Sunday, January 9, 2011

Received A Letter From Our Dealer Changing Our Warranty

I received a letter from my dealer suggesting that they were changing warranty companies and more than one customer would be affected since it was addressed to RV Enthusiast, not me directly. I was to sign the included paperwork and send it back. This paperwork was missing a provision and the name of the warranty company they listed in this letter was not the name of the company in this new warranty contract. Also, the warranty purchase date was whited out and the purchase date was typed on top of the white out. No initials were put there to indicate who made the change.

While comparing coverage's I discovered several items that would not be covered under the new warranty that are covered under the current warranty provided by a company that I couldn’t find on the web, so I assume it’s the dealership trying to dump me off onto another company, which is fine since I would prefer to never go to this dealer again now anyway.

If I signed this new warranty contract I would lose coverage on our generator, leveling system and slide out. Since the coverage's didn’t match I wrote the owner of the dealership and told him we would not be signing this new warranty contract until it includes the same coverage’s we  currently have with the unknown warranty company listed in their letter.

The ownership of this rig has been a very trying experience and this new twist isn’t making it any better. I’m going to get all of the paperwork together and bring it to our lawyer this week so when I get a response from the dealer we can be prepared for the worst but of course we are hoping for the best.

I’m hoping the dealer fixes this contract with the correct coverage’s so we can sign and then the dealer can be free of us and us of them, which I think both parties would agree is what we both want desperately. Then I can get back to getting the leaks fixed that this same dealer was supposed to address while they had it in their shop.



Diana said...

This doesn't sound promising. I will keep my fingers crossed that things go your way, I throw a prayer in there too! Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...


Thanks, I'm hoping to get good news about the leak testing tomorrow, that will help offset what we're going through with the dealer. :)

As for the dealer we bought from I am hoping they will do the right thing so we can get on with our lives.


Sue and Doug said...

if it's not one thing it's another..geez!..darn warranty companies!!!..we will keep our fingers crossed in BC too!

Erik's RV Blog said...

The warranty company and dealer are one and the same in this instance I believe.

The dealer and I are at a point where we won't agree on anything, they believe they can do their work on the rig anyway they want, good or bad and the customer should jump up and down for joy that they made an attempt.

I believe in working hard for my customers and doing the job right the first time, this dealer has a different belief system so this is his way of insuring he never sees me again.

I'm completely fine with him changing warranty companies as long as he matches the coverages which he so far has not done.

I just hope it doesn't get ugly, they signed the same contract I did so this should go my way.