Wednesday, January 12, 2011

RV Warranty Quotes – HOLY COW Batman!


This is what it’s going to cost to replace my dealer’s warranty. I think I’m going to be sick. I currently have/had 4year 20k for around $2,000, to replace it, who can afford this?

1year/10,000miles   $1844

2year/20,000miles   $2500

3year/30,000miles   $3148

4year/40,000miles   $4120


Big Matt said...

Only the independently wealthy. Partly why I've never had an interest in buying a Class A-type motorhome, fixing things on them seem to be infinitely more expensive than their Class C counter parts or any other RV.

I am my own Warranty, if it breaks, I fix it :)

DeanO said...

WOW - and don't RV folks love to drive 1000's of miles? It's kinda the plan...I think

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt, I respectfully disagree with you and here is why. I researched the heck out of bith types before buying. We were shopping for a Class C and ended up with an A for good reasons.

Both Class A and C are motorized, Class C's are built on glorified Van/truck chassis and MOST start out over weight plus their cab over in most cases had a tendancy to rot out. Newer models have one piece cab overs but still can leak along the seam, plus many are still framed from wood. We're talking 10 years or older so hwo they're built now is neither here or there.

Class A's drive better, no strike that, they drive MUCH better and from the outset were designed to be motor homes, not a Ford Econoline or Chevy Van. Most people do pretty well in either as long as they pick the right one of course. Lets face it there are some bad companies out there building both! Gulf Stream anybody?

Mechanically my rig is very sound, my issues revolve around the dealer and its inability to do things correctly the first time. The leak, is directly related to the dealer lying to me when they said they sealed the roof, windows and everything else thats required for all RV's yearly.

In the end both share many of the same problems but my research indicates Class C's have more issues over time than Class A's.

Ask any dealer which kind he would rather sell, a 10 year old C or A, they cringe when a C comes in. Also the resale value is better.

As to being more expensive, gas models run the same V10 or big block Chevy so cost ways are similar to repair as their Class C siblings. Brakes are more expensive because they run real brakes, not Van brakes designed to stop a Van, not a motorhome.

As for warranty, I work 80 hours per week, get paid for 40. I don't have time to be my own warranty. ;) It is looking like I'm not going to have a choice though, I'll find out tomorrow.

Have a good one!

Sue and Doug said...

that is alot of $$..but I guess you have to weigh the options..we wish you luck with your decision! said...

You only get one shot at life - if you can scrape together the money it'll allow you to do the travelling that you want. However my first reaction was 'ouch!'
Good luck and I hope things get better.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We looked into after market warranties and concluded that they were too expensive and will so many loopholes on payment, we might never get a dime out of them. So we just add each years premium to a mental savings account and will just pay as we go out of the saved premiums. So far, we are way ahead. Of course,, if a really big item fails, it will be painful, but at least I will save the aggravation of arguing with the warranty company.