Thursday, December 12, 2013

Marantz 60th Anniversary

In the 1970’s I worked for a stereo shop selling and installing Marantz home/car audio equipment. Quick side story, at 15 years old I had to replace a full stereo system in a Rolls Royce AND drill a hole in the fender for his antenna, it turned out fantastic but I was scared sh*tless!

Anyway I have been a fan except during the time when they were bought out and put out junk but in the 90’s when they got back to where they should be they started putting out some awesome gear again. Most of it unattainable to me.

Some of my favorites are but so not limited to:

Model 8B amplifier, Model 10B FM Tuner,  Model 6300 turntable, Model 500 Amplifier, Model 120 Tuner, All 1977 model HD series speakers, 4270 Quad Receiver, SR-19EX and ok I’m running on but as you can tell I like Marantz, A LOT. My current receiver in our home theater is a SR5003 7.1 receiver going on 5 years old now pushing Klipsch RF-82’s.

Here is a 60th Anniversary video Marantz put together which is nice but skips so much of the good stuff they have put out. Still worth watching! I couldn’t embed the video because Live Writer is having a bad day I guess so I’m posting a link and hoping it embeds after it gets published.


JO said...

I remember when everyone dreamed of owning a Marantz system. I sure dreamt it but of course I could barely afford to say their name.:)

Erik's RV Blog said...

JO - I hear that, I feel lucky to have the gear I have.