Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Planning Halloween RV Trip To Geneseo

Time goes by so fast! Each year we have gone to the Geneseo campground to celebrate Halloween and to enter plus hopefully win the decoration contest. So far we are three seasons running getting first place. We hope to make it an even four!

I wrote Collier RV and asked them if it’s possible to rent our old coach if it’s still around in October, how cool would that be! They know I will return it cleaner than I got it so we’ll see, my guess is they’ll say no and refer us back to their rentals since they cost a boatload more.

This is their rental, a Thor ACE however their pricing shows a $500.00 deposit, plus a $1,000 damage deposit plus you have to pay for the “Quick start package” and as of right now I have no clue how much the actual rental would be, the Class C’s would be a little cheaper so I’m calling them shortly to find out.


We could also rent one of the cabins in the campground for $55.00 per day so we have options. My back dictates stay away from the cabin because there won’t be a recliner and because it’s basically a square room, no facilities or kitchen. However this would be awesome to decorate, I could plug in my monster sound system for scary music and sounds! Something to ponder for sure, so nothing has been finalized but we have some time!


Big Matt said...

Could always hire a shipper to move the 5th wheel there for the holiday and then back again afterwards :p.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Big Matt - Great idea however at $75.00 per hour, about 2 hours each way (pay for both directions) so $600.00 for a 4 day trip... ouch! I'm calling a few more places and checking into renting a dually.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Just contacted 2 rental companies, the largest 5th wheels they allow their trucks to tow are 37ft, ours is 39.8ft plus they make you take a driving test. WoW!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - When are you picking up the new rig?

Big Matt said...

Dealer's doing the delivery and setup at our site, no additional charge.

You could try bidding it out on uship to see if you could cut the shipping down :p.

Also, never hurts to ask around yer co workers and friends to see if anyone has a truck with a fifth wheel hitch that will do the move for gas and a case of beer ;).

I'm guessing the $600 includes a number of other charges, because $75 * 4 hours = 300, not 600 :p.

Big Matt said...

We'll likely take delivery on our site second weekend of September, as the dealer only does deliveries once a month.

I finalize the paperwork and do the PDI this coming tuesday, the 20th.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - We got the dealer to do the same thing at no cost, this was after I got them to knock another $4,000 off what we already negotiated, salesman unhappy, service department estatic they offered to store it for the winter and return it to our site next spring no charge but I will be tipping the driver, he was fantastic.

Regarding the trip, it's double, the 4 hours is for one trip, so it's 8 hours because we pay for his drive to us as well on the 4th day.

I called everybody I know, nobody has a truck big enough to haul a 40ft 5th wheel. It's not worth it for 4 days anyway, if we were staying a week or something like that maybe.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - Once a month?!?!? Holy crow man! The dealer we bought from does them 3 times a week or they would never get through them.

Good luck with the PDI, it looks like a great rig so should go well. You going up on the roof to check out the seals as well?

Big Matt said...

There's not nearly as many extended stay parks in the area here as there are back east.

I live at one of the very few, so most people usually haul their RVs off themselves.

I'll be requesting a ladder so I can inspect the roof, as well as checking all the springs and shackles on the axle underneath.

Time to go find someone with an F350 Dually, with a 5th wheel hitch, or an SRW if they have enough capacity in their rear tires.


Erik's RV Blog said...

Big Matt - I take it the ladder was an option the previous owner neglected to add?

Hey, send that F350 owner my way when yer done! ;)

Big Matt said...

No, it has a factory ladder on the rear, I just don't trust them with my 360lb bulk.

Best I can do is send you to the 5th wheel forum on RV.net ;).

Erik's RV Blog said...

Big Matt - Ok, very good point, I'm 250 and mine seems to be ok but I wouldn't trust it with much more.

We have decided against taking the 5th wheel this Oct so we may go the cabin route to save money.