Monday, January 10, 2011



That is all…



Sue and Doug said...

nothing wrong with that..right back at ya!!!

Diana said...

O.K.! Love Di ♥

Mactrailer said...

Thank you for the message
Good luck in your travels
beautiful motorhome said...

I've just spent five minutes trying to work out how to send a proper smiley face back but I'm too dim to figure it out! Anyway you made me smile so thank you. :)
I popped over to say thank you for your lovely ocmment you left. I was outraged on your behalf at you being treated so rudely by people. We do seem to become invisible after a certain age don't we? Even my husband has noticed it and I think it affects him more than me because he was always used to having 'a presence'. Yesterday I smiled at an elderly gentleman who was clearly on his own. He struck up a conversation with me about the weather and then touched his cap in a gentlemanly manner and thanked me for listening to him and smiling. Some days it's worthwhile but what a dreadful society we live in where everyone is so involved in their own world they have no time for others.
Just keep smiling at them Erik is my advice you're certainly not invisible here in 'Blogworld'.
Smiling back Erik