Monday, January 31, 2011

Storm Brewing - Dropped New RV Deal

I got a call from the body shop to pick up the rig, they completed fixing the windshield sealant and repainted the gold stripe. They were hoping I could take the rig home so their parking lot would be clear for the big snow storm we’re due to get tomorrow through Wednesday.

I spent a good portion of the day at the doctor’s office for tests but told them we would pick it up after I got home. By the time we got there the snow was coming down but the rig started perfectly and so did the generator. I checked out the propane tank and sure enough the valve was closed so I turned it on and then turned on the furnace. A few minutes later the heat was going and everything was looking up.

I drove the rig to the storage place and found…… our spot was covered knee deep in snow… so much for they’ll keep the spot clear. We call them and they tell us you’re in spot 19, you should have told us you would be taking your RV out of storage because then we would have had you in spot # 7 or around there. I explain to her we did tell her we would be removing the rig and indeed have several times with her knowledge of it. Her response, if that were the case then you wouldn’t be in spot # 19, I’m beside myself at this point but I keep a civil tone with her. Disappointed smile

I tell her I can’t explain why she put us in spot 19 when normally she would put us in spot 7 because we aren’t involved with that part but it sure would be nice to be able to park our rig, tonight. So story told as short as possible we end up in spot 7, which is only partially plowed so now the rig sticks out about 10ft further than anything else in the row.

To end the night perfectly, the passenger mirror started flopping around in its mount on the way to storage, just wow. So much for them being repaired, honestly, at this point I think this rig is cursed, nothing else can explain it. Every time we pick it up, something else has to be repaired, even if it’s small and I’m starting to get a bit irritated that I now have to take it back AGAIN to get something that was supposed to be repaired, repaired again.

I called the RV dealer and told them to kill the deal, I was put on a new expensive drug today so we can’t afford a more expensive rig. I’m going to take a few days away from here, I got somewhat bad news at the doctors office and it seems I only post about negative things because this past year there hasn’t been much positive to post about.

I am glad for the following to try and end this post on a positive note. I am glad I have my job, I am glad the only thing wrong with the RV is a loose mirror (that I know about). I’m glad they fixed the windshield gaskets and the gold stripe on the front end. I’m glad the generator starts right away and the furnace works.

I hope everybody gets through the storm safely and I’ll post back in a few days. Sorry for the negativity folks.


Donna aka Froggi said...

Hang in there, Erik. Life is a roller coaster and sometimes it's all we can do to hang on.

Diana said...

You are entitled to feel negative from time to time Erik. We all are, we're freakin' human!
As for that woman, I am so tired of people not taking responsibility for their own mistakes. When I screw up, which believe it or not, I do! I just apologize and move on. What is so HARD about that! If God can forgive us, why can't everyone else.
I can relate to the expensive meds. I have been on several since I had two strokes. Unfortunately as of late, I've been off of them as I just can't swing it right now.
Not to worry, I've been feeling pretty good since I've been off of them! Good Luck Erik! Love Di

Sue and Doug said...

hang in there Erik!..tomorrow has to be a better day!!..sorry to hear about the new medication expenses!..and the deal having to be cancelled! sucks sometimes..and I can relate to the negativity..we have been there too!

-Heidi said...

I am very sorry to read all that's happening... and especially worried about the "doctor business"... don't feel you're being negative, it can be very helpful to talk about these things.

Merikay said...

It is a good thing to try to see the positives. Sometimes dwelling on negatives only make them worse.

Blogging can help because it allows you to vent a bit.

Sometimes I write a very negative blog and then delete it before it is published. It's like letting the bad out.

I hope the medical news is something that can be delta with.

Diane said...

It is ok to be negative at times especially when you feel that the world is caving will pass.. You are in our prayers and hopefully all will work out with your health..

Erik's RV Blog said...

Thanks everybody, you can always count on wonderful people like you to raise a persons spirit.

I'm posting using my Verizon card, we keep losing power so I have shut everything off in the house except for the furnace so when we get power back that's all that has to kick in.

It's 58f in here right now and cooling fast. Tomorrow if we don't have power I'm going to head to Home Depot or Sears and try to get a genny to get the heat back on.

My wife and I are pretty strong stock so we can handle it getting cold in the house. But I do hope the power comes back on soon. :)

It's so quiet right now all I can hear is the wind from the storm and my wifes breathing as she sleeps.

I wonder how long my laptop will hold up tonight, I guess I'm going to find out.