Monday, May 21, 2012

05/20/12 Storm

On the way back to storage I did a lot of video recording trying to capture lightning. I didn’t think I caught any until this one showed up, I thought I missed it! I had to pause the video and use the Windows snipping tool to grab the shot. It’s a little fuzzy but that lightning is awesome! I checked my other video and found another awesome lightning strike!




60 plus mph winds blowing North and North East and I was driving straight West so I had to slow down a few times because I think the gusts went over 60mph because the rig felt like it might get blown over! I put my hazards on and slowed down and at one point pulled over to let traffic go by.

I spoke to the dealer about the slide mechanism, I am driving all the way back up there tonight to drop the rig off. I’m going to leave instructions NOT to take it apart until the new parts come in so we can go to the Union, IL KOA this weekend for Memorial Day. If the repair can be completed by Thursday night (no way) then great, if not don’t touch!


I’ll post more when I know more, thanks for stopping by! Thumbs up


Diana said...

Those are really awesome shots Erik. And the fact that you didn't know that you got it makes it even better.
Love Di ♥

kcgaz said...

Wow...those are scary but awesome pictures for sure. Glad you are safe.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

That lightning looks scary! I have had to run out to the pool and demand evacuation in similar storms. Really!

Sue and Doug said...

great lightning shots !!!!

JOJO said...

Those shots are AWESOME! I wish I could catch lighten like that. Maybe that's the idea use video.
Good luck with the repair and smart to tell them do not touch before parts arrive.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Diana - I was shocked when I saw them on the video, I should post the video so you guys can get a good laugh. :)

kcgaz - Thanks!

Kathy - I have no doubt! You're right can be very scary!

Sue and Doug - Thanks!

JoJo - The only way I can catch it is with video, even then I seem to miss too often!