Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jared, Blu-Ray & RV Update

We went straight to the RV on Friday after work armed with a Blu-Ray player I bought last year for $30.00 from my boss. It’s a decent Samsung with apps and networking built in. We also wanted to get the fire going because Jared was coming for a fire pit for the last time before heading to boot camp (today ay 2:00pm) and I wanted to get it going and per usual when things get a bit hectic I forget to take pictures.

When Jared got there he startled me by sneaking up behind me (sneaky bastard!), then we went inside while the fire built up some coals. I decided to install the Blu-Ray and found that Keystone built the cabinet in such a way that there was only one outlet in the lower cabinet. I came prepared with AC cord splitter (should have brought a power strip) but this worked so all I needed to figure out was how to run the HDMI cable from the lower cabinet to the TV in the upper cabinet.

They had two access holes, both are very small and very tight so I tried to fish the cable from the top down but the cables inside the cabinet we hampering efforts… what to do? I got the flashlight and shined the light at the hole, I pulled out the grommets and 10 minutes later success!

I brought along a Samsung remote however it was the wrong one, doh. I found that the front panel will run all options except the DVD menu, hitting play on a movie with multiple version like extended cut’s or directors cuts require the remote. Disappointed smile We were about to give up and just watch a standard DVD when I grabbed the TV remote and hit the arrow down button, low and behold it worked! The Sony remote works all the functions except for eject perfectly! Who would’a thunk it?

Ignore the wiring, Keystone isn’t as neat as I am, this will be cleaned up soon.


We went outside and spent a few hours enjoying Jared’s company, talked politics and the military and then went for a long walk around the campground. After Jared left we talked about how proud we were of our nephew. So young and he knows exactly what he wants to do, you have to respect that he chose to become a Marine, when he completes boot camp he will be a Devil Dog and will be part of Marine Corp history.

Yesterday family got together for a little party to send him off, he has the typical butterflies and today he leaves and doesn’t return until October. Good luck Jared!!

We are in our second weekend in the new rig so we are building our list of things for the dealer to take care of. For instance, the pocket door veneer is peeling back on the lower corner already, one bathroom door is solid wood but the pocket door that has to fit into a slot when closed isn’t, hopefully they have an easy way of fixing it.

One of the rear windows refuses to close, this rig has the new flush mounted windows and in order to close it I have to remove the screen and hold the rods so they don’t bend and bind.

The kitchen slide must have a screw sticking out because it keeps making contact with the floor. Last week we put a hard plastic sheet down to help protect the floor during slide operation. When I opened the slide this week it also scarred the hard plastic. I told the dealer about this and after it’s fixed the only fix is to cut out the gouged floor tile around the fake grout lines and put a new piece down. I’m not a fan of this idea, we may just fix up the one gouge that’s there, we’ll see.


Next up is an AC vent in the bathroom that keeps coming loose, it just needs to be replaced, the rest of them throughout the coach are fine. Forgot to take a picture of this one.

Next, the kitchen island power keeps tripping, it can’t handle anything plugged in even if everything else is turned off.


The last item is Keystone forgot to caulk the shower rail along the tub facing the bathroom, I need it to dry out under the rail so next week I’ll fix that. Other than that we love the rig!


I hope everybody had a great weekend!!


TexCyn said...

Wonderful news on Jared. He'll have a nice retirement as well, so he's done a great job of looking out for his future! Hope you can get the fixes done soon. Things like that scratch would make me obsessive!

JO said...

Hope the Marines are everything Jared is looking for. Sounds like a great kid and a smart one too.

There is always something that needs fixing even on new things. Hope all is repaired soon.