Sunday, May 27, 2012

Union, Illinois KOA Review

The Union, Illinois KOA entrance is very nice, I didn’t get a picture of the main building yet however so I’ll try tomorrow when we leave.


Campground layout


Site # 93 circled in red, you can see the power, water and sewer in the middle of each site.


Tent camping area, their sites were huge Disappointed smile


Pop-up tent campers and tent area, again much larger than the RV sites Confused smile


Mini Golf area


Our massive site # 93 with shade trees per the brochure, well one tree, no shade. What you see is the whole width of our site. Our awning over hangs the neighbors water and power hookups which are in the middle of your site instead of on  the site you’re on.


One plus, the site was very deep which made more than ample room for the Escape.


We wanted to like this place, it’s perfectly located for us to go on weekend trips. Unfortunately even if it was cheaper and the sites were larger there is a cow farm nearby and the stench from the cows during near 100f temperatures kept us inside the entire time. Ronda went on a few night walks with Loki. My left foot is still swollen from the Corporate Challenge on Thursday so I put my foot on ice last night and it’s still hurting along with my knee so I didn’t go for any walks but I wanted to.

Here are a few positive notes, the slide motor while not repaired worked perfectly with the rig job the mechanic did. With the hot temperatures we were worried about the smell that we have had to deal with in the past coming from the black tank. This morning the black tank was showing half full and there was no wind at all so there was a bit of an odor that only I noticed (that’s me, Mr. super nose) but we went to the in-laws all day and the RV sat in the 100f heat until we got back at 5:30pm, I went into the toilet room and there was no odor what so ever, how cool is that? The wind had picked up and the vents were doing their job, very cool!

This KOA has a check out time of 1:00pm, for the first time this doesn’t bother me, I don’t mind getting out of here early. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad stay but the crowding was amplified by the tiny size of the sites so it was hard to go outside without seeing your neighbor dumping his tanks just a few feet away. Couple that with $40.00 a night fees, more on holidays and this place just isn’t worth coming back to.

Tomorrow I drop the rig back off at the dealer and hopefully they are able to complete the repairs on the slide motor. Next weekend we have more birthdays and stuff so we’re planning on a weekend stay at the Blackhawk campground in Rockford.

I’ll post more tomorrow, if I have more pictures I’ll post them as well, until then have a great Memorial Day tomorrow!


JOJO said...

Its always good to post about a campground. So othere won't use it. It sure was crowded and close. Its really packed in here now too. Maybe on Monday or early Tues. some will leave.

Diana said...

It did look a bit crowded Erik. But it sounds as though you made the best of things and at least things went smoothly with the camper.
I don't think I remember you posting about that other campground before. And I don't remember you posting about a challenge at work. I must have missed that one. I hope your foot and knee are doing alright.
Love Di ♥

Anonymous said...

We went last year and thought the same thing, just not wide enough. It feels like your camping in a gravel driveway. Glad the slide is working out ok. Have fun next week.

Bruce (& Val)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You know that I will look at this from a totally different view ....
I have some tight sites, too. This was built in the 60's and was an old Safari Camp. Back then rigs were shorter and had no slides. We have to use all the sites we have unless we do a major ($$$$$) renovation. I had one complaint about a site this weekend. It was that the site was too narrow and I totally agree with that. She got that site because she called the Wednesday before Memorial Day for a reservation. All I had left that met her other specifications. I offered a 20% discount for her disappointment. Never hurts to express your disappointment in a nice way.
In a perfect world I could do an entire build out of wider sites, but it would take years to recoup the investment. After the shenanigans of this past weekend, I am less inclined to want to invest any more than I already have.
On a different note, it was nice to see all my holiday regulars. All the kids I have watched grow over the years make me feel like a surrogate gramma to them. Seeing the bicycles and listening to their laughter was like a balm to my tired soul!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

JoJo - I spoke with a few people and they tell me thats just how the KOA's are. They're designed that way but then why do they advertise as if the spots are large? I didn't see one that could be considered medium let alone large. Ah well.

Diana - Crowded is ok but the size of all of the sites was a shocker because when we talked to them they made them sound shady and large. The site we stayed on was touted as large and full of shade and it was anything but. What can ya do...

Bruce & Val - Agreed! You too!