Monday, May 28, 2012

Kathy’s Klothesline Comment Response + Digital TV & Slide Motor Update

I wanted to respond to Kathy’s comment because there simply wasn’t room in the comments section to address it. I completely understand why you would look at it from a different perspective and I respect your opinion very much.

From what I have found out it’s not just a few tight sites at this KOA, all but maybe 1 or two are too tight plus the power, water and sewer are positioned on the neighbors site so you get to get real personal with the neighbor in more ways than you’d like. Plus, I’d lay odds you aren’t telling people that your sites are large and shady when they aren’t.

I base my expectations on what I read on the campground website and whatever I can find out from people who have been there if I can find any. This KOA looks great from the entrance because you can’t see the RV section from there, you see the tent and pop-up camper sites which look huge in comparison. So we reserved their “large site with shade trees” for a premium price above the normal cost, plus the holiday premium.

So when we got there and saw the site was very narrow with one tree that provides no shade we were a bit disappointed because it didn’t live up to their own description. You’d think they would tell the truth since they knew we were coming. To be fair they were all very nice, the campground was clean and they didn’t enforce their check out time so everybody could get out without stacking up at the exit.

We probably won’t go back there, mostly because of the smell, I thought it was cows but it was horses in the wild west town / restaurant next door. The stench was horrible and the heat didn’t help it any. If the cost was more in line with the other local campgrounds we could overlook a few things but they are the most expensive place in the area and can’t compete with the likes of Sugar Shores where you can get a huge site easily 5 times larger for $10.00 less a day.

I can’t imagine what it would be like owning a campground and trying to make it what everybody likes can’t be easy but I’d lay odds that you don’t miss-represent your sites or your campground. I would love to go to your campground, tight sites or no because of the atmosphere and because of you. Smile

Thanks for giving us your perspective!


The Digital HD TV antenna is doing a good job of pulling in channels considering we only got 2 led’s on the signal finder. I hooked up the old digital converter box for the rear TV so Ronda can watch TV in bed. The plan is to replace the old tube TV in the back with an LCD TV so we can remove that converter box completely.


Here is the work around that the dealer did to keep the slide working for this trip. He used a steel strap, bolted it to the floor and put in a wooden wedge to keep it from moving around. The slide has never gone in and out so quiet as long as we have owned the rig. My guess is the slide motor has been loose since we bought the rig, my PDI list item asking them to make sure all slide mechanism bolts were checked was clearly ignored, shame on me for not doing so myself. Now that I know how and where everything is I’m going to stay on it as part of my maintenance .


Here the rig is again at the dealer waiting to complete repairs. I’ll update when I have one.


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Diana said...

Well you just don't know until you try! Lesson learned. It would be nice if you could scout sites out by car before hand but that would depend on time and gas I suppose.
When we lived up north my kids were very young and we tent camped. Most of the time at Yogi Bear in Wisconsin. It was great when you had small kids.
The last few years we've gone to Rend Lake with my son's pop-up, which he just sold. But we always got a lakeside site. Very nice.
The smell would have been irritating to me as well Erik. Still I hope you had a few good times while there. Love Di ♥