Sunday, May 20, 2012

Slide Motor Update

While driving to the storage lot the slide came out about a half an inch so I jammed my sandal in there and closed the slide the rest of the way without hopefully making it too tight. The slide stayed in the rest of the way so it should be good until we get it repaired. I’ll be calling the repair shops tomorrow.




Big Matt said...

Unfortunately, they're likely going to have to completely replace the drive assembly as those things are sold as sealed units and the housings are poorly cast pot metal these days.

Big Matt said...

Oh, and what amazes me is that they only had two bolts holding it in place, given that the unit has bolting points for a big bracket on the drive shaft side that takes 4 bolts.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Matt - The thing that shocked me the most was how weak the aluminum casing is. Also how small the bolts are and how there isn't more to brace the motor.

This is one area you don't cut corners and if HR is one of the best then how is it on the cheaper rigs from that era? I don't even want to think about it.

Diana said...

Yes but what about the sandal?!
Love Di ♥

Big Matt said...

Holiday Rambler hasn't truly built top end rigs for a very long time, not since they became just another name owned by a larger motorcoach corporation more intent on cutting quality corners wherever possible.

The slide system quality depends solely on who they bought the slide mechanism from, most slide systems are not manufactured by the company assembling the coach.

There are a number of good and bad slide assemblies out there.