Sunday, June 17, 2012


Compromise, in marriage you better be able to or you’ll have one or two angry people, probably for however long the marriage lasts. We came to Blackhawk to spend a weekend and ended up leasing a site. First, we were going to lease # 83, then we found that # 84 (Ronda’s preference) was available, as well as # 79 (Packer Lane) and # 129 up in the woods (my preference because of Internet access and shade).

We took # 129 not because it was my preference but because the park Internet access seemed to be better there because the main wireless was off the main office building. Since I have to work remotely I need to be able to get onto my work network so Ronda compromised but wasn’t happy about it. Then last Sunday the connection dropped, for the entire day on all access points/repeaters, since I bought this fancy antenna it can access any of the 4 wireless access points/repeaters in the park, all of them rejected connections all day making the main supposed advantage of # 129 moot. This is what happened the week before on # 83 as well. In Ronda’s view, moving back to the first area would be best because there isn’t nearly as much work needed to enjoy it and internet access seemed to be the same.

In my view I could spend a couple of weekends seeding # 129 because the Internet connection is still best there (latency wise) plus the shade drops the temp 15 plus degrees in sunny hot weather. Ronda inquired about # 84 Thursday from work but it’s was now taken however, # 85 is now available right next door. Disappointed smile Her excitement meant we’re moving, which we did Thursday, I compromised but my mood showed Ronda I wasn’t happy about the move. I smashed my head on one of the oak cabinets further enhancing my mood. To make it that much better the site was so un-level the only way to get close was to get the drivers side tire almost off the ground putting un-needed stress on the chassis of the coach.

When I got here Friday night I brought the lawn mower, 2 steel rakes and a regular leaf rake plus a shovel. We figured in the morning we’d move the rig and manually rake the gravel which we did, in 95f heat Crying face. The clouds magically disappeared so the sun could make sure we got some sweat equity put in, I soaked a shirt completely through. We got the site nearly level, the rig sunk into the new gravel a bit so we have to make some adjustments as we go but at least we were able to get the rig level finally.

Here is our final site! We promised the owners we would not be moving again this year unless of course one of the premium sites becomes available.

Site # 83 after moving a lot of gravel with a rake!




I like everything neat and tidy so of course this includes the hookups. Smile with tongue out


Ronda’s parents and one of her brothers came over yesterday to celebrate Fathers Day early, we has a weenie roast and sat far away enough from the fire to stay as cool as possible. Everybody forgot to take pictures but we had a very good time.



Sue and Doug said...

nice job on levelling the site!!..enjoy your Sunday!

Merikay said...

Thiqs is a good learning experience for me! I never knew you could rent a spot for an entire season. This really makes it like a cottage. You will save tons on fuel, and I guess if you wanted to you could also take trips from there!

JOJO said...

I think you will enjoy your new site for the season and jump on a new one at the end of the season for next year. People do that here.They try a new spot until they find the one they want and then reserve it for the following summer before they leave.
Hope your head feels better and Fathers Day was good.

Donna K said...

Looks like a pretty good set up. Enjoy your summer.

Diana said...

Your site does look very neat Erik and I'm a neat freak!!
My husband always says when asked something about the house, "Ask the Boss" as he points to me.
In our case however, he is gone 90% of the time so I end up making most all decisions. We consult on the big ones but when he's not here well, I just have to do it.
Glad you all had a good Fathers Day. It was hot as hell here too.
Love Di ♥

Sunny said...

Yes indeed! Compromise does pay off, but so does working together as you two did. Now you end up with a decent spot for the summer. I miss being able to work together with my hubby so enjoy it while you can :)

DearMissMermaid said...

I like your ship shape umbilical cords. Makes me ashamed that mine are a mess, because my arm hurt something awful when I set up camp. I use the no contract unlimited Virgin Mobile for my internet, works great. But I guess if you are going to sit a spell, it's nice to use their WiFi instead.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Sue and Doug - Thanks!

Merikay - Yeah and this place has a price for people who are weekenders which really saves us money!

JoJo - Thats exactly what we're going to do! People seem to stay here so the premium sites don't become available too often, but we're hoping!

Sunny - You bring up such a good point and I agree very much. :)

DearMissMermaid - I like things to look like we care. I'm going to be working on the lot this summer, hopefully it cools off a bit, its so hot! Cell coverage doesn't work here so hot spots are out...

TexCyn said...

Wow, after all that work, I guess I'd opt for a seasonal spot too. Where I am now, there are tons of seasonal folks. They have park manors, porches, etc...but they pretty much stay all season till the campground closes for the season each year.