Monday, September 12, 2011

This Is Gross

We stopped at the RV yesterday to pick up my gym shoes and I always inspect the rig while I’m there. I open the bathroom door to see if the floor has somehow magically fixed itself and I see a mysterious greenish-yellow mush where the tiles meet the wall and it’s in the grout.

Being the Einstein that I am I leaned over and stuck my finger in it, oh yeah that was smart. The stench that was on my finger was unbelievably disgusting!! Disappointed smile It was slimy & disgusting, did I mention slimy and disgusting? Disappointed smile 

I honestly have no clue what it was or where it came from, everything looked fine in the rig, no evidence of a rodent or some insanely large bug, just this blob of a mess that stunk worse than a stink bug after it has been squashed. In fact it reminded me of a squashed stink bug but there was no bugs anywhere!

I cleaned it up as best I could without throwing up but there is gunk between the tiles and the wall that I will need to clean up this weekend. So if somebody has an idea of what could mysteriously make that mess I’d love to hear it. I didn’t have my phone with so I didn’t take a picture.

Aren’t ya glad ya stopped by? Green with envy


Sue and Doug said...

that is just plain disgusting!!..never sorry I stopped by though!

~M said...

Great my daughter just set my dinner in front of me...LOL! Seriously!

You'll figure it out....I hope! :)
Cheers! ~M

Erik's RV Blog said...

Sue & Doug - Thanks, I seriously wish I knew what it was/is. I thought we had seen everything that we could see and then this happens. ICK.

Jammin' - Sorry! I hope dinner was awsome! :)


Travels with Emma said...

Yuck city!! :-P

Merikay said...

Could it be some sort of fungus or mold?

Merikay said...

Erik, I just Googled "Yellow Slime Mold" it is a real problem and can spread. There are several pictures you should check out. It could have started to grow on the wet soggy floor. One reference was about it growing on a log in Washington. Isn't that were you are?

JoJo said...

Yes I am afraid it is a fungus from the floor being wet under the tile. I hope bleach will do the job.

Jamie said...

OOOh, that is gross. Especially since I read the comments --- a fungus. Yuck.

Too many things in life are gross and I am not a good one to deal with them.

I am sure that you will figure it out and get it cleaned up.

Have a very happy Tuesday. :)

Erik's RV Blog said...

Merikay, JoJo & Jamie - Typically mold take more than a few days to grow but I have to be open to the possibility.

I'm going up there this weekend to check the rig out. I wasn't able to get all of it so if it is some kind of mold likely it will have grown some more.

Ugh... I might as well rip out the rest of the tiles while I'm there to insure there isn't more underneath the tiles.

Thanks for the replies!


Erik's RV Blog said...

I just looked up the slime mold, what we have doesn't look like that but then I didn't stare at it that long.

I'll take pictures if its back.


Diana said...

Well bleach water sound good to me. I wonder what on earth it could have been.

Or was it even from Earth? Got you thinking didn't I? Love Di ♥

Big Matt said...

How far is it from the toilet?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Diana - Here is the strange thing, got hit Tuesday afternoon with a very bad case of bronchitis. Knocked me on my butt and still down for the count.

I like the bleach idea a lot, I'll give that a shot. As for alien who knows maybe I'll hear we come in peace when I go back to the rig! :)

Matt - As you face the toilet it's about middle of the toilet against the wall to the right but mostly from what I remember it was between the grout lines and wall, not near the toilet.

I'm praying this was some kind of fluke but my gut tells me I need to find out what it is.