Friday, March 12, 2021

 Well, seems that I keep waiting a year between posting 😕

Almost a year has passed since my last post and we still have the Pandemic going on. Remote workers are all back in the office as of March 8th and hopefully we can now proceed with many of the stalled projects we had been planning on, we'll see. Per the new President if we don't "unify" by July he may initiate lock downs again, without trying to get too political his speech didn't make much sense to me, I'll leave that end there.

 We will be working the campground store again for the 6th year I think, I lose track of time these days. It will be our last year working the store, the neuropathy has continued to worsen and is now up to the calfs and is in my hands now as well. Considering I type on a keyboard all day it makes working interesting, as each finger hits a key I get a little party of nerves responding to it.

I have an appointment with a new Doctor on the 23rd, she wants to do a  full physical and blood workup. With my feet getting worse it's getting hard to do my day job and much harder to work the store, getting firewood used to be so very easy to do, now I have to be extremely careful when grabbing wood off the pile or filling up wood crates. One slip and an open wound occurs (a piece of wood touching my leg can cause an open wound) and it takes a long time to heal. So, I'm going to give it the 'ol college try for this year but it will definately be my last.

Ronda doesn't want to do the camping anymore, she is done with the sitting in the same place each summer, so am I. We miss driving the Class A to different places a few times a month like we used to do until 2013. Time has flown by and the reasons for staying in place no longer apply. Sadly the 5th wheel isn't worth much of anything no matter how nice it still looks.

When we locked up the rig last October the landing jacks didn't place the rig in the right height and the middle jacks stayed up, so we will likely have to have somebody come out and check them for us, hopefully it's an easy fix.

Last year in September we had the rig power washed, he did a great job but water got into the fridge area so everything in it went bad. I found out if you use a strong magnet you can realign the little balls that separate when water hits the breaker module, learn something new every day.

We have about 3 weeks before we can go and check the rig out, we're crossing our fingers everything is fine and maybe we can try and see if we can enjoy it like we used to, we'll see.

I'll try to post more often, have a great weekend everybody!