Monday, August 12, 2013

Evil Shilo & Family Gathering

I told Ronda the dog was evil, did she listen to me? Nope! Here is Shilo showing her true colors! Be afraid, be very afraid!


Here is the new path to the storage bin, it used to be the path to the door in the Endeavor. I’m putting down rock and stone pavers but ran out so need a few more bags.


Preparing for guests, I was hoping they were bringing their own chairs! I started the fire 3 hours early since last time it refused to really get going until later in the evening due to humidity and drizzling rain. This time I over compensated…. see below.


I couldn’t get everybody sitting down at the same time, Ronda’s brother and brood couldn’t make it.


Everybody was having fun, Ronda was so busy I could never catch her sitting down! Here Ronda’s Dad and Mom are busted smoking… I’m so bad… Smile


Nick, playing on his cell phone…


Here is Ronda in the dark so I’m allowed to show her but look on her lap, there is EVIL Shilo with her devil eyes again! Be afraid be very afraid!!!!


Everybody had a fun time, Ronda made some incredible beef and chicken to be put on rolls, people cooked their hot dogs on a blazing fire, if they didn’t cook themselves that is, the fire was blazing and even when it came down a bit it was over powering from the coals. Awesome!! No complaints about not enough fire, no sir! 


We’re going to have a few quiet weekends up at the campground finishing up the rock path, adjusting for the mice… speaking of which!!! We had to leave the slides out because it was raining, didn’t make sense to bring them in and all the water that was on them so I put three repellers in the main room and we’ll see what happens by next weekend!

Have a great week everybody!


Big Matt said...

Looking awesome :).

Today was a good day, I got approved on our "new" 2006 Heartland Bighorn 3400L :).

Erik's RV Blog said...

Big Matt - Hey awesome!! I just looked at the specs, did you get the one with the computer desk? Very nice rig my friend, post it when you pick it up ok?

You going to pull it with the current truck?

Big Matt said...

Actually, I'm getting free delivery and setup with the unit, 3 year extended warranty that covers having a mobile tech service, etc...

Here's the unit up on the dealer's page.

My only dislike is the financing is through BoA.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Big Matt - Ack, BOA, not as bad as Chase but close but if they gave you a great rate it looks like a fantastic rig! Congrats it looks like new!

JO said...

Nice fire Erik. :) glad you didn't start the place on fire.
But looks like everyone had a great time. even the Evil one LOL

Erik's RV Blog said...

JO - Did you see those eyes? She is evil I tell you! :)~

RVGUY said...

that campoground looks nice! you could move into that rv! good luck with it!

Rae said...

The path looks really nice. You outdid yourself with the fire.

Sue and Doug said...

looks like you all had a lovely weekend! nothing like a campfire to bring everyone together!
hope the mice problem is solved soon!!

Big Matt said...

6.49%, 180 month loan, $275.36 a month.

Sadly, my primary bank IS chase, since WAMU was handed to them on a silver platter.

Erik's RV Blog said...

RVGUY - Thanks! We agree we could move into it. That was part of it, if something bad happens it's built for full time living.

Rae - Thanks, I should have it fixed by this weekend. Oh the fire can most definitely go much much bigger! :)

Sue and Doug - It was a fantastic weekend, plus the weather was great. I'm praying on the mice one, sooner or later I will have it solved.

Big Matt - That's a great rate and payment! We are all getting the shaft by these big mergers, what can ya do?

I tried to unplug from Chase, they bought BP credit now I'm in bed with them again, can't make this stuff up... looking for new gas card that Chase doesn't own and has stations everywhere.

Big Matt said...

My America's tire / Mobil Gas supported card is through GE, and 76/Phillips Conocco uses CitiBank, which is not an improvement.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Big Matt - I think I'm just going to use my debit card going forward. I'm so sick of Chase and the others aren't much better.