Friday, May 25, 2012

RV Update

I went to the dealer this morning and they had just opened the box and found they have the wrong part. They have had the part since Tuesday, but didn’t verify it’s the correct one. They also found out that nobody has the right one anymore. The mechanic has some ideas because the motor is identical but the mounting method is different. He either has to take both motors apart and make the right one out of it or drill holes in the motor drive shaft so the new keyed mounts will fit.

The mechanic rigged up a brace that is probably more sturdy than the mounting method that Holiday Rambler / Harley Davidson used when our rig was built in March of 1998.

To top the day off they washed the rig to make up for not having it ready and didn’t charge me, right as they were washing it the sky opened up and it began to storm. When I got there the sky was cloudless… Disappointed smile  when they finished up the ground was drying pretty good and the roads were mostly dry so I at least was able to get to the KOA in a clean rig. Thumbs up

We’re at the KOA now and the sites are tiny, I expected a bit more considering how they talk about the sites on the website. We’re going to have 7 people on this tiny site tomorrow late afternoon and this KOA charges $5.00 per person and has enough rules to choke a horse. We had hoped this place would be one we could visit often but we both agree this will be the first and last, it just isn’t worth the cost.

The good news is the brace for the slide motor held and the slide went out smoothly and quietly, actually the quietest it has ever sounded. When they figure out how they are going to do the repair I’m going to ask that he create a permanent brace that can be there if and when the new motor mounts break.

I’ll post pictures tomorrow of the KOA, the slide motor brace and the site.


JOJO said...

At least you were able to make your trip.
I have never stayed at one of the parks because they are sooooo expensive. And whats the reason for the extra money for the visitors. It doesn't matter just enjoy yourselves.

Big Matt said...

Very few koas are what they present themselves as, and most that are usually leave the franchise after a few years.

Teri said...

Most of the older KOA's were laid out for tent campers or small pop=ups. They are campgrounds and not RV parks. Some KOA's have spent the money to change their layout and make more room for bigger rigs. I have been to a few KOA's were I was glad that I have a small rig.

Diana said...

Good news about the slide Erik! Please make the most of your weekend. How's the weather up there? It's supposed to be too hot here to do anything but sweat!

I would have thought that the KOA's would have kept up a bit with the times considering the R.V.'s have gotten bigger and better.

I've got a booklet on Rend Lake sitting here for you,if you ever can make this way, let me know I'll send it to you. I'm sure you can look it up on line though.

So stop and relax this weekend alright?? Love Di ♥

Merikay said...

We were at a KOA in LA for the Rose Bowl parade and I was very disappointed with it. We have booked into another for the first four days of our Oregon trip, but it comes recommended by several bloggers. I hope it is a good one!

Have fun this weekend!