Thursday, June 7, 2012

State Farm Storm Damage Update

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I posted earlier this year that State Farm dropped us after allowing the claim for the storm damage our house incurred last March (2011). They sent us a check to get the repairs started and also a breakdown of how much they would allow money wise for all of the repairs.

The estimates I have been getting for just the roof alone are much more than the cost of what State Farm was estimating for the roof, all of the siding and the gutters combined. Disappointed smile Oh, you want the same quality that was on the house already? Silly you! The crap they sling onto the houses by the storm chaser companies is horrible. My neighbor got his done by one of those companies and you can almost put your finger through the siding, one side of the house looks completely warped. I’m supposed to be ok with this shoddy work?

Here’s how it works, State Farm HATES the storm chaser construction companies because they cause so many claims to be filed that might otherwise not be filed. They LOVE storm chaser companies to do the actual work because they are much cheaper than real construction companies that don’t chase storms for a living. Funny how that works no? So, State Farm allows the claim, more times than not they drop the people after the claim has been filed so when this shoddy work falls apart due to storms the next insurance company is liable for the repairs.

We held back from filing the claim until State Farm’s rep could come out, when that was scheduled we had a company come out and meet them. State Farm is the one who told us to get the repairs done, THEN they dropped us. So, now we have a check for part of the repairs but even if we got the full amount allowed, we can only get the roof done. What can we do, threaten State Farm to go someplace else with our business? Too late for that.

State Farm estimates the cost to repair everything will be $18,000, the LOWEST estimate I have gotten is $28,000…. they said they can use the same garbage as the other houses have been getting but even then they can’t come close to what State Farm allows for. We are in the middle and now have to battle State Farm to do the job we have been paying them for, for decades with no claims what so ever on the house.

State Farm is running commercials like crazy to get business because frankly they suck and they need fresh meat/suckers to screw over. There are class action law suits all over the country because of how State Farm conducts business and their motto “like a good neighbor State Farm is there” is complete and utter bullshit. One claim and they’re running from you like you’re on fire.

We have moved everything over to USAA, Until they prove otherwise this is the company for us, unfortunately the claim is still with State Farm. I have written to my State Farm agent and I like the guy, he and his staff are good people and they understand how we feel because they are losing customers faster than they can get new ones.

When I hear back I’ll post an update. If the graphic about State Farm offends you or what I say about them offends you, please drop off from this blog. There are two sides to every story and I can only tell this one from ours, the number crunchers at State Farm can tell their to the courts when the law suit gets there.


OWS said...

see now ur one of us! we hate companys to! they steel ur money n care only abut them! we protset them!

Erik's RV Blog * said...


Getting email notification that you posted really makes my day, not.

I don't "hate" anybody. I have issues with State Farm because their policy is to only make short term gains in profit with no thought to the long term.

My wife and I gave them our business for decades and this is how they reward us after one claim. The way to reward them is to let people know and to not do business with them.

Eventually this will affect them as more and more people go someplace else. This is why our system is the best, bad policy eventually kills a company. With any luck it will affect State Farm sooner rather than later.

As for being like you, there isn't one iota of me that is like you. I work for a living.

Donna K said...

We have been getting the same type of service from State Farm - and we've been with them for 40 years. Just read how another blogger who is with Progressive had a claim for some storm damage to his rig. Progressive actually told him they were sending $400 MORE than the estimate because they thought the estimate was too low!!! I think I'll get a quote.

P.S. Don't know who OWS is but he's a jerk (JMHO)!!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

USAA uses Progressive for RV insurance, we are switchign from State Farm to them next month. Funny thing, State Farm Auto/RV has been fantastic to work with. Go figure.

OWS is a kid with lots of time on his hands. Not sure why he comes here...

kcgaz said...

Erik - Sorry to hear about your problems with State Farm, but I am not surprised. We went with an Insurance Broker a few years back, saved us a ton of money as our daughters started driving, we have great insurance with Kemper and our broker deals with all the headaches.

Diana said...

I had no idea State Farm was that bad Erik. It's a shame but you really don't know until or unless something happens I suppose.
We've been with Allstate for over 30 years. Haven't had any issues with them yet! we've only had a couple of small claims over that many years.
I hope the new company proves to be better for you. Love Di ♥

Merikay said...

wI am wondering what the claim with Allstate on our RV will do to us. They covered it and all, but in 6 months we will see what the renewal will be like.

Big Matt said...

State Farm has been a scam for a long long time, evidence enough was in their handlings of people that got hit by the big Hurricanes a few years ago.