Thursday, July 18, 2013

Montana 3725RL Repair List As Of 7/18/13

I know I posted some of the items but this way I can track the dates I send the info to the dealer.

1. Kitchen slide has either a loose screw or a screw driven in too low so when the slide is operated it gouges the floor. Tried to locate the screw but I’m too darn chubby to see low enough to look.

2. Bathroom AC vent doesn’t stay up, needs to be replaced.

3. Rear window on passenger side is hard to close, must remove screen and help it close.

4. Top right freezer door sometimes is hard to close, seems to depend on outside temp, if cooler outside it’s fine, when it gets hot its not.

5. Kitchen Island GFI outlet refuses to stay on, it clicks open, system fault or bad GFI outlet.

6. Bathroom door veneer is coming off in one corner as it makes contact with the slot it goes into when closing.

7. Shower is not caulked where the shower track meets the tub.

I believe that’s it, after reading the forums for new rig’s this is a very short list (so far)! We are scheduling a trip to the dealer this fall where they will take care off all issues and they are also going to store it for the winter which I love because it will be out from under the trees and it will be easy to check on since the campground is locked down during the winter.

Update for getting the remainder of our warranty money back from Shabbona Creek RV, they have ignored requests for the check we are due so I’m contacting a lawyer to send them a letter. For a dealer that only sells repo’s they sure seem like they don’t like paying for their obligations, we’ll see after they get a letter.


JO said...

Some one may just repo them someday.
Your list isn't to bad but it still is annoying.
Nice to store it on their lot so you can check on it and hopefully no mice will make it home.

Rae said...

Frustrating buying something brand new and having to get repairs already. We had our house remodeled last summer and we are still calling the contractor to come and repair things. Nothing major, but it is annoying. Hope yours goes smoothly.

Erik's RV Blog said...

JO & Rae - Yeah it's annoying but all new rigs have issues from what I have seen on forums and at various dealers. It's unfortunate but don't get me wrong, we LOVE this rig. When family comes over if it's too hot outside for a fire we turn on the fake one inside and there is room to sit down and talk and have a great time.

We couldn't do that in our Class A that we had. Now, if the dealer doesn't fix it right you know me, I'll take them to task!! :)