Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RV Update

Got home from the RV delivery today. They dropped the idea of charging me for warranty work. We had a very extensive discussion, I explained they were wrong and kept explaining until they agreed. I can be persuasive when I need to be. To be fair, I told them to explain this policy so I understand it because I wasn't trying to get away with free work, they agreed I have never abused the warranty so... they will weigh that going forward. I hope they do for other people as well.

Well, the warranty has expired so aside from the two items left everything will be charged going forward. I'm not sure if I would buy from them again, we'll have to see how it goes from here on out. I don’t like sneaky, I’m honest with people, it’s not too much to ask they do the same.

I get into the rig after helping the driver place the rig in our spot and find they didn't fix the LED's, they forgot, they also left the toilet filled with water so when the rig was delivered the water went all over the bathroom. Had fun cleaning that up for a good 10 minutes.

The new counter top looks nice and the automatic jacks seem to function properly. I'm going to fix the LED's myself and the rig goes back October 15th so they will replace the storage door and pocket door at that point. The good part is they are nice people, the drivers who deliver the RV are fantastic and always go above and beyond so I do appreciate good work when it's done.

We have family coming this weekend, our nephew Tyler is coming back from the Navy for a short leave so Friday and Saturday I need to get the site cleaned up, get wood stacked and then clean the RV. This time I plan on taking pictures! I'll post some next week. Smile

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Warranty Doesn’t Cover Warranty….

We have our Montana 3725RL Fifth Wheel in the shop for the warranty work to be completed because officially the warranty ended on July 2nd. We had our list together and in before that date because the dealer couldn’t fit us in until after that date. They assured us the warranty will cover our concerns.

We brought it in 3 weeks ago for getting the counter top replaced in the kitchen slide because it cracked, fix the black tank valve that wouldn’t close properly and also prevented proper flushing, to repair a pocket door that was falling apart, to repair a power issue in our kitchen island, to repair a popping sound the auto-leveling system was making and to repair a storage bay door and check the roof. We bought a high end Montana to ensure the best quality.

That’s hogwash, sure, you get better cabinets, fancier lighting etc.. etc.. etc.. what you don’t get is a better build. They all are built pretty much the same, bull you say? It’s a fact, unfortunately so yes, it has a better frame, fully welded and it has a better suspension and fully insulated walls and roof and fancy AC units that are quiet and can freeze a mouses nads on the hottest days but the actual build quality is still staples and screws and the same guys who build the cheap ones do the same mistakes on the expensive ones.

So, where was I? I got a call from the dealer today, the rig is finally ready, no wait, they are waiting for two parts, the pocket door and one outside compartment door. The rest is done, what happened next had my jaw on the floor. The item they couldn’t repair because they couldn’t duplicate the problem, THEY ARE CHARGING US FOR THE TIME because the power didn’t fail in the kitchen island for the 20 minutes they spent trying to duplicate the problem, how did they duplicate the problem, by sitting there waiting to see if it would pop!!!! Did they actually test anything? NO!!!! But they are sure going to charge me for it!

Yes, you read that right, because they didn’t find a problem they can’t charge Keystone for their time under the warranty so they will charge me. They almost charged me for the black tank test but feel their “wording” on the warranty claim will get it paid by Keystone. Now mind you, they had to replace the black tank valve which was preventing me from flushing the tank properly so I guess I should thank my lucky stars that this was covered?!?!?

They wonder why the RV industry has a bad reputation? We give a list of issues the RV has, that the warranty covers, they never tell us oh, by the way, if nothing is found to be wrong we’re going to charge YOU for it. Well shit fire and save the matches I guess I should have broken the item to ensure it was covered?!?!?

I am going to the owners office tomorrow and I can guarantee you when I am done, if there are customers in the showroom they won’t be buying because I’m going to tell all of them this is what you can expect if you buy from this dealer. Unless of course the owner decides to not charge us for doing what they are supposed to do. I can tell you this, he will wish he never tried.

Imagine buying a new car and taking it in during it’s full warranty because sometimes it has issues starting and they tell you they can’t duplicate the problem so they are charging you book time for their efforts. You’d laugh in their face!

Keep in mind, we had the rig in before for this power issue, nothing was found and yet there was no charge, why the change? We’ll see tomorrow when I confront them. Tomorrow is going to be a make it or break it day for ever doing business with them again.

What The?

I used to read and comment on Margie and Roger’s blog but apparently they made it private? Have any of you been able to talk to them?

Margie_Roger_Blog Margie_Roger_Blog2

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Motorcycle Update

I decided to relocate the turn signals to the license plate housing. I wanted to install saddlebags and unfortunately the turn signals were in the way.


Here is the bike with the Viking Bags installed and the turn signals relocated. A comment about the Viking Bags, the bags themselves are nice enough for the money spent, however the bolts they ship are soft and break easily, they also break easily because they are the wrong kind of thread so if you buy from Viking Bags, DO NOT use their bolts, get Grade 8 or Stainless bolts designed for your bike. Honda of course uses a specific thread type which eludes me right this minute.

The bike turned out nice, I am contemplating putting the rear seat back on, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow just to see how it looks. We’ll see. Smile


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

RV Update

We received a new clock for the RV last weekend.


We also had the RV picked up by Collier to run through our final warranty repairs since the warranty expires this month.


Hopefully we get it back this month! Crossing our fingers.