Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Response To Carol “Facing50Blog.com”

I have never responded to a comment as an actual blog posting before so here is a first for me. Nerd smile

Remember how people were the days after 9/11? How amazing it was to live here and everybody was saying hi to each other and opening doors, they suddenly became courteous. It's so unfortunate that it takes such tragedies for people to come out of their cocoon and realize that it takes very little to smile or show a kind gesture such as tipping a hat to a lady, opening a door for a stranger or offering a helping hand if somebody falls.

A lady walking in front of me today fell on her butt in the snow, I offered to help her and she smiled back and said thanks but it’s ok. Nobody else moved a muscle, it gets to me when people are rude and it builds up I guess. My wife reminds me to try and be positive instead of focusing on the negative and she is right, it’s why I posted that smiley face yesterday. I have been focusing too much on the negative, partly because that seems to be what’s happening, issues with the RV, my sister, hurting myself and many other things that I let weigh heavy on me.

I used to blog about Politics and Amateur Radio, I didn’t allow my blog to be found on search engines or even in blogger so it was me venting to myself and family generally. I found that there was rarely something nice to say about either topic so stopped writing about them.

I’m finding that it seems to be much easier to find something negative than positive to say and yet when I’m walking by people I’m saying hi and smiling often. What a strange thing to figure out about myself. I guess I just write about what’s going on and since too much of it’s negative that’s what gets aired.

So thank you Carol for the nice words and I’m going to try when posting to think and post positive, who knows maybe others will pick up on it and try it themselves.


Rick and Paulette said...

Well said. Interesting post, I enjoyed reading it this morning.

DeanO said...

That's good stuff Erick

Erik's RV Blog said...

Rick and DeanO,

Thanks, have a great day!


Diana said...

Well Ya know Erik, sometimes we just feel negative! I think we all do from time to time but should try not to make a habit of it.
You are right about people though. I try to be positive and friendly when I am out among them!! I keep hoping that it will be contagious!
Love Di ♥

Sue and Doug said...

sometimes we all get in a rutt..be it a negative one, and you just can't help yourself!..it is okay to vent every now and then..nothing wrong with that..we are all out here to read your blogs even if you are having a bad day!..one day soon the good days will outweigh the bad ones!
Have a great day, Erik..great post!

Facing50Blog.com said...

Oh Erik I was so touched when I read this. I think you're one of the good guys and I came over to tell you I love you even more after what you wrote in your comment to me....no everyone who is reading this, he was lovely and complimentary about his wife. If my husband were able to write that sort of stuff about me I would be ecstatic...tell Mrs Erik she's a lucky woman.I loved the bit about her old self and new self because I feel like that sometimes.It's funny how we change! Do you think my husband knows when I'm working him too? Darn I thought I was being subtle!
It's hard not to feel negative sometimes. My husband really struggles with it.(And I mean that in a concerned way not a catty way) However sometimes, with a bit of help, you can bash it on the head for a while and feel better.
I'll always be smiling at you both and look forward to hearing about your adventures when you get on your trip at last. :)