Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Got The Quote To Seal The Rig - $1,600.00


Collier RV ran the seal tech test and found that the dealership didn’t do anything to seal the coach except for the one spot that I pointed out to them at the time we purchased it. They have to remove both the driver and passenger windows and seal up inside the walls and the roof leaks as well as the rear cap and all marker lights. So I approved getting the work done because, well, what choice do I have really and it should be ready by Monday or Tuesday.

I also received a response from the dealer about the warranty, they claim that I never had leveling system or slide out coverage even though it’s in my paperwork. He ended his letter saying I could get a refund check for $1,850.00 which would be sans slide out and leveling jacks coverage. I responded that my paperwork states they are covered and I only want what we have now, no more no less. Collier RV recommends Route 66 for the warranty so I am going for a quote from them since we’ll likely have Collier service the rig from now on.

More later as I find out. I consider this good news because we can finally get the leaks taken care of and we will be completely unplugged from our dealer and can move on to enjoying our RV finally. Smile

Also, Collier will be at the Chicago RV & Boat show this week and weekend so we’re going to look at possible trade ins if the deal is right. I doubt we’ll be able to afford trading up but it can’t hurt to look right? Check out Collier at booths 6530 and 6735, might as well plug them!



DeanO said...

I've been through that except I couldn't afford the work so I did it myself. I probably should have paid but it was a fun summer project. Stripping an RV down to the metal frame is interesting.

Erik's RV Blog said...

I can't afford it either but I can't wait for nice weather since it's leaking into the rig from more places than I even knew about. The roof where it meets the body is leaking as well, they have to remove all of the trim, the driver and passenger windows and replace the screws and seals. Too much work for me to do and not near enough time to do it in.

Have a good one DeanO!


DeanO said...

Our leak destroyed the entire sleeper cab on our class C. We were such RV novices we had no idea to look for water stains and damage when we purchased. It was a disaster. I did this when I was younger and after a long day at work, but it was interesting.

Erik's RV Blog said...


I looked at a 1995 Class C that had delamination issues and almost bought it because I thought I could fix them. I quickly found out that the expense to repair the side walls and over hang would be 10k more than the asking price of the rig!

Big Matt said...

Leak fix is never fun or cheap. Its partly why I made my own seal tech machine out of an old Furnace blower and some cement blocks and walked around the outside with a bottle of soapy water and took pictures to do it myself.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Unfortunately the entire trim for where the roof meets the sides has to be removed. If the *$&%^# dealer had done their job when they had it I wouldn't have so much work to do on it now.

Thankfully this new place has the real deal and can fix everything and then warranty it so I can go out this Spring knowing I won't be trying to dry everything out.

There is something to say about buying a smaller rig. There is so much more you can do for yourself.

I can't wait to get out there this year!