Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spent The Day With The RV

I went up to the RV today to clean up after the mice, add peanut butter to the mouse traps and to drive the RV and fire up the generator and furnace so everything could get a work out and so I could see how things are holding up. The engine started no problem, the house batteries were below 50% which I expected. I then primed the genny and it started with no problem at all which was excellent. I took the rig on a 24 mile ride and had to actually take my coat off it got so warm inside!

I then parked it and also took a closer look at the paint work performed by the body shop and I noticed that the gold stripe isn’t even, either is the blue stripe. How did I miss this when I picked it up?? The bottom picture is the before, granted the previous body shop only clear coated over the gold and blue stripes, at least they were even.

Now, the stripes are new, they are painted BUT they are uneven. The previous shop owner called me a perfectionist, all I asked for is the job to be done correctly. So now I ask you, blogging world, open this picture, the before is the bottom and the after is the top, is the unevenness of the stripes acceptable? When you click the picture it will open as a larger picture, you can increase the size in IE by clicking the bottom right hand corner until it says 150%, that will show the differences much better. I sent the body shop an email about the leak and the stripes so we’ll see what they say.

I guess I can’t complain but this just seems to be the theme with this thing and I’m a bit disappointed considering the reputation of the body shop that did the work and I’m disappointed in myself for not catching this to begin with. From a distance it looks great, maybe I should just be happy with that… Sad smile




you know somedays you wonder why you even bother to get out of bed..I have always been a firm believer in the old saying' the squeaky wheel gets the grease'..if you are not happy..then file a formal complaint because if you don't, it will always bug you that you didn't say anything!..we wish you luck!!

Erik's RV Blog said...


Agreed 100%, I'm hoping they see my point and agree to handle it. Right now I care more about the leak than the stripes but I'm hoping they can handle both.

Have a great week!


Diana said...

Well I certainly wouldn't let this go. Have they no pride in their workmanship or perhaps it's just all about the dollar?!
I would ask what they intend to do about this mistake.
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...


They were a great shop to work with so I'm hoping they step up to the plate and tell me they will fix it, haven't heard from them yet but I'm sure they'll contact me today.

Erik said...

I have astigmatism...everything is slanted so it wouldn't matter to me about the stripe but my husband would want it PERFECT!He spends hours polishing the cars and checking them so he would agree with you and sympathise...good luck

Erik's RV Blog said...

My wife calls me a perfectionist too and I suppose I am but at this point I'd be happy with good as well. :)

My car dealer loves me, when I trade in they know my car will look exactly as it did when I bought it new. I'm going to fool them this time, I'm not trading my 2010 Taurus in for a long long time!