Friday, August 2, 2013

The Mice Approve

Well a mouse or mice has visited us and deposited his or hers or their crap in the kitchen and lower drawers in the kitchen. Brand new sealed RV with a special cover built underneath to keep them out. I of course realize they will get in, I had just hoped we could have gone a full month (tomorrow is a full month) before they did. I think they come up the sewer hose, so I will try a few things to keep them out including a sonar repeller.

Man I hate those things, seriously…Disappointed smile


JO said...

Dam filthy critters, I hate them too.

I didn't know the wiener mobile was still around how cool.

New Age Nomad said...

Just had one visit me about a month ago. I caught her, but not before she had 17 babies. What a mess

Rae said...

Ewww. I am scared to death of mice. Hope you catch 'em and kill 'em dead!