind of how the country goes as well I guess. I have wanted to post but find less and less time for it and less interest as well since those that disagree are the ones who email me the most telling me how insane or ignorant or even stupid I am for what I believe in.

This post, might be the last and then this blog such as it is will die the death many blogs die from and will be deleted from Blogger making many happy I'm sure.

I go now to see to my Mom and to help her have the best days she can before she passes. I pray for her, for my family and our country....

EDIT: To the morons who keep writing me telling me that the movie "Taking Chance" was a Bush propoganda film, please, if you believe that then you need to move in with Mikey Moore, get a life and realize that the military takes loss seriously and the men and women who bring our dead back do that job with respect, honor and do a job you will never be able to understand in your selfish world. Go away.

EDIT: Ok, so I was kidding about not posting anymore, come on, did you really think that calling me names would stop me? Doctor heal thyself!