Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Slide Mechanism Repair Costs

The cost to repair the slide motor mechanism…. see below. Keep in mind this is a motor and a mount, the rest of the mechanism is fine. $100.00 of it is shipping overnight, I could have avoided this by waiting until next week but we’re going to have over 8 people in the rig over the holiday weekend, no way I’m waiting until next week to have the slide functioning properly so I gave the ok to get it done now.

They have instructions to have it completed by Thursday night Friday morning at the latest because we can’t get our money back from the KOA due to the holiday weekend. Since the parts are being shipped overnight they say this is no problem, I wasn’t sure how to say “get it right the first time” so I just said it and gave my reason why.

I called a couple of places and they gave the same price for the motor and mount as the dealer did so I know they aren’t charging too much. We’ll see how it looks and works on Friday!

$1,150.00… Disappointed smile

OMG howmuch


OWS said...

cry to ur mommy dipsit! meybe she can help u. i told my perents i want new rv and it will be here in 1 month! hahahahahaha!

Big Matt said...

OWS: Same as before, ESAD, please, oh and remember to not take a bong hit before posting, it makes your ability to type worse than usual :).

Erik, ouch, did you happen to glean what brand of slide system your rig is using by any chance?

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Matt - Trying to find out, when he ordered the parts it was by part number not mechanism brand but he agreed, the pot metal used for the mounting assembly on the motor makes no sense. He told me it's a lot better than the plastic ones he has had to repair!

Imagine that, PLASTIC?!?

Erik's RV Blog * said...

OWS - When my Mother was alive I never went to her for money. I worked for every single thing I own and I work to fix it or pay somebody else qualified to do so.

If Mommy and Daddy bought you a new RV why not start a blog and leave this one alone. We'll see how well you can do, or maybe you'd have Mommy write it for you?

Do you do anything without somebody paying for it or doing it for you?

OWS said...

fat matt what esad mean?

Erik's RV Blog * said...

OWS - Look it up, are you capable of doing anything? Who wipes after you're done in the bathroom, I mean seriously you're clueless.

Anonymous said...

Hope the repairs go well for you and get done on time. We're going to Paul Wolff this weekend. Since you were just there did the sites have water hook-up? Have a good holiday weekend at the KOA!

Bruce (& Val)

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Bruce and Val - I forgot to mention this. Yes the water is on but make sure you run the water before hooking up! My filter got plugged up with wasp larvae!! I had to flush the line for ahile and put in a new filter.

Otherwise the sites were clean and ready for the season.

Have fun!

Merikay said...

Seems like it is not if an RV needs repairs, it is when an RV needs repairs!

Hope the week goes well.

We are holding our breath waiting for the parts for the tow system for our Alfa/Accent.

Michelle said...

Ouch!! Thats painful just looking at it. Did you add the cost of new sandals? Im not traveling yet but now I know to have an emergency fund for things like this. Good luck!

Diana said...

Everything is expensive anymore. Honestly it's getting out of hand.
I'm sorry you had to pay so much Erik and I'll say a little prayer that all goes smoothly with the installation.
Also that you have a great weekend without any technical difficulties!!
Love Di ♥

JOJO said...

I think I am going to stick with buying a cargo van and do some fixing inside.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Merikay - I was telling my wife last night, it seems everytime we get the emergency going the RV has an emergency. :( Of course it's not covered by our 4 year warranty either, they maked down that it was but I read the contract and it clearly shows in small print that the slide is not covered, how I missed this I don't know. Lesson learned.

Diana - I'm going to get the old parts, they still work and I'm going to repair the motor myself and hold onto it for the future.

JoJo - It has a motor and mechanical parts, you might as well buy what you like because its going to be a pain at some point anyway, might as well like it. :)

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Merikay - I mean the "emergency Fund" going... sheeesh I need to learn how to type!