Tuesday, May 15, 2012

RV Purchase Post Mortem

You know, getting the call really upset me, I wasn’t mad at the finance guy, I was mad at the situation so I thanked him for trying and hung up. I was also upset because we thought this was going to be the rig for us. Low miles, fantastic condition, great floor plan and it was diesel. Rigs this good don’t come around too often, it was that good and it’s going to make somebody very happy.

It makes one wonder why this landed in our lap as it did, why? A test? I’m not sure but I overreacted and blasted a blog post to end all blog posts.

I’m not going to delete the post because I meant every word, I just think I could have used a bit more tact to express my feelings. There are some things I want to say but can’t, for various reasons that would explain why this would have been perfect for us now.

I just hope we get it right the next four years and end up in a position to get a diesel pusher for our future plans. Thanks for reading and if possible understanding why I got so upset.

We are hoping to make it to the Union, IL KOA this weekend, it’s beautiful, expensive and we’ll take lots of pictures. By the way, we checked in on our rig that I laced with lots of mouse traps and there are no mice! Yay! Also, all the cleaning I did and it smells awesome, in the two years of ownership this is the first time I can say it smells great. Smile with tongue out

So, let me re-introduce the Endeavor, it’s going to be around for awhile.



JOJO said...

I just read yesterday's blog and todays. Charge cards are nothing more than a trap and a way for banks to make lots of money and I mean lots.
I only have one and while it isn't very high its still to high. I always pay more than the payment is and it still hardly goes down. I am going to pay it off and hope never to have to use it again.

I'm sorry you didn't get the motor home but like they say they're is a reason for why some things happen.
Enjoy your present motor home and continue with your plan. It will work out even better for you and Ronda.

oWs said...

you are a stupid moron! my parents could pay cash for that 10 year old junker n u cant even get credit!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

oWs - This may be true, but YOU can't buy it with credit or cash can you, so shut the help up. Shouldn't you be out there with a sign or something.