Thursday, January 20, 2011

RV Update – Price Is Lower Than We Thought! :)

I got the final pricing on the cost to leak proof our RV (the work has been completed). Just a tad over $1,500.00, this incudes 7 gallons of LP and 2 full sets of RV keys, something the original dealer was supposed to provide but failed to do so on several occasions so we stopped asking. 

So it’s about $200.00 less than we thought it would be! Rolling on the floor laughing

While washing the RV after they completed their work gasket material started coming off the center of the windshield… so they contacted the body shop and now I get to pick it up from Collier and take it to Marengo. Since they have to re-paint the stripe anyway this works out, worries me that there was any kind of gasket material that could start coming off but I’m sure they’ll take care of it.

The RV spent well over 3 months in various shops last year, looks like this year will be no different. At least it’s during the cold freezing season so it gets over with! The warm months “should” be spent inside the RV enjoying it. The countdown meter to our first outing is 70 days, 16 hours, 53 minutes and 56 seconds. Not that I’m counting or anything! Smile with tongue out


Diana said...

Less money is great news. I guess just like a house there is a certain amount of maintenance to be expected with the R.V. Erik. Hopefully this last round will be the end of it for awhile.
Days,hours,minutes and seconds! Your not just a bit excited! I can't say as I blame you, I am sick to death of the winter already and I usually like it! Love Di ♥

Sue and Doug said...

the less money is good news..and your countdown is getting smaller so that is the best news of all!

Erik's RV Blog said...

I typically love winter as well, but walking a mile each way to work in Chicago has made winter grow old pretty quickly. This morning it's a hot and muggy -6f here without the windchill included. With the windchill we hit -20.

So, it's a typical Jan day in the Chicago area. :)

I pick up the rig tomorrow morning, I can't wait! Pray it starts!


Margie and Roger said...

Glad to hear that the cost is less than expected - that's always good news. Leaks are such a PITA. I am really hoping that you will not have any more leaks in the future.

After reading your post about credit cards, I'm so happy that I learned years ago to never have a credit card - mine got up to $3500 and I said never again. Actually we do put all our expenses on a credit card, but it pays itself off each month (on time) from a checking account payment so we never pay any interest and actually earn cash back.