Sunday, January 23, 2011

Following Other Blogger Blog’s Issue

When I click to follow another Blogger blog my profile used to shows up as follows, even if I had to re-login. This is how it used to work.


    Now when I click to follow a Blogger blog I get the following:


No profile picture and no blog name. After I have completed the “Follow” process I double check to see what profile is being used I get this, so I am no longer clicking the follow option until I get this fixed.


So, it states I am using my Blogger profile but doesn’t show my picture or my blog name. I have looked this up using the help system at Blogger and also using Google’s search and can’t find anything. Is this happening to others as well and if so, how did you fix it if you were able to? I have cleared my cache, logged out and back in and it’s still not working. So hopefully some of you know how to fix it.


DeanO said...

blogspot goes thru these seems after 24 or 48 hours the glitches are fixed

Big Matt said...

Are you using any kind of script-blocker plug-ins with your browser?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Unfortunately this follows which ever computer I'm on. I was thinking it may just be a Blogger glitch as well but it's been going on for a week now.

I have also tried this with 3 different browsers and the results are the same. :(

Diana said...

The last time I tried to follow a blog it worked fine but I haven't tried lately. I hope they haven't changed yet another thing about Blogger. I sometimes get tired of all of the changes! Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...


I can't remember if it always said "Google Friend Connect" next to the "Follow" button.

Either way, no matter what method I use to follow it sthows a blank picture and doesn't say who it is which makes it useless.

Ahhh well... hope you're having a great day!


GutsyWriter said...

Jeg er lige kommet tilbage fra Frankrig.
Thanks for the visit. How long did you live in Scandinavia?
I used to spend my summers there as a child.
Yes, I've had issues with my photo not appearing, but that's maily when I leave a comment on someone's blog and I am told to put my username and URL, or sign in with my Google account, despite being logged in already. said...

I'm completely stumped!
Usually I have to sign back into blogger by asking it if I can 'create a blog', sign in there and then get back onto my own blog as 'sign in' often doesn't work for me but so far I haven't had your problem. I can only presume as DeanO says that blogspot is glitching. Your profile picture shows up for me when I look at it.
Sorry I can't help here.

Erik's RV Blog said...


I was born in Oslo but only spent the first month. My parents moved to Chicago, IL and we have been here ever since.

I have been back a few times and can't wait to go back for a longer duration someday.

Erik's RV Blog said...

The Blogger issue continues.. we'll see if it fixes itself or not soon. Ahh well.