Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blogger Anonymous Issues

87% of the page views on my blog is viewed via Firefox, I know nobody that uses it. I have more page views coming from Sweden than I do from the USA yet 99.9% of my followers are located in the USA. Disappointed smile 

I had over 40,000 page views last month, this is a record month for me and I haven’t posted anything of note this past month aside from my Mom’s birthday. I have a hunch though, the sudden traffic from Sweden may be the source of the onslaught of Anonymous spam I have been receiving the later part of 2013. To Blogger’s credit none of the spam has made it to the blog, all of it has been captured for me to delete but the sheer number of them was insane so it has to stop.

This says it all right here, I made it harder for Anonymous to post last night, the page views drastically dropped.


Tonight I turned off Anonymous comments completely (sorry Bruce and Val!) for a while to see if the numbers go back to normal and I bet tomorrow the numbers go back to normal levels. I turned word verification off as well so people with Google accounts will have no issue posting a comment.

We’ll see how it goes from here, hopefully the bot that has taken to this blog like a tick will find somebody else to bother… the other side effect is OWS will not be able to comment anymore either. Smile

Have a safe and warm Thursday everybody!


Rod Ivers said...

Eric help your friends get an ID so they can post comments... I had to turn my anonymous comments off months ago because of nasty vile language posted on my blog... Blogger did not catch the dirty language, and it showed up directly on the blogs... Not a bit of trouble since...

Erik's RV Blog said...

Rod - Makes you wonder, wtf these people are trying to accomplish.