Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Caught Two More, Damn Thing Had Babies!!

Well, it looks like mamma mouse met daddy mouse and made babies. We caught two more last night but there are clearly more since we haven’t caught anything that looks “older” yet.

I am going out tonight to buy many more traps, it looks like we have a brood to eliminate. Confused smile


Merikay said...

Unless you get it when it first gets in, where there is one there are usually more. We have an outdoor closet on the deck that seems to be an entry way for mice and rats into our house. We have screened off every hole, but occasionally here will be droppings. Then I refresh the peanut butter and usually catch at least three or more. Then nothing for a long time.

Judy once caught 20 mice in her rig basement!

JOJO said...

I have started to see droppings here and took quick action. I found one entrance and tomorrow I will get that closed off I think I know where the others are. I hate them filthy things.

Diana said...

Not fun. Many years ago, about 30, we had them so bad that we had to have an exterminator come out. I am surprised that they don't stay away because of your cat. I heard that they sense when there are cats around but don't know if that is true or not. I do know that in the twenty years that we've had cats in the house, we have had one mouse. A dead one that my cat brought to me in the dinning room!! You might imagine my freaked out surprise at this gift, LOL!!!!! Love Di

The Good Luck Duck said...

Cats, cats, cats. They're the magical fruit. I can help you out with that.