Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vacation Time

I’m off next week, I’m going to live in the RV for 9 days and hopefully get the Blu-Ray cable routed to the TV permanently, the wood floor in the bathroom and toilet room put down and the front of the rig waxed.

Doesn’t sound like vacation does it but these projects need to get done and it will feel go to do it. I hope you all have a great weekend and a great 4th of July! Smile with tongue out


Marsha & Joe campers4lifex2 said...

I found your blog and began following today. While your on your vacation/working on the RV, be sure to keep cool... HEAT WAVE in progress ya know.. well depending on where ya are, of course. As for me and the hubby well we are in NC with degrees to be 105 and that doesn't count for the heat index. Take care and enjoy .

We are Campers4Lifex2

Merikay said...

Work on your rig can be a pleasure. You know you are doing it for you. Much better than for the sticks or the job!

Diana said...

Make sure you fit some relaxation and fun time in there Erik! Stay Cool Dude !! Love Di ♥

JO said...

May you can get it done in short order and then relax. I don't think waxing the rig is a good idea in the heat. Be careful and try to enjoy

Erik's RV Blog said...

Campers4Life - Yeah, the heat is going to be over 100 3 days this week and knocking on the 100 door for the rest of the week.

So I think I'll just be relaxing this week.... how does that work actually?

Merikay - Agreed, I think this week I'm going to try for early morning walks and not sure about the rest of the day considering the heat. I may have picked a bad week for this little camping trip.

Diana - I forgot the wood floor at home!! Looks like no choice but to chill out in the rig for the week.

JoJo - Agreed, but it's going to be calling my name all week! The frog pond here is alomost dry, not sure what happens if it dries up completely but I imagine it ends it being a frog pond.

TexCyn said...

Have a good time Erik. Don't fret over the work, just enjoy life for a change! And don't spill the beans ;-)