Sunday, August 4, 2013

JACK, MICE and DECK… A Great Weekend Anyway!

Well, on Saturday morning I installed the new JACK HD antenna, good news and bad. The good news is signals that were showing 50% now show 100% Disappointed smile but we get no more stations than before and now MeTV doesn’t come in at all where before it would once in a while. This means when we are out of the valley we will get a lot of stations but it’s clear that channels in the 3 to 13 range will not work in the valley, nuts. Hey, I tried right?

Next up, we bought… let me see now, 3 of the large Rid Rite Deluxe rodent repeller’s and 2 of the small versions. People complained of how loud they are but I plan on unplugging them when we are at the rig. I did notice after they were on for about 20 minutes they would drive me completely insane so I hope they have the same effect on the mice. I placed a large one in the kitchen, the bedroom and in the large storage compartment they had already spent considerable time in pooping and peeing. I cleaned out the storage compartment so we can see if they return. I also installed a small version in the bathroom and bedroom closet. Oh, I also disconnected the sewer hose and put mouse repellent powder on the water hoses that go into the compartment next to the storage compartment. So we’re crossing our fingers, toes and eyes that this works.


One last comment, every single person we talked to except one claims they never have mice in their rigs. I spoke to the gentlemen who bought a new Redwood yesterday and asked him if he ever gets mice, his response everybody here gets mice and I mean everybody. If they say they don’t they’re lying! He did say that because of the electronic repellers he has not had any in this new rig. I really really would love to get into a few of these rigs and I guarantee I find evidence of mice, I think people don’t look until they have done damage to something.

I removed two feet of the railing on the deck yesterday, it came out a bit crooked but we can now open the storage bin door, exactly one month to the day that we took delivery but hey at least I got it done!


Today I put down river rock and pavers but didn’t take pictures, I soaked through my clothing and my hands were black so I’ll take pictures of that next weekend but it’s turning out pretty nice.

Oh, I have to build stairs as well so hopefully I have that completed next weekend too! Have a great week everybody! Smile


Merikay said...

We are looking forward to not having to spend time working around the rig. We have had enough of that around the house.

I see your rig as being more like a second home or a vacation cottage. We cosidered doing that at one point, but one property to work on was enough.

I do find it interesting to see how other people do things.

Mice? We park our rig on the edge of a forest. I had some mice, but constant vigelence and lots of traps seem to work. I like the big electronic Victor traps. They catch an occasional rat too.

We tried the repellers in our garage. Not very effective. Use the Victors there now and see no signs. An occasional body in the traps, but no poop build up if you know what I mean.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Merikay - We originally planned on going to different places and for 3 years we did but the cost of fuel just has gotten crazy out here. So staying at one place does make it more like a summer home that we go to each weekend.

In 2 years when I hopefully can afford a truck we will be back on the road more. I know we are going to try and get on the road at least once to verify everything can handle the road while it's under warranty.

As for the mcie, I'm praying the electronic ones work, I hate trapping the little buggers when it's ot out, they stink up the place. I'm praying and crossing my fingers...

Rae said...

I've been using the Riddex electronic pest repellants for over 10 years and I swear by them. I use one in the house and one in the garage. They cost a little more that the generic versions at Walmart, etc. I ordered mine thru Amazon. Well worth the money.

JO said...

I had rodents under my house twice. I'm calling them rodents cause I don't know if it was ground squirrels or pack rats. Of course they only chew at 2 am and believe me I thought for sure they were going to come up through the floor any minute. I threw bar bate under the house and that did the trick then I bought those sonic things I think at ACE not sure. So far so good it has been about 3 yrs. Good luck hateful filthy things.

Hope all the rest of your projects go well.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Rae - I hope it works, we'll see this weekend I think. Ihope they work, there is one thing that I have a hard time dealing with and thats mouse poop.

JOE - Thanks! I'll post pictures when I'm done.