Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why No RV?

I received an email asking why my RV blog lacks our RV in the header picture. When we bought the Fifth Wheel I decided to change the banner picture from the Endeavor to the Montana and then as the seasons changed as well. If the RV was at Blackhawk right now I would have a picture of it covered in snow but it’s at the dealer and I keep forgetting to take pictures of it while its there.

So, this is how it looked on October 15th at about 10:00am.


This is what the site banner looked like for the Halloween celebration.


This is what the site banner looked like during mid summer.


This is what the banner looked like up to July 5th before we bought the Montana.


In the Spring I’ll be posting a banner picture of what it looks like then, which will be a mess I’m sure!

Have a great Sunday everybody! Smile


JO said...

Changes, but the site does look lonely but it beat having mice droppings all over the place the filthy critters.

Erik's RV Blog said...

I wanted to get a shot of it lonely and snow covered alas it wasn't meant to be.