Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nurse Says “Wait, This Can’t Be Right”

So 3 men walk into a bar… you heard that one already… I digress, I went to my doctor yesterday for my usual A1C blood work and was handled by a new nurse. She sits me down and then gets out the blood pressure cuff and takes my blood pressure….

“Hmmm, let me do this again”, ok, sounds good, so she takes another reading… “Let me switch arms” she takes it again and then states  “wait, this can’t be right”… by now you can imagine the thoughts running through my head I’m thinking holy crow my blood pressure has gone through the roof and she doesn’t know how to tell me!

She looks at me and says I’m reading 106 over 62, that’s just not possible but the last reading was better at 110 over 70, well heck yeah it went up a bit, I was having a heart attack thinking what is freaking her out she has to keep taking a reading??

My response with a big fat grin on my face was “what, you never got a reading like that from a fat old diabetic before?” She laughed and said it just seemed really low for… and she paused and I said for a fat old diabetic, it’s ok, I get it. She was new, not just in the office but in the field so it was nice to show her something new and unexpected. Smile

Then after that my doctor walks in and we talk and she brings up “hey, you’re going to be 50 in March, you know what that means right?” I said yep, the dreaded colonoscopy, do I really have to, I mean seriously, it’s not going anywhere or anything.

Hey, I’m here to entertain, I’ll be here all week. She just looks at me and smiles.. dagnabit can I just skip 50 and the colonoscopy and call it a day. Ick, no, not ick for me, for the poor saps who have to do it, just ICK!

She also is scheduling a new eye exam which is normal, an MRI for my back since she found a few bumps and because it’s been hurting more recently so I get to lay inside an MRI machine I will barely fit in, unless they have an open MRI where she’ll be sending me, I’ll cross my fingers.

The blood test results should be in tomorrow which I’m sure will trigger another trip to the Oncologist since I have higher indicators that never end up showing cancer, thank God, but they get flagged at least once a year. Doctor visits are so much fun, aren’t they? I can’t complain really, for being 49, still overweight, diabetic and working at a computer all day/night I could be doing much worse.

I take krill, cinnamon and have oatmeal everyday so it’s possible they are doing their job at keeping my blood pressure down, along with the walking to work which works out to about 4 or 5 miles per day all told. Now if only I could lose weight! I’ll post more if anything interesting turns up tomorrow.


OWS said...

i knew it ur old n fat! hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!

JO said...

I just went thru a bunch of tests too. they aren't bad so what is the problem? Waiting to get an apt. with a bone specialist just to make sure I'm old and falling apart. I guess that would make me normal? LOL

Sue and Doug said...

have to stay healthy there, Erik! what would Rhonda do without you!?

Rae said...

Hope the A1C news is good. The dreaded colonoscopy - I'm still finding excuses to avoid it and I'm a lot older than you.

Erik's RV Blog said...

OWS - I see you're back, you'll get there one day as well. There is a bible saying I could use here but I have a feeling nature itself will clue you in so I'll refrain.

JO - Yep, normal! Hey, I am an inch lower than I was 10 years ago!

Sue and Doug - I'm working on it! She has told me she wants to keep me around a while. :)

Rae - I have a few months before I have to do it but they go by so fast! I think I'll schedule a test in February just to shock the doc and get it out of the way. Good luck on your eyes!

Big Matt said...

Better to be fat and well off, than young and and penniless :).

I fit the fat and young category, though with the new 5er coming soon, I'll have space to work out and perhaps actually lose weight for a change. ;).