Sunday, February 15, 2015

1 More Month

Until we can start getting the camping gear set, I need to visit the rig next weekend and verify my patch from last summer is holding up. If it isn’t, we probably have a surprise waiting for us. I cleaned the interior pretty well when I was there last, so there shouldn’t be any mold in the fridge. I’ll take pictures since this is the first year I didn’t go visit the RV over the winter and I went off of reports from the dealer, that has never worked out for me before so we’ll see.

With the wife and I working for the same company we decided to purchase a dash cam. We’re on the tollway a lot and we see a lot of strange things. Plus, a lot of accidents so to keep us safe from people who would lie to get out of blame this is the great equalizer. This way if we do get into an accident we will have evidence of either our guilt or innocence. If this works out I’ll be adding a second camera for the back window.

Here is a review about this particular Dash Cam, the DOD LS430W.

       dodls430w   dodls430w2


Andy said...

Hey Erik,
I hadn't thought about the dash cam so much as the backup camera but it is a good thought about proof.

I'm looking at this backup cam from Amazon.
Hearing mixed reviews about wireless backup cameras. I like the idea of not having to run wires, but if the signal is not good, won't be much good. Still investigating.

lovesports said...

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