Monday, December 16, 2013

Coursework Completed!

I completely forgot to post this, thoughts of my Mom at the time and on the day after the anniversary of her passing I completed my studies at KnowledgeNet exactly a year after I started.
I’d post the coursework completed but it would take a lot of space (in Word it takes up 5 pages, doh!) and I think they would get mad at me as it would also show details that that could help others cheat. All told there were 39 pre-tests and 39 post tests plus supplemental extra credit for 3 sections, I completed one of the extra credit sections, I ran out of time to do more but at least I completed the class!
I passed with an average score of 91.48%, my counselor wanted an average of 95% but to pass you have to average better than 80% so I’m happy with the results.
I received three certificates, I ran this one through an eraser so that people who will do such things can’t make a copy for themselves and then use it so it’s kind of ugly… but it will be very pretty in the frame!


Ronda said...

Told ya you could do it dude...just takes a lot of hard work and a little faith! You rock!! ♡

JO said...

Congrats1 Erik, Nice job