Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Shuts Down Austin Texas

This shut down Austin Texas this week.



South Elgin, Illinois snow storm that shut us down in 2011


That snow I haven’t gotten to yet is 3 feet deep.



Before anybody gets mad, I’m just having some fun, I know they aren’t used to getting snow. Smile


Karen and Al said...

I haven't seen snow like that for a long time....and I don't miss it a bit. It's pretty though.

Craig MacKenna said...

What I used to like, after we moved from Wisconsin to Texas, was to go out and drive in a snowstorm and watch the cowboy pickups go flying off the road all over the place. Now that I'm older and feel wiser, it occurs that one of them pickups might have slid into me!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Karen - We're getting slammed by a doozer right now. I'm about ready for Spring though, miss the RV!

Craig - Good point! The wife and I would love to move to Texas, maybe some day.